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Shein Review

What I Like:
Shein Review

Spending over $30 nets buyers free shipping, and further discounts can be had with a twice-weekly presale where items on the site can be discounted by as much as 50% before they are listed officially.

Weekly Shein reviews allow everyone to be a fashion buyer with votes on what should be sold—and voting leads to chance to win presale items.

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What I Didn’t Like:
Shein Review

Orders over $30 might come with free shipping, but the shipping can be painfully slow as all items come from China. If you can wait several weeks, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Returns can also be problematic, as contact is limited to email or online chat to get the returns address—and then pay the cost of the shipping. Be sure to thoroughly check sizes and other details on to avoid unnecessary returns.

The best way to find someone in case of a dispute does appear to be

Overall Thoughts:
Shein Review is a large online retailer of women’s clothing that is based in China, and that has been in operation since 2008. They feature “street fashion” at discounted prices as they aim to reach their stated target audience of 18 to 35-year-old women. has a team of in-house designers who work to recreate the most popular looks from fashion houses around the world.

Overall, make sure you follow the advice of the SheInside reviews to take your measurements before placing your order as they tend to run on the small side. Another good source we look is the customer feedback below, which is much appreciated and you can get further answers on if SheIn clothing is legit, reliable and if SheIn’s a good website.

They are currently not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and there’s over 40 complaints against Shein on

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Mike Messmore

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I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.
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SheIn Review: Summary

SheIn Review: Summary

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              • 30 Day Guarantee
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              • Shipping Can Take Longer (1-3 months outside Asia)
              • Sizes Can Vary (seem to run smaller)
              • Quality Can Be Low
              • Lengthy Return Process

              About Mike Messmore

              I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.

              92 Responses to "SheIn Reviews 2017 (Jan.)"

              • Jules says:

                I have placed several orders with SHEIN, and in all honestly, am very pleased with them.
                Of all the items I’ve ordered (at least 6-8 items each, over 5 orders so far), maybe two disappointed due to size. However, i have a teenage daughter who doesn’t mind receiving them 😉
                So far I’ve loved the quality of everything. Very well made, and better quality than expected (but like I said, I’m a stickler for the reviews.), better than F21, or Ardene. I’ve also made it a point to review my articles, and add my own photographs as well.
                One set of makeup brushes came in with a strong, chemical plastic smell, but it was the vinyl case (a few days outside fixed this). I was worried about a purse I ordered having the same problem, but it had zero smell. Each item of clothing comes in its own plastic envelope (some like ziploc), and main packaging is kept as a bare minimum.
                Though I would suggest they teach their packers how to ship hats without bending them out of shape.
                If an item is very popular, it might take longer to process (as n it might still be in production), but if you’re patient, it will get to you.
                If you’re buying with intent to wear it all on a trip, or to a special occasion in two weeks, don’t. Unless you’re in China, you will not get delivered on time…
                Good customer service so far, especially via the app, they usually respond within 24 hours.

                A few tips:
                1. Read the item description and sizing properly. An XL from SHEIN can sometimes pass as a M elsewhere. (I’m a 10-12 U.S., so usually need the XL, XXL).
                2. I almost only ever buy items with reviews and/or customer photos.
                3. The %40-%45-%50 OFF COUPONS; when you add the code, the total amount will be adjusted to that percentage off. Example: if the item was already %25 off, SHEIN will make your new amount %40-%45-%50 off of the original price. Unless the item sale price already exceeds the coupon amount. So if it’s %80 off, it’ll stay %80 off.
                4. The additional %off coupons only apply on set amounts spent. You’ll need to spend about $250 USD before being able to use the %50 off coupon.
                5. Even if it says 3-5 days processing, these are huge warehouses, it could take twice as long to find it all, depending on how many items you’ve ordered.
                6. Duty fees are not SHEIN’s fault, but has to do with importation from one country to another. It’s the buyers responsibility, not the sellers.
                7. SHEIN has a instagram account, follow it to see photos from satisfied customers.
                Hope this helps.

