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Is Viagogo Legit,
Safe or Reliable Today?

My Experience: I’ve tried Viagogo (it’s legit and safe, but not always reliable), but discovered SeatGeek. They search the biggest ticket sites to find you the best price all in one place. Learn more by watching this short 42-second video called “SeatGeek 101: Making Ticket Buying Suck Less.”

What I Like:
Viagogo Review

Ticket selling site Viagogo promises that all tickets sold arrive in time for the event and any issues will be resolved by them. All transactions on site are monitored to ensure that sellers deliver through registered couriers such as UPS. In addition, buyers only pay once they have been to the event and had no issues. If tickets get lost, the company provides replacement tickets or a full refund if this is not possible.

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What I Didn’t Like:
Viagogo Review

As a marketplace, ticket availability fluctuates with demand—as do prices, and as such neither is guaranteed by Many times a ticket might have wildly different prices to the face value, particularly for in-demand events. However, if a buyer is eager to go to a particular event, the extra money may not be a major concern.

Overall Thoughts:
Viagogo Review

Overall, this Viagogo review is on the fence, since there’s better options out there like TicketMonster or SeatGeek. As a marketplace for tickets though outside the US, Viagogo is a decent option that offers a huge range of tickets for thousands of events. It would be unlikely that there was an event with no coverage. The site’s guarantees protect both sellers and buyers, ensuring that sellers are happy with their ticket while buyers get paid. This is a rare marketplace that looks out for both sides, which is a huge plus.

viagogo reviews 2017 is viagogo legit safe reliable trustworthy good

They are currently not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and there’s over 12 complaints against Viagogo on

viagogo reviews 2017 is legitimate reputable safe

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Mike Messmore

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I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.
Mike Messmore

Viagogo Review: Summary

Viagogo Review: Summary

Is Viagogo Legit & Safe?


    Is Viagogo Reliable?


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              About Mike Messmore

              I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.

              61 Responses to "Viagogo Reviews 2017 (Jan.)"

              • Farah says:

                I just bought 2 tickets for justin bieber purpose tour and when I tried to track my tickets it was written that it’s delivered but i just order that yesterday and now after reading your comments am afraid and confused

              • Miller says:

                I have fallen victim to Viagogo. I have lost £200
                UPS and Viagogo claim they have opened an investigation on my missing tickets and all they’ve done is lie! They are trying to insist my tickets were delivered when they were not. Their policy states the package must be signed for and they claim it was yet when I tracked it it says received by “ineligible” and UPS even confirmed, to me when I called them, that there was no signature taken!

                I have requested on two occasions that they raise this as a formal complaint and so far they are all but too happy to ignore this direction.

                I was told that replacement tickets would be sent to me and they are refusing this. I requested to at least refund me and they have refused this too. They claim I didn’t report any issues within 14 days of delivery. They didn’t confirm the item was “delivered” until the 13th day! And I had STILL not actually received my item!

                I listened to their “Guarantee” over the phone and nowhere does it state anything about 14 days to report an issue! It simply says if package isn’t received they will fully refund or find replacement. They have declined to do either for me!

                I will be consulting an Ombudsman and my local Borough Councillor about this and anybody else who is willing to investigate. I will add Choice Magazine and Consumer Affairs too! I assure you I will follow this through!

              • angie says:

                viagogo is a scam website. please don’t be fooled like i was. the tickets i received was not what i ordered. they were much cheaper tickets and not valid. DONT BE FOOLED

                • David Rowlands says:

                  Same here. Tickets never arrived and on enquiring at the box office, we’re never even booked. Had to repay for new tickets this evening.

              • Grassy Knollington says:

                I had no idea viagogo is a scalping site. Googled the tickets I wanted and was sent to the site of these cheating pigs.
                Paid $431.00 per ticket booking fee $264.55 Handling fee (whatever that is) $10.22. Total $1136.00. Tickets arrive by email cost $230.00.
                Total these disgusting slugs stole from me $676.00. The venue cannot even guarantee they will honour the tickets on the night.
                Never I repeat NEVER buy tickets from them. I hope they and all the families die painfully from cancer.

              • Merin says:

                Bought 2 tickets to the ballet, cost me $213. No tickets arrived, no contact. What a scam! I could kick myself for trusting a dodgy website. Sadly my daughter misses out.

