Ticket Liquidator Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is TicketLiquidator Legit or Safe?

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ticket liquidator reviews 2016 is ticketliquidator legit safe reliable site

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Not satisfied with a 100% guarantee, TicketLiquidator opts for a 200% guarantee. If you order a ticket that was accepted but didn’t arrive on time for the event (or was never sent at all), TicketLiquidator gives you 200% of your money back. The company also offers a more regular 100% money back guarantee that covers event cancellation where plans were not made to reschedule. If you want a secure ticket buying experience, this is a good place to look.

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Sellers can pick their own prices for tickets, which can lead to tickets that cost quite a bit more than their face value. If a popular event or artist is coming into town, this will be reflected in more expensive tickets. Another issue with TicketLiquidator.com is some sellers may be marking up prices due to their own fees and costs—in some cases, that means buying the same ticket from another seller and marking up the difference to the buyer—a check of reviews will often warn of this practice.

  • Service & Shipping Fees at Checkout
  • Tickets May Be Above Face Value
  • Prices Can Fluctuate



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Mike Messmore

Mike Messmore

Marketing Manager at BestLegitReviews.com
I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.
Mike Messmore

About Mike Messmore

I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.

7 Responses to "Ticket Liquidator Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is TicketLiquidator Legit or Safe?"

  • Jaime says:

    The tickets came via email, which was quick and easy. Printed them out and used it like a ticket stub. No complaints.

  • Rodgers Wright says:

    The concert we went to last night was so much fun! Thanks for the savings and for this ticketliquidator review that helped me buy from them.

  • Frank Miller says:

    I was surprised they had floor seats still available when the venue had nothing left. Good experience!

  • Jessica says:

    I heard from a friend that went to see Disney On Ice Frozen show and said it was really good, so I’m taking a shot with Ticket Liquidator here to get a pair of tickets for this show.

  • Ryan says:

    My tickets from ticket liquidator arrived within a week. The event isn’t for another month, so no issues yet.

  • Leslie Heath says:

    Good service at TicketLiquidator.com. I used them last week to get a pair of MLB tickets.

  • Clark T. says:

    Went to see Ed Sheeran last week in Portland and it was a sold out show. Ed is amazing mixing is own music and voice making it sound like he has a band behind him, when it’s only him. TicketLiquidator had many tickets still available for this show, which was great!

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