              • candie says:

                just worry I read so many bad reviews about this site, hope my order turn out ok, any way this is my first time ordering and the company offer 40% off first time buyer didn’t know that when you use any coupon they offer the price of the merchandise change to whatever full price not the price advertise, so if you order a dress and its price at 25.00 if you use a coupon that offer the dress then goes back to 35.00 so it like there really not offing any discount. for me I WON’T BE USING THIS SITE AGAING SO MANY OTHER SITE OFFER COUPON THAT ACTUALLY TAKE OFF A % OF THE sale price not the original price……

              • angela says:

                wow i ordered 5 dresses off this site for my daughter 140.then i read these reviews so glad i ordered befor reading.the dresses took 9 days to get here and there exactly like the pics,love them and most definitley will buy again.

              • Anan says:

                I believe buying American!! Sorry !! I refuse to get something from China! People who live in America buy American!!!!!!!!!!!

                • LC2017 says:

                  Lol half of the stuff you probably wear, eat and live on most likely came from China. People like you are so oblivious that you think you actually have a choice. Half of the stuff in your closet comes from overseas and you don’t even know.

              • Andreina says:

                I have made my order one week ago and it hasn’t even shipped. My order number is ALK9098. I want to know when it is going to be shipped, it has been a lot of time since I order

              • Anna says:

                Avoid this company at all costs. Very poor quality of items and poor customer support. Waited 3.5 months for an item which should have been delivered via express post (7 business days).

              • Isabella says:

                Hi, can someone tell me if this (being a Chinese site) has their clothing so ridiculously small? I’m a size AUS12 and believe me, have gotten caught out many times buying XL when it’s clearly M in Asian sites.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Personally I’ve found that it differs depending on the item- looking at the reviews (on the site itself) will give you a big clue as to whether you should size it up or down- your safest bet is to go for the next size up, though.

              • RomanQueen says:

                I ordered from Shein recently and it was my first order I can only say that it was a good OKAY experience. I ordered 5 items at $140 aud FREE SHIPPING and all were OKAY quality for the price and all fit fine but was disappointed with the material of 2 of the items as the material was crinkly and I hate ironing. I waited up to 2 weeks with the items in “processing” timeline and bothered customer service a lot with “when are you sending my items questions” I did receive my order after waiting for 17 days. They did send a size S for one of the items when I requested a medium and I have submitted a “ticket” they have replied that because it is their error they will send me correct new size medium and I don’t have to return the S. I still am waiting for this to happen as its “all talk” ticket open. It is a good idea to buy items that have been reviewed by a lot of buyers who put their photo on the website. One dress I bought was reviewed by 138 buyers with a lot of info and photos and advice to order size up and I was not disappointed with it and it is my favorite item from the whole order and love it! For the price I paid I thought the quality was FAIR. I have been lucky that all items I ordered did arrive, fit OK. I am not in a hurry to order from them again though as I want to wear all these items for a while if I do order again in future it will be highly reviewed items only! or another size Medium of the same dress that I loved. I give them 3 stars out of 5.

              • Ana says:

                Hi, I’m from Mexico, and I order from SheIn, the only bad thing was the shipping, I wait for a month, but it’s international shipping so it wasn’t that bad, I surely recommend it.

              • Hoda says:

                I paid over 120 dollars for the shipment , most of the items were bad quality and strange sizes. I paid cash on delivery and they never mentioned that there is no refund for COD that beside they took 25 dollars as COD charges and customs !!
                Now I want to refund many of the items and they said they will keep it in their wallet for future orders but for me i will never ever buy from them again beside there is nothing mentioned that I cant get my cash most of website in such cases transfere the amount to bank account
                Just dont buy from them extremely bad quality

              • Tanika says:

                Me personally, I ordered before seeing everyone’s reviews and quite frankly I’m glad it happened that way or I would of missed out on great quality items. On most of the clothings there are people reviews and pictures with them in it. With I thought was nice, I ordered around 5 items for a cedar point trip in the beginning of the month. But my mistake was ordering before I knew the SHIPPING POLICY . It says it’ll take 4-7 business days to prepare the items & depending on what shipping you applied. For me I was qualified for free shipping with would of been 4-8 days but since express shipping was so cheat it was 2-3 business days. All in all the shipping is hell, freak out the entire month before I ordered for my cedar point trip… But I got my items two days before the day.

                Long story short, I would definitely order from the again ONLY because the quality of the clothes are very well made.

