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Is Vivid Seats Legit,
Reliable or Safe Today?

My Experience: I’ve tried VividSeats (it’s legit and safe, but not always reliable), but discovered SeatGeek. They search the biggest ticket sites to find you the best price all in one place. Learn more by watching this short 42 second video called “SeatGeek 101: Making Ticket Buying Suck Less.”

What I Like:
Vivid Seats Review

Aside from the site featuring tickets to just about any upcoming major event, has a rewards program that most don’t offer. Vivid Values it’s called, makes it possible for those who like to attend live events on a regular basis to save money every time that they do. A few offers include:

  • $50 gift card after buying tickets to 4 different events. 
  • free ticket after buying tickets to 7 events.
  • $30 gift card after buying tickets to 2 events in Vegas.

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What I Didn’t Like:
Vivid Seats Review

There are some hidden service fees (up to 25%) which don’t announce themselves until the process checkout, which can be frustrating. Many other ticket sites have similar fees that typically range from 10 – 25%. However, checking them out first will prevent that shock and a little analysis and comparison shows that VividSeats service fee is more than most.

Overall Thoughts:
Vivid Seats Review

Overall, this review is on the fence, since there’s better options out there like SeatGeek or TicketMonster. VividSeats does have a lot of tickets to choose from though and they are well-organized, making it easy to sort through and find the show that you’re looking for.

It’s also helpful to have access to Vivid Seats customer service through a variety of means, including phone, email and live chat 7am – 12am CST every day on their website.

They do currently have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, but as of 1/16/2017 there is over 833 complaints against VividSeats on

vivid seats reviews 2017 is safe legit reliable real

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Mike Messmore

Mike Messmore

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I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.
Mike Messmore

VividSeats Review: Summary

VividSeats Review: Summary

Is VividSeats Legit & Safe?


    Is VividSeats Reliable?


      VividSeats Guarantee


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          VividSeats Service Fees


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              • 100% Buyer Guarantee
              • Track Your Order
              • Email Confirmation
              • Secured Transactions


              • Prices Can Fluctuate
              • Shipping Delivery Times Can Vary
              • Hidden Fees (about 25% of subtotal) at Checkout

              About Mike Messmore

              I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.

              44 Responses to "Vivid Seats Reviews 2017"

              • Jonathan Fay says:

                After comparing the tickets I wanted with this new site SeatGeek you mentioned I actually found the best value for sure. They seem to carry the same tickets as VividSeats too, and the company is legit, since I got my tickets within a few days of ordering.

              • Josh Baker says:

                Use another ticket reseller! I purchased seats for an Eric Church with a confirmation that the tickets were guaranteed. Just 3 weeks before the show I get an emergency email saying the seller cannot fulfill the order and they could find me comparable seats. THE SEATS OFFERED IN EXCHANGE WERE NOT COMPARABLE. The customer service team said all they could do was cover up to $70 over what I paid, so as a result I would have to settle for the opposite side of the arena. And that they have overhead they have to cover so it just was not possible to get tickets where I originally purchased without me paying the difference.

                Customer Service Reps were nice and helpful however management obviously does not care about its customers.”

              • Stephanie says:

                Literally the WORST customer service I have ever experienced in my life. Tickets said they would be at will call at venue. Come to find out, they were SUPPOSED to send me an email stating that I was to meet a shady fellow outside of the venue an hour beforehand, yet they never sent the email to me. When I arrived at the venue and my tickets were not at will call, I called their customer service and was told that the shady fellow had already left and was not responsible for answering his phone to determine WHERE he was with my tickets and that whoops too bad I was out 700 dollars. As if this wasn’t bad enough, after getting off the phone with the rudest woman I’ve ever spoken to and finding out I was all dressed up with nowhere to go, I find out that the shady fellow had just scalped my tickets and pocketed the money. I tried calling the company back to tell them what happened and they blamed me and told me it was MY fault that he had sold my tickets. Ridiculous scam of a company ever made.

              • Glynda says:

                I ordered tickets from VividSeats for a concert a week before the tickets went on sale, 3 months before the show. We didn’t get the tickets till the Monday before the Saturday concert the week of Thanksgiving. I paid 2 times the face value after all the fees on VividSeats. We received 2 tickets same section/table, 5 seats apart. The seats are not together, WT!!! I called customer service at VividSeats and the person on the other line stated “maybe someone will trade seats with you”. He also, advised they would contact the seller and have them call me the next day. He said if the seller couldn’t solve the seating issue to call them back and they would see what they could do. I have never had this issue before with other sites.

                • Mike Messmore says:

                  Sorry to hear about your experience, which doesn’t sound ethical. From my experience, VividSeats is supposed to guarantee that seats will be together (side-by-side), unless otherwise stated with the ticket order before buying.

              • wbaj16 says:

                “While it is not very clearly stated…ALL TICKETS FROM VIVID SEATS ARE FINAL SALE! Their customer service department is rude, unhelpful, and could careless about the happiness of their customer. I was hung up on twice but two people clamining to be “supervisors”. When I was unhappy with their services they offered me a promotional code to buy more tickets from them.