              • Pawel says:

                I had bought 2 tickets for Paul Anka concert dated on 02,02,2016 in Cracow. The concert was postponed (as Viagogo said on 02,02,2017). I have checked in www, and found nothing about this concert. I have asked Viagogo to give me any url that could convince me about this event. No result. Finally they have informed me the concert is cancelled. According to their procedure I have sent the tickets to their headquaters. I should have wait 10 days for money return. In fact more than 20 days I have no return, but only e-mail they say ”we are working hard on it „
                What disappointment. Think twice before you buy a tickets from them… there is no protection of the buyer!!!

              • Marie Arneitz says:

                I bought 2 Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour tickets from Viagogo and encountered no problem at all. I won’t have any second thought of buying tickets there again.

                • Farah says:

                  Did your tickets arrive?

                • CAROL CLARKE says:


              • Kerry says:

                We have used this service for overseas but now we have used here in our own State, know the actual venue and value of actual received tickets received we started to actually question this whole practice. We don’t understand how people are allowed t, even on priority purchasing days, buy sufficient tickets to immediately sell on. I must say this is where we didn’t fully get this booking service business practice as we believed this type of thing was scalping and is illegal. I never thought a site endorsed by Ticketek would cause us to think they were anything but a genuine service. Providing honest practices but the huge fees are also another area of concern. I have forwarded a complaint or query to Fair a Trading. The Help Centre exists on paper but ad a source of helpother than a generated email is really non-existent, as is the phone number provided. I cannot possibly see how it can be condoned by our relevant laws. We will never use or recommend this site to anyone in fact I think that it should actually be investigated.

              • Klaus says:

                Do not buy from Viagogo – they take the money and then default last minute! Bought ticket for Shawn Mendes concert. Until 2 days before the concert they said all was fine and I should not worry. Then on the last day before the concert they cancelled the order saying that they couldn’t contact the seller. Pathetic. Don’t buy from them!

              • Kerry Bertini says:

                As we have received incorrect tickets as our first part of order we are expecting the A Reserve tickets to be correctly issued first up as they are apparently not being delivered until very close to the date of the concert. We are hoping for a speedy resolution and the issuing of our correct tickets according to our confirmation emails.

              • Denise says:

                Tickets were paid for and then the order rescinded after more than a week – feels like a scam for money to be used for interest/investment and then refunded to the buyer!! Viagogo should hold the tickets to guarantee good service!

              • Anonymous says:

                Never use this company, they are a scam. We’ve recently bought tickets for the Wales v Japan rugby game next month worth £150 for 2 tickets but instead received tickets worth only £20 each. The tickets we originally ordered were £45 each (meaning the remaining £60 must have gone on fees that we had no idea about) in block L37 (at the front) but instead we received tickets worth £20 in block U37 (right at the back).
                Have tried phoning them on the many phone numbers that are online but all I get is an automated voice messaging service and then eventually get cut off.
                Have tried emailing them with the email they provided on my confirmation but this email does not exist.
                Complete scam of a company and an absolute rip off. I would never use this company again and I strongly advise anyone thinking of using viagogo to stay away or they will only steal your hard earned cash!!

              • Alfredo says:

                Bought tickets for the desert concert never got them,I am flying tomorrow for the concert with not tickets and of course nobody knows,
                I found a phone number and the answer me but it sounds like it was from a house.
                They were supposed to contact me back with a solution but of course it it a scam.
                The charge me already a lot of money and don’t know what to do.
                Don’t by from that site ever!!

                • Anonymous says:

                  What Is their number please? I also bought two tickets but arrive wrong ticket and no contact information at all. Thank you in advance.

              • Dan says:

                I bought invalid tickets and lost the Beyoncé concert!

                No contact number Anywhere.
                I’ve just lost the concert I waited the most, a lot of money and a great deal of nerves because of this viagogo site!! DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! (NOT TO MENTION I PAYED 4 TIMES THE RICE OF THE ORIGINAL TICKET!!)

                They don’t have any customer service we could reach.

                I was told explicitly by a ticket master representative NOT TO TRUST VIAGOGO

                I just hope they will get my money back.
                They ruined my intire trip!!!

              • Anonymous says:

                Don’t trust Viagogo

                They don’t deliver their commitments. Will NEVER do business with them again.