                Hope this help!.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Thank goodness for honest reviews!

              • Adanna Chelsea says:

                I personally had a pretty good experienece with Shein, after placing my order I decided to read revews and all I could find were bad reviews so I prayed that I wouldn’t have the same experience.
                My order arrived in 9 days and I live in Spain.
                I ordrred some pretty basic items because I wasn’t so sure of the site, but they were pretty decent quality.

                If I had to give advice about ordering from this websiteit would be to only order things that have good reviews or have photo attachments, the people tell you if the item is see-through or if it runs small…

              • Carolyn says:

                I ordered from Shein for a total of $65.60. I was supposed to get a 55 % discount, but it was not given. I imediately canceled the order. This was 07/28/2016. Still , no refund. I then got on line and discovered the refund went into some Shein account . I now have to get in touch with them to get them to transfer it to my bank account. I realize I will never get my money back because there is no customer service number. I would have to do another ”ticket” .

              • sasha says:

                I purchased items for a trip that was a few weeks out. Four days after purchase, the order status still showed processing. I submitted a ticket for delivery estimate and received a response the next day that one of the items was not ready. I was given the option to cancel the item or wait. Considering the item was a swimsuit I didn’t expect it to take long so I gave it a few days, big mistake. I replied back to either replace the item with an available option or send the items that were ready. They were unable to replace the item in which I responded to complete the order with the available items only if the delivery could be confirmed before my trip. The response was it would not make it in time so they cancelled the entire order at my request. Not sure if I will receive a refund or store credit. I would not recommend this site if the items are needed immediately. Delivery times can vary and you may run into the problem I experienced. Best advice, don’t purchase for upcoming special occasions and not have a backup plan.

              • Anonymous says:

                good site. delivery was a bit slow but that was expected as they ship from china. all of the items were as pictured and are made from good quality material. some of the jewellery looked a bit cheap but it only cost about 2 pounds so I didn’t really mind. overall a reliable service that I would use again.

              • Agent L says:

                The smell of the clothing is terrible! I feel dizzy when I put them on! they should apologize cos they send me this sh*t!

              • John Rasmussen says:

                Run,don’t walk away from this company. Slow delivery, poor quality, impossible to return items, complete road blocks, no customer service, can not reach anyone in the company. Fake website address.

              • Anonymous says:

                I will NEVER order from this site again. There is no number to call. Navigating the site is hard. You have to jump through all kinds of hoops just to do a return. And then you have to package, drive to the Post office box and pay for the return yourself. Never again.

              • Savannah says:

                When I first found the site I was thrilled!! I’ve ordered and returned from here twice before and have had wonderful experience. However, I recently made a large purchase $76 worth and got the clothes in a timely manner but didn’t car for any of them so I went through the same process I had before to return them. The difference is that the first time I tried to purchase the clothes I used a Wells Fargo gift card I had received as a grad gift. Little did I know that Wells Fargo does not allow transactions from London. So my order was declined and I had to used another card. No big deal…….so I thought. Turns out the ticket people somehow only have the first card on file? However I’ve showed them the bank statement that shows the exact amount on the exact day with a description of

              • Phil says:

                This is the worst website ordering and shipping process I have ever seen. I assisted my teen daughter in placing an order. The website promises receipt of the product in 6-17 days. Actual receipt is 30 days, and even then only after I had to hound their online customer service. They also don’t even list a phone number on their website.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Maybe the package came so late because it took awhile to ship out your order. Meaning that it took a while to gather up all of you clothing, and other purchases. Sure it doesn’t sound like it would take days to ship out, but it might have. This was the case with me where it took about three days for them to gather up all of my clothes. Granted i ordered $115 worth of clothing so I really can’t blame them.

              • darlene Dominguez says:

                these people shouldnt be selling things advertising on Facebook making it to be all nice and like they are legit when all they are is working out of china the worst place to order anything because you get the run around with your order which comes in the wrong size and is slower than trying to buy something from a foreign country.. NEVER again will i buy something from any site off of Facebook reviews.. they should band these sites for advertising and cannot produce in a timely manner only to find sizes are all wrong.. just not right..