                They absolutely will not help you with any issues you may have with your tickets. Their only response is that they are a third party vendor and their is nothing they can do because, alone with not giving out their individual names, they keep sellers information confident.

                I have worked in the event industry for 7 years and have heard horror stories of people buying tickets from sites other than the dependable ticketmaster. VIVID SEATS is one of the sites you should be worried about.

                I will NEVER recommend them to anyone nor would I use them again!”

              • Michael says:

                Vivid Seats charges an INSANE amount of hidden fees you don’t see until you’re just about to checkout. Also, the “seat viewer” was complete B.S. It was taken from the most optimal position in the section and nowhere near our seat which was obstructed by 2 posts and was in the top row against a concrete wall. I will never use this company again.

              • Joel Brudowsky says:

                eh, they are ok at best. super expensive from with all the silly fees. Buy tickets anywhere else and they will be cheaper.

              • Eleanor says:

                I bought a ticket and made a mistake on the date. I tried to change it immediately and Vivid Seats said to come back later. When I came back later they said there were no changes allowed. I tried to trade the ticket for a different date. They wouldn’t let me do it either. Bad company.

              • Joe K says:

                Worked fine for me. Bought two tickets to 1st game of Cleveland Indians Boston Red Sox tickets 10/6/16. Tickets emailed a day late, but via live chat with Vivid Seats customer service I had my tickets within an hour. Tickets were as described and legit. Fees are disclosed clearly before you buy. No surprises with me. My experience was good with them

              • Lisa Iddings says:

                Concert is Saturday night. Still haven’t gotten tickets that I bought on June 223rd! VERY NERVOUS!!! No one to reach out to? HELP – Paid over $500.00

              • Anonymous says:

                Has anyone actually received tickets and was able to go to their event? I purchased tickets and afterwards I decided to look at reviews and they aren’t good. Do you think I’ll be able to enter my concert when I get there??? I’m afraid I just lost $450

                • Anonymous says:

                  It’s 48 hours before the Maroon 5 concert in Denver, CO. I not only haven’t received my 4 tickets, I haven’t received any VIP pass nor lounge access information that I paid extra ($200 per tix).

                  I’ve been speaking to Vivid Seats customer service since March. Each call promises me that all will be delivered before the concert begins.

                  NEVER use Vivid Seats – they are a scam!

              • Anonymous says:

                I purchased a ticket for an Adele concert in Montreal for Sept 30 2016. It was not stated when I purchased the ticket that the funds were in US dollars nor that there was a charge of 25% in addition to the ticket price. I ended up paying $800 for a ticket that the face value was $199.00.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Did you get in? Were they fake tickets?

              • Todd says:

                U should check out the 700 BBB Chicago complants and 1000s online and REreview.

                I bought $1000+ for 4 Darius Rucker tix. I put on 2 credit cards. They proceeded to place 2 orders. After confirmed, they called me and said one of the orders was no longer available. They would not refund the other 2. An hour later i got the 2 tix i didnt want VIA email. They were the wrong tix. I called them back and they had to contact seller to get right tix. They never called back, i finally did and they said the tix i bought were not available and they would offer the wrong ones they sent for a “discount”. $100 over face not including fees. The whole thing felt like a set up, bait n switch. I will never use them again and will tell everyone i know
                NEVER USE VIVIDSEATS!!!!

              • Anonymous says:

                On june 11, 2016 I had place an order for two tickets to a musical show on line through a company based out of Chicago “VIVID SEATS”.
                I placed two items in the cart, amount to be payed showed $150.00. so to be clear two items = $150.00
                When I place my order for these two tickets through my PayPal account ONLY NOW did the amount state $336.00. !
                Four minutes later I called VIVID SEATS, the representative on the phone told me that once the payment was made there was zero chance of canceling the order or a refund.
                VIVID SEATS did not show the full amount they are charging for this product until AFTER payment was made, this must be fraud by any one’s standard.
                No one in there right mind is going to pay 336.00 for two tickets to an obscure artists in a small venue in Vermont, only if they have been robbed.
                I now have received the physical tickets, the price on them states 59.00 a piece, thats 118.00 total !
                Once again I would like to be clear, VIVID SEATS did not show the full amount they were charging for these tickets until I payed, then they state you have no recourse, it could have been 10,000$ for that matter.

              • Anonymous says:

                I’ll have to admit, I ordered my McCartney tickets from Vivid Seats without doing research prior to ordering. After I ordered I found some negative reviews but stuck it out and I’m glad that I did. Prices weren’t outrageous delivery no problem and no problems with customer service. I will order from them again.

              • Anonymous says:

                Hidden fees, tickets were advertised at $41 a piece. Went through checkout process and after i placed order the receipt came up and said $120 dollars for 2 tickets. Turns out the actual price of tickets was $46 a piece. Then they charged a delivery fee, from tickets that were emailed…..really??? So bad, ruined the game. I guess the box that everyone checks to agree to terms should actually be read when using this site.

              • Anonymous says:

                We had a horrible experience with Vivid Seats this evening for a Paul Simon Concert at Wolftrap. We bought two tickets and they sent us two tickets for the same same. They were never able to reconcile this. They tried to send us two more tickets but when we arrived at the concert they told us those tickets were already taken. We tried to get Vivid tickets on the phone to reconcile this but they insisted they had already sent us our tickets and had fourfold their obligation. The experience was horrible!!!!!We will not be using them again. Meg Zoretic

              • Berlinda says:

                I will never ever use vivid seats again. My husband and I were stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow service to pickup our pontoon boat. We are locals in Las Vegas it’s our 6 year anniversary, contacted a representative she said they ate a third party that purchases the tickets and could not refund or change date I asked to talk to a supervisor she said she was a supervisor her name was Amanda . So basically it’s 300 down the drain.

              • Yvette says:

                I had a really good experience with VividSeats. I flew into NYC about 10:00 a.m. on June 1st, and while I was at the airport, I bought 4 Hamilton tickets on the website for that same day for the 2:00 show. I was told to pick up my tickets at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Times Square which just happened to be where we were staying. I received emails on how to get my tickets and someone from VividSeats also called me to tell me what to do. He was very nice, and I asked him if the tickets were legit. He assured me they were, but I was still very nervous until going into the show. The tickets also had someone else’s name on them… I guess the orginal person who bought them, but was not a problem. The tickets were very cheap for that day for some reason $385 a piece not including fees… I think it ended up costing about $450 a piece after fees which is still an incredible price for Hamilton tickets since they’re sold out for months. You can’t find any for under $800 a ticket now. If you’re looking for a good deal on hard to find tickets, I would suggest waiting on getting them until the day of because the prices seem to go down once it gets closer to the show. I am very lucky that everything worked out so great for us!

              • nicole says:

                I bought tickets for a multiple blue jay games in Oct.. I am going to get there and be refused because ticket is fraudulent??

                • Denise says:

                  Vivid Seats-Double maybe even triple sells their tickets!!! Meaning you bought them and someone else bought the same ticket. So when u go to these events the tickets/seats have already been bought by someone else! And venue will not honor your ticket- VIVID Seats is a fraud!!! Stealing everyone’s money!

              • Gary says:


              • Anonymous says:

                I received my tickets last week for an event this coming June. There was another person’s name on the 3 tickets that I printed out. Please tell me what does this mean? WIll I be able to use the tickets

                • Anonymous says:

                  yes you can. i once bought tickets to a kings game on stubhub and someone elses name was on there but i still got in

              • Anonymous says:

                I purchased 2 track seats to the Ky Derby and as stated above was told I would receive an email when they are ready to be downloaded-May 5th. We live 6 hours away and want to leave early Thursday as you must reserve a room for a minimum of 3 nights at over $300 per night. After reading above review, I am getting a bit nervous to say the least.

                • Anonymous says:

                  How did it all work out? Were you able to get into the event? I made the same mistake of purchasing a ticket through their website for an event in Oct. without looking at enough reviews and I’m getting very nervous as well. :/

              • Mark says:

                Obviously they are 2nd party scalpers PRINCE ticket sales are not untill 4 pm today and at 92 to max 300. VIVID has then selling them from 200 to 2000 now ! This is a. Credit card entry event how can the ticket be valid if original. Purchaser is not. You?

              • Anonymous says:

                DO Not use this company! They gave miss leading information and it cost me over $220. Dealing with their customer service reps is like dealing with underpaid teenagers. You will not be able to talk with their supervisor period. It just not going to happen….I tried to get to the top…not going to happen. Do business with anyone else. A very dishonest outfit period.

              • Anonymous says:

                Im real nervous just bought tickets to the nfc champ game panthers vs on ticket is different but i got email and printed them off..hope to god its not a scam

                • Anonymous says:

                  I am curious myself if you were able to use the tickets with a different name on them???

              • Adam says:

                Has anyone used this site recently and got good service just bought future tickets for 240 and I’m afraid they won’t be real.

                • Anonymous says:

                  i just bought two tickets myself i recived and email right away for download of my tickets, the tickets show etix at the top which is also confirmed to be a good legit reliable site,as of now im feeling good and excited to see him 🙂

              • David says:

                I bought tickets from to a hockey game, only to be denied access because the tickets were already used by someone else!

              • Lauren says:

                Just ordered tickets today, and my email was immediately confirmed by the seller. Yes, I have to wait to get the email with the tickets, but that’s fine because it’s all confirmed. So far so good!

              • Karen says:

                I went to to buy my tickets, because a friend recommended them. The tickets I wanted though were expensive with the service fees. They were good seats though, and the show was already sold out from the venue, so didn’t have much choice.

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