                They promise they will deliver to your home (which btw costed me $50)…instead, they change the delivery address to 30 miles from my place, in the middle of downtown very difficult to get to…
                They say if you have problems with the tickets, they will refund the cost…instead, despite they had issues, they would not refund the money
                They offer higher prices for tickets and saying “Outstanding value”…which actually are the same as the cheaper ones.
                They are rude when you call them…first you need to call them internationally, very expensive call, they leave you waiting for a while and then they are rude, not interested in helping you and…they hung up on me.

                Will NEVER do business with them again.

              • Cecile says:

                I bought ticket to see Louis CK in London.
                Firstly the surprise of the booking fees of 42£ for 2 tickets that wasn’t clearly announced before making the payment.
                Secondly, I’ve received a message saying that the tickets I bought weren’t available anymore and that they didn’t have any other tickets available for this show at the time and date I paid for. So I’ve asked for reimbursement (tickets + booking fees) and since then I am waiting for a clear answer about my problem. Feel like they don’t want to give me my money back when they can’t fulfill the order I paid for. That is simply theft!

              • RM says:

                Tickets arrived in the email. The seats were great. But the prices of the tickets were very expensive. Trippled the amount. Pays to shop around.

              • Sam says:

                I Paid $499.95 exactly for four tickets and when I received them on the 02/08/2016 after buying them a month ago, I see on the tickets they were $45.00. After a closer look at the tickets they were not even were not even in the section I paid for but right up the back in 626-3 rows 38.I see other people have the same problem. I think this is an absolute rip off but a lesson learned. I will not buy from them ever again. This is my first time using this service and I should’ve done more research, so my fault just want to warn others thinking about purchasing tickets through viagogo. Beware!!

              • Caroline massey says:

                An absolute rip off sham company! After you commit to buy you will be charged a booking fee, a handling fee then VAT! I was sold tickets to a concert that had already started. 6:30pm was when it started I got my tickets threw at 7:51pm. I e-mailed viagogo to be told I had plenty of time to get to the event! As I am not a time traveler I have no idea how they came to that conclusion! Therefore I would not get my money back, it’s not until your tickets are e-mailed that they then tell you your tickets are in someone else’s name! Avoid these money scamming lowlifes!

              • Anonymous says:

                never use Viagogo, unless you want to make sure you loose your money without having tickets!
                We paid 220€ for EUFA 2016 match ,1/8 final. We send several mails telling them that we still haven’t tickets, they respond that they are checking and will revert to us. we never had tickets but few days after the match we noticed that they made us pay for these tickets. While contacting again the client service, they told us that the tickets had been delivered to our address by UPS a week before the match, and gave us a UPS record number. Hence UPS confirmed us that this record number is not for our adress but someine else….we continue sending mails to viagogo , each time they come up with a new response completely dishonest!

              • Sandip Raha says:

                When you get resold tickets at 50% mark up and another 50% admin fee on original price!!!!!!

              • Teresa sguazzin says:

                Bought and paid for tickets for an Andre rieux concert in January 2016. Concert was in Oct.. 2 weeks before the date of the concert we started emailing and received only holding mails in reply. All phone numbers we found online either did not ring or trapped you in endless recorded music and no answers. 3 days before the concert- originally the guaranteed date of arrival of the tickets- we upped the frequency of emails. And still received only holding replies. 24 hours before the event, by reading other complaints online we found a number that was answered. With no apology, we were told we would not receive the tickets.

              • Kelsey says:

                NOT LEGIT AT ALL. FRAUD TICKETS- GOT DENIED AT THE DOOR AT THE CONCERT I PAID HUNDREDS FOR. help and support is nonexistent- could not get a hold of someone on the phone

              • Anonymous says:

                Help&Support doesn’t really exist it’s computer programm which is sending you one of five diffrenet e-mails. This is not all but scam. Not all beacouse if you have luck you ge your ticket but it doesn’t depend on you

              • Jake says:

                They are a bulk reseller. They just buy them in thousands and resell them for a lot more.

              • IoanaR says:

                It was a horrible experince, I didn’t receive my tickets in Romania (even if I paid for transport), then they gave me replacement tickets which were on the last row (even if they were supposed to be at least as good as my original tickets), I had to go and take the new tickets (they didn’t want to send them at my UK adress) and I didn’t receive my delivery money. I also spent 3 hours at phone because all the e-mails from them were useless.

                • Gerardo says:

                  how do I contact them via phone?

              • Foliage says:

                There’s a new service called Peddlr launching that is trying to address the problems that are left unaddressed by Viagogo, Seatwave and the rest. Taking money from both buyers and sellers, not being paid until after the end of the event, etc.

                It’s being built by people like you who have been ripped off before from these companies, and thought it was time to put their foot down.

                Full disclosure, i’m affiliated to the company, but I really do think they’re working to address a huge problem right now.

                They’re in the early stages, but it’s worth heading over to their website ( to show support and encourage them that this is something people actually want fixed, otherwise the big 4 will carry on being able to get away with what they’re doing to customers.

              • Anonymous says:

                My husband bought tickets to the rugby thinking he was buying from tiketek because it was the first one to come up on the search. He did not realize they were re-sellers of tickets until we printed out the e-tickets and they had someone elses name on them. They were so overpriced it was ridiculous and on top of that they have exorbatant booking fees and handling fees that are not obvious. Although we have our tickets to go, there is no guarantee on us getting into the rugby. Also it is said that they don’t take money out until after the event. This is not true. They took it out as soon as the tickets were purchased.
                Will never accidently use this site again.

              • Mike says:

                My wife bought Cold Play tickets for June 12th in Zurich from Viagogo. Unfortunately she picked the first result that was returned on Google when she searched for tickets without checking any other providers.

                We paid 460 francs for 2 tickets. The face value on the tickets is 126.75 or 254 frabncs for 2 tickets. Viagogo charged over 200 francs extra on top of the face value – almost double the cost of the tickets!

                It was very disappointing when we realised that our friends that had bought from honest trustworthy providers had paid nearly half the price we had for the exact same tickets.

                My advice is to avoid this provider – what they are doing is legal (I presume) but their model seems to focus on charging ridiculous charges and inflated prices and hope that they manage to catch some unsuspecting people who don’t know to compare ticket prices.

                • Layla says:

                  but did you get to the concert finally??

              • mike says:

                Don’t ever ever use them.
                They leave you stranded.
                No reply for 2 weeks.
                They ripped me off.
                Took my tickets and never paid.
                You have been warned.

                • Floyd says:

                  A little more info would be helpful for a fair judgement:

                  You write “Took my tickets and never paid.”

                  … which suggests you sent the tickets to viagogo directly (not to the buyer) using their last-minute-service, because the event was close ahead.

                  Were your tickets ever listed online for sale?
                  Were they actually sold … and you didn’t receive any payment from them?
                  … which would obviously be a shame, if your tickets were legit.

                  Or did you sent the tickets too late and they were therefore never listed/sold
                  … which I would count as a case of bad luck then.

              • Chris says:

                I ordered tickets from Viagogo for the Portugal v Austria game at EURO 2016.
                I received an email form Viagogo saying that the ticket was delivered to my address on May 13th but it was never received.
                according to the UPS tracking number they provided me with it had been delivered but it wasn’t.
                You cannot speak to them on the phone as they don’t have a phone number other than an automated system, you can contact them by email but they just don’t reply.
                They used UPS to make the delivery so I contacted them to see what had happened with my ticket, was told that as Viagogo are the shipper it is them who would need to contact UPS for them to start the investigation process, I have requested Viagogo do this on several occasions but still no response & checked again with UPS to see if Viagogo had made contact them a week or so later & they confirmed that no contact had been made.
                This is the first & last time that I will ever use Viagogo & I would advise anyone else not to bother they charge well over the odds as most people are aware, they take your money & don’t deliver the ticket & they are unwilling to speak to you to try & resolve the issue.
                horrible company

              • Eli says:

                The E-Tickets I purchsed got me inside the concert so I’m pleased.
                The price was way too high, double the price of a regular entrance.

              • Anonymous says:

                We have just been informed that the tickets we have paid for months ago to see Andre Rioux in Vienna in four days time are not available. We have also booked and paid for flights and hotels. Don’t use this crowd of crooks at Viagogo.

              • Opio says:

                I just managed to buy tickets for a concert that people had trouble getting tickets for since Monday because of the high demand/selling date confusion. I really hope the tickets I bought are legitimate and will work when I travel to the venue because I’ve never really fully trusted any website that re-sells tickets. It’s my first time buying a ticket from a secondary site from the the main vendor so I feel like I’m taking a risk since I heard my friend’s story of getting scammed from buying tickets from a secondary website to a Taylor Swift concert.

                Hope this all works out! I admit I’m still worried from this purchase.

                • Floyd says:

                  So, did it work?

              • Anonymous says:

                I just managed to buy tickets for a concert that people had trouble getting tickets for since Monday because of the high demand/selling date confusion. I really hope the tickets I bought are legitimate and will work when I travel to the venue because I’ve never really fully trusted any website that re-sells tickets. It’s my first time buying a ticket from a secondary site from the the main vendor so I feel like I’m taking a risk since I heard my friend’s story of getting scammed from buying tickets from a secondary website to a Taylor Swift concert.

                Hope this all works out! I admit I’m still worried from this purchase.

              • scott barbour says:

                I bough a Richard Ashcroft ticket today, it came up all the correct details then I printed of the email ticket and it came up Catfish and the bottle men?

                anyone had this before?

              • Anonymous says:

                I was nervous because some of the reviews, but I got my e-tickets right away & enjoyed the concert with no problems. Thank you.

              • Diana says:

                I ordered Today one pretty expensive e ticket for a concert that’ll take place on the 19th this month. I’m waiting to receive the confirmation email tomorrow on Monday. Do you think I’ll receive the tickets the next days ? I mean if they’re e-tickets they should be sent earlier…i hope.

              • Sam says:

                Do people realy not realize that Viagogo is a re-seller of tickets which individuals have put up for sale. This process is no different to buying a ticket on the street outside an event really , the tickets are nearly always going to cost more than face value and you would only want to but from them for sold out events where the official event seller has no tickets left.
                I have bought tickets for last minute events on Viagogo and realize I have to pay more.
                I would advise that you select the tickets that are marked as ” available for immediate download” as then you will not be waiting for something in the mail to arrive.

                Please also note that many sports events do not permit the re selling of tickets and often threaten to refuse entry without ID which matches the name of the ticket purchaser. This puts you at risk but most people accept that. This is true of things like Wimbledon and other sports events but many people do buy and use resold tickets without any problem.

                If you want tickets for sold out events there are always going to be a price to pay. Book early!

              • Anonymous says:

                Anyone bought a ticket to Adele and been refused. Just bought mine and name not mine on them but says I need ID

              • diane says:

                I am travelling to the venue and will not be able to receive my tickets as late as 3 days before as I’ll be in transit. have sent so many e mails asking them to please send them sooner or to e mail them, to absolutely no avail. their customer service is appalling!!! please can someone contact me urgently

              • Dave says:

                Viagogo is a scam. Purchased tockets., got a confirmation then nothing. They do not respond to emails and there is no direct number to call to get anything resolved

              • Anonymous says:

                2 days before the event and have not received any confirmation that my tickets have been shipped. I keep emailing viagogo, and they are trying to make me believe it is the sellers responsibly not theirs. So their guarantee is a crooked scam.

              • R.g says:

                Highly overpriced. As for concert tickets, often time is essential, to not face a sold out market place, this website should be the last one to consider buying! And then be prepeard, the market value prices they claim to take, is just an othet word for Black marked Prices, insanely overpriced. (as a first time buyer I hope know to have valid tickets, as the concert is in this spring.)

              • Rob Honan says:

                I have used viagogo six times, both buying and selling, and have had no problems. Highly recommended.

              • Fifi H. says:

                Wanted tickets for a concert for my son for Christmas, googled it and this website was the first to come up. Not up with things, I naively thought that this must be the only place you could buy the tickets. So I purchased two tickets only to find out they are on sale elsewhere for half the price I paid on here. I requested to have my order cancelled but was told this was not possible.

              • james says:

                sold my tickets over there they told me they have processed payments to Paypal. then they wrote payment failed. contacted Paypal they told me that viagogo never sent anything. sent viagogo customer support hundreds of mails and they didn`t reply.

              • Thomas Martin says:

                Placed on order on viagogo’s website today and I thought it was easy to figure out.

              • Karen S. says:

                First order I’ve place on and it was good. The pair of tickets I got was a fair price too.

              • Lenord Gregory says:

                The ticket were a bit much more then we were expecting to pay. Taylor Swift I guess is just that popular.

              • Brea says:

                Viagogo is a beautiful and easy to use website. Except that after buying from Viagogo then they tell you that you’ll receive your tickets three days before the show.

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