              • Aga says:

                Never buy with them again. I ordered some stuff, that were marked ship in 24h, they send only 2 items. When I asked them what about the rest they said my order is ready they are only waiting for one blouse that is on sale. So I told them to cancel the blouse and send all the other items that are ready. After another 2 days I received the email that my order is being processed and that It will be shipped in two packages as some of the items need more time to arrive. So I asked them again what’s the problem as they said my items were ready apart from the blouse that was canceled. They wrote again that another item needs more time to be shipped, and that my items should be sent within another week. (it was already 2 weeks after I ordered), the same day I received information that one of the items I ordered is now out of stock. they said they will give me a coupon, which is also a scum because their coupons only work on non-sale items and almost all their items are on sale. So I finally canceled my order and will not order form them again.

              • Sandra says:

                They made a mistake shipping my order somewhere else and wouldn’t refund my purchase. They insisted that I went to my neighbor’s to ask if they received my package, but I already left that house, it’s only my former roommate there. This company is not worth the headache.

              • Geoff says:

                This info edited and growing as more info becomes available to me – BEWARE!!!!

                Also note that there is a site – and other similar – by name and reviews (especially refund problems) I suspect the same one. It seems it is all part of a “She Insider” site that has a bad history.

                Beware – I appreciate that there are complexities of different language, business, culture, all dealings with them. Yet – I’ve been around and along with my experience – it just seems this is one sneaky and suspect place. Better elsewhere.

                Simply: For example -their promo coupon does not work as promised/implied (maybe it is as defined in some small print somewhere)…the price will be adjusted off of some “original” price – which they may never actually provide amid the several prices displayed. What you are charged you may not actually see defined until after you pay. Even then – I don’t see a discount identified….just prices charged. I have now also reviewed the site as best as I can – I have tried to fidn any mention of terms and conditions for their (as copy and pasted here) “SIGN UP FOR 40% OFF YOUR 1ST ORDER” – now sometimes a 45% or 50% offer……..there is nothing – anywhere I can find saying it is anything other than as stated: a discount applied to the first order. NOT anything saying they get to determine a different price for the items in that order other than the one you place in the cart and purchase.

                They make it up as they go!

                They do not have anyway to have a 2 way discussion with anyone unless it is pre sale. (ANOTHER WARNING FLAG – salesman always available – service, no). A question after one purchases they must submit a ticket – where only a few subjects are even something they accept Qs on. (Not even a catchall “other”). Hope yours is one! That maybe, as evidenced by my questioning how (or when) the promised promo discount was applied…one gets the always courteous Asian styled prepared response – but it basically says: We charged you the lowest price you had coming – so your 40% off everything coupon on approx $70 multi item order made for an approx 39 cents reduction from what it would be without it. Hmmmm.

                Then – a notice that an item was out of stock (which we understand happens – although with a fully computerized system one would hope not)…and a refund will be made.

                Followed shortly later by a notice clearly saying refund was made.
                BUT: Only after checking why not seen in my account (and so then having to do the submit a ticket process – fortunately for one thing in their allowed subject list – which in itself says something – “refund not received” something frequent enough to address) did I find that “refunds” aren’t actually given back to the customer….instead they are held in the Shein Co “wallet” and called a deposit.. That is not a refund in my mind, and (while not me) to someone paying interest or fees on it to a credit co – not to the credit co either – (Shein still has the $ – it is at best a store credit). And remember – that is for an item they advertised, sold and didn’t have (not a return). Bet the never found/used “not a refund” is a great profit center! And as it makes advertising and not delivering 100% profitable and a way to fund the company – bet why you see many having problems with getting refunds. (I even believe – using the term refunded like this – is against many state consumer laws. But, what is a state going to do to them…wherever they are? Which if it becomes anything – is – GONE.).

                My request ticket to have the refund sent (and some other matters, incl advising I thought this was improper use of term “refund”) was responded to – courteously saying (albeit also clearly preformated) how they are there to help of course – but not doing what I requested. Instead requiring I return and use their system to request to have it sent myself. I logged back in (and after a system problem or 2 giving error messages)…made the request their way. I do not know if it was successful…since the automatic note just says they will attend to it.

                With no formatted responses – my other concerns were essentially ignored.

                Watch out……this experience – while hopefully just their language and unfamilulariity with business practice – makes me concerned it is a company that may well be intentionally misleading.customers anyway it can to get and keep $.

              • margaret O says:

                I am very pleased with my last few orders . It used to be slow but has gotten so much better

                • Nonay says:

                  Hi, when did you place your order and how long did it take to arrive? I placed mined 2 days ago and the status is still processing and i noticed that the shipping date keeps changing. Thanks.

                  • Lumi says:

                    Mine came within a week and it was perfect! I ordered a pair of heels and they came in great condition (the box they came in not so much). It was really great I plan on buying a swimsuit next.
                    Although I did order through an app called “Dote Shopping”. The app has a bunch of stores put together and puts your order in for you (Use code: M77R if you decide to check that out).

                    • Anonymous says:

                      Mine never come! terrible customer service too! not get my refund yet!

              • Claire says:

                just got a few things from shein, no troubles with shipping or anything like people complain about. i got a cotton shirt which is far, far nicer than i would have expected, and a green jumper which is also cotton with a fleecy interior and nice, thick fabric. all measurements and sizes were correct, no strings or anything faulty, so I think shein’s pretty decent, depending on what you choose to buy.

              • Tilly says:

                i bought five items on shein and i noticed that when you check out there’s a ‘retail price’ (AU$140) and a ‘discount price’ (AU$82). i used the 40% off coupon, which worked, but only on the ‘retail’ price. i did, however, save fifteen dollars. i’m not expecting much as I’ve been reading a whole lot of negative reviews about SheIn, but my experience has been alright so far. everything i purchased was less than $80 altogether, and i made sure to read the reviews on each item. i also bought only cotton items as well, primarily because cotton is generally more sturdy than polyester, which most items were made of. i like the way the measurements are listed for most products, and with the price as low as it is, i’m really not expecting that much. good luck with shein.

              • Anonymous says:

                I ordered 3 tops, which were “free size”. They arrived within 2 weeks. They were very starchy, so I washed two of them before wearing, in warm water, warm dryer. They shrank so much, I couldn’t even wear them, and I am a small person. Very cheap material. I am trying to return them, but the return process is confusing and unhelpful – deliberately so?

                • Hajra Irfan says:

                  Hi were you able to get a refund on your returned item?

              • Anonymous says:

                Found an exact sundress on this site that I bought last year at a beach boutique for almost six times the price…. Hmmm….
                Where did that beach boutique get their inventory???

              • Anonymous says:

                Do not shop here! I ordered two times in the same day because I found something else I wanted and then noticed they charged me additional fees on both orders for shipping, that I should not have been charged for, since it was not apart of the total! I went to talk to customer service and when I started to get upset because the worker EDDIE was becoming rude and insinuating I was stupid and I should google certain terms, even though I was right, I asked to speak to a manager and he refused and said “they don’t chat with you”, “They don’t speak with you” which is ridiculous and a lie. I asked four different times and they still refused and then threatened to sue me for harassment, because I was angry from their horrendous customer service! and then when I said I was taking screen shots of his rude behavor, he disconnected the chat because he knew he was in the wrong! they charged me for additional fees without my knowledge and had the audacity to basically call me stupid and refuse to connect me to a polite manager. DO NOT SHOP HERE, they are scammers and have the worst customer service I have ever seen and I have never felt the need to get angry with a worker ever! So you know they are completely horrible if I had to be rude!

                • Jen says:

                  Thanks for your warning. I was tempted to try and order one item, but I keep thinking that the price is too good to be true, and anything that is too good to be true…….. It’s better to shop sales at Ross, TJ Maxx, etc.

                  • Anna says:

                    Me to! Thanks for the warning.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Glad I read this. Almost just placed an order but now I will not! Thanks!

              • Sarah says:

                I ordered from this company once a while back. They came okay and in a decent time frame, but I wasn’t satisfied with the clothes at all. Poor quality, flimsy material, and like others have said, very different compared to the pictures. The website’s poor English makes it seem sketchier and even more unreliable. Overall, I’m not impressed, and like others have said, i don’t plan to order from them again simply because of their low-prices which suggest unethical practices.

              • Amanda says:

                I ordered my two items after reading all the reviews, but honestly I am glad I did. I know I was probably just lucky for my first order, but my romper and tank top were of acceptable quality and the sizing listed on the website were quite accurate, so they fit pretty well. My advice: only order 1-3 items on sale (they had 1,000+ items 80% off when I shopped) and make sure you look at sizing! If it seems off, don’t buy it. Try to choose only the items that have reviews and maybe even picture reviews. Also, try to order items that say “ships in 24 hours” mine actually did “ship” in 28 hours, but if it did not say that, it might have been shipped from out of the US or maybe wouldn’t have even been made yet.. who knows!? I placed my order May 18 and it arrived May 27. After my order said it shipped May 19, it did not move until May 24 and it was only going from New Jersey to Virginia! I got free standard shipping. They also charged me right away, but did not charge me taxes. So, if you buy from She In, be patient and be sure it will fit because I see it is difficult to return!

              • Zahra says:

                HORRIBLE! So disgusted with this website. Do not buy from here if you live in North America; I ordered my clothes on April 16th and it is now May 24th and I still have not received my order. The website states it will be shipped within 19 business days, well that was a big fat lie. The tracking information has not even been updated since April 21st so I have no idea if my order has been lost or if its even coming any more. I am asking for my money back if they do not send it to me within the next two weeks.

              • Anonymous says:

                It’s taking awhile!!!!! More than what they said it will take.. But prices were nice, but I don’t know about the quality yet!!!!!!

              • Susan says:


              • Anonymous says:

                I have a feeling that clothing this cheap is probably deeply unethical and produced by people working for slave wages. I haven’t bought anything, even though it looks cute, because I can’t find any information about the ethical practices. Think about this before purchasing items super cheap.

                • Anonymous says:

                  my concern as wsell

                  • Anonymous says:

                    It is also my concern

                    • Anonymous says:

                      mine too I’m scared

                • Anonymous says:


              • Anonymous says:

                The clothes are very adorable and super inexpensive – the quality is ok, you are getting what you pay for, I didn’t expect much, I just wanted something fun and cheap. They took a long time to ship part of my order and they cheerfully refunded the money for those items when I complained. I was impressed.

                The problem comes if you decide to return things. The sizes ran big for me (alot of people say they run small, so idk) and the return policy says you can return. I followed their procedures and was told over and over for two weeks, any day now. Still no refund. I contacted Paypal and opened a dispute and they told me they would not refund my money until I closed the dispute! Wow! Cheeky! It’s just not worth it. It looks like I am out over $200. Never again will I order without looking the company up online. Plenty of people have reported them as fraudulent. Add me to the list. IF they resolve this, I will come back and change the review.

                • Jen says:

                  It’s interesting to know Paypal would not refund or contact them. It may be different with American Express or Visa? They usually refund first, then resolve it with the company. Is that right? It’s been so long since I have a dispute since I avoid buying over the internet.

                  • Jen says:

                    I avoid buying over the internet since my bad experience with Ali Baba. I still have the cell phone case, never used it. I also cancelled the day after I ordered it. Never heard a response from them after 3 phone calls/emails. They just keep sending more emails marketing other products. Bad, bad business practice

              • Anonymous says:

                Don’t order from SheIn–HORRIBLE customer service, zero quality control, crappy material. My first order they sent me three damaged items and one wrong item. Two weeks later of getting the run around and nothing has been resolved. I cancelled the second half of my order (I read reviews that it took months to get sometimes) and two weeks later have not received my refund for items never shipped. STAY AWAY!!!

              • Anonymous says:

                I’ve ordered from shein quite a few times and I’ce always been very happy. I think it’s the kind of site that if you just are very careful with sizing and reading the reviews of the particular items you want, it will most likely work out, but if not I just take the loss here and there. Thankfully I’ve pretty much loved everything I got. Not worth it to me to pay for shipping back to Asia even if I didn’t like an item.

              • Anonymous says:

                SOOOO ANNOYED!!! Do not buy from SheIn. I was charged immediately, even for an item on back order which I cancelled before it ever shipped. Returns are a joke. No phone, only email communication. Of ten items I ordered, I returned seven. It cost me $18.75 to ship back. According to USPS they received it in two days but the same day cancelled my return ticket??? I waited to be notified of my credit back to my credit card, but they never notