TicketMonster.com Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is Ticket Monster Legit, Reliable or Best Value?

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My Experience: I’ve tried VividSeats and many others, but discovered SeatGeek a legit and safe source. They search the biggest ticket sites to find you the best price all in one place. Learn more by watching this short 42 second video called “SeatGeek 101: Making Ticket Buying Suck Less.”

Overall Thougts: Vivid Seats Review

Despite the fact that it is rather new in the industry, TicketMonster.com has proven itself to be one of the main competitors on the market. The website looks as though it was created for the user himself, with many features intended to make the buyer’s experience as easy and pleasant as possible. With thousands of tickets to choose from, everyone will be able to find something that is just what they were hoping for. Read the testimonials and see pictures of where fans have attended events or follow the TicketMonster.com blog for great information and news about your favorite artists or teams. High quality services, low prices and particularly no extra fees make TicketMonster.com definitely an established name in the ticket industry.

What I like: Vivid Seats Review

Ticket Monster provides a series of features that are quite unique for a ticket selling website. First, the website is well organized and despite the fact that the number of tickets being sold is in the thousands, it is easy to find a specific one. Upon accessing the page of the concert, theater or sporting event, Ticket Monster offers all its customers a way to see exactly where each seat is located within the stadium, which dramatically decreases the time people spend looking up the exact position of a certain seat. Another positive thing about the website is that it does not charge any extra fees, whereas others charge up to 25%. The prices Ticket Monster publishes on the website are the ones people will pay with no exceptions. Customers will receive a 100% refund if the tickets aren’t valid or authentic or if tickets aren’t received in time or if an event gets canceled.

What I didn’t Like: Vivid Seats Review

There are cases where certain seats do not have the 3D view, which can be a little frustrating for those that are used to Ticket Monster’s features. The next few negatives happen to every ticket reseller: If you end up getting tickets for the wrong seats, even though it very rarely happens, you will receive a credit towards a future purchase. Another rarity is that the customer may receive wrong tickets but TicketMonster.com will replace the tickets or offer a full refund.


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Vivid Seats Reviews 2017: Is it a Reliable and Legit Ticket Source?

Brian Roth

Brian Roth

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I enjoy finding new companies and reviewing their products and services! Shopping online should be simple, safe, and secure with reliable service, and a money back guarantee!
Brian Roth

VividSeats Review: Summary

VividSeats Review: Summary

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              About Brian Roth

              I enjoy finding new companies and reviewing their products and services! Shopping online should be simple, safe, and secure with reliable service, and a money back guarantee!

              12 Responses to "TicketMonster.com Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is Ticket Monster Legit, Reliable or Best Value?"

              • marie says:

                they are the worst! their customer service really are literally “monsters” who apparently don’t know how to handle escalation of cases and blames customer as “rude”. Well if you purchased almost $400 worth of tickets and was told the latest they can ship tickets are within 48 hrs prior to event, who wouldn’t be appalled????? you see, i purchased tickets for a show this January 12th (2017) and i bought the tickets online last November 10, 2016 (they don’t even have the option of tickets being emailed to u) and until now they can’t even give me a straight answer of when it will be shipped. One cust rep said within 7-14 days, and another said the latest was within 48 hrs of the event?! What a joke! They don’t even have their manager call u back despite them saying they will have someone contact u the next day, u have to call them yourself for answers. And oh they hang up on u when u get frustrated and accuses u of being rude?! don’t they get training on how to handle cases like this?! instead of reassuring customer they lie to u and don’t give u a straight answer. Totally the worst, hope ill be getting my tickets on time. but ya will never buy from them again and i will never ever recommend it to others.

              • Madison says:

                Do not trust Ticket Monster. They overcharged me 90 dollars for concert tickets that were not sold-out promising an specific seat. They sent me a ticket of General Admission. The costumer service is the worst. I wonder if is it legal to proceed in that way. Those guys are scammers protected by the law.

              • Blair Hall says:

                Ticket Monster is an impressive business with exceptional customer service! I’m so happy that I purchased my tickets with them! I was able to go through the entire process, from ordering to receiving, with ease.

              • Chad ramsey says:

                Got tickets well in advance…worked fine. No problems. Will use again

              • Rachel says:

                My tickets finally came in and they have the wrong name and order number printed on them. Should I be worried about them being fake? Did anyone else experience this?

                • Mike Messmore says:

                  Hi Rachel! Thanks for your feedback. This is common with the resale market with another name then yours on the tickets, but it’s nothing to worry about. You should have no problem getting in your event as they will just scan it and not verify the name.

              • Marcus says:

                Can find better deals elsewhere.

                The no service/delivery fees are great, except they have already driven the price up so much that the cost exceeds what those would be.

                Ticketmaster cheaper.

              • brenda says:

                our tickets came on time as promised. the only thing is the price was five times the face value. that was my fault for not researching further sites.

              • Jim says:

                Stay away from this website and do not buy tickets from them. It’s a shady company and once you agree to pay them nothing you can do from there. They shipped my “admission” a day before the event starts (which is hosted in a out of state location). If I would have traveled before the date of the event I would of been screwed. Not only that, they don’t list any caveats or “fine print” on your tickets. Such as, my tickets were supposed to come with other items but since the seller didn’t list that they would or wouldn’t come with it, I don’t get it. The Iron Guarantee is a lie, you have to go through so many hoops to get any of their “guarantees” not worth it. If you have to pay a little extra, just do it. Not worth paying this company for their shady business.

              • John says:

                I really like that Ticket Monster doesn’t add a service fee, because a couple other sites I used before added a hidden fee at the checkout, which can get expensive. Thank you for the review and savings code.

              • Matt says:

                I received the tickets today in the mail. The tickets are for a Cavaliers NBA game, which is a sold out game. The order was easy to place and had no issues getting the tickets.

              • Jaime Robinson says:

                Our tickets were a little expensive compared to face value. Our seats are good though and they did come on time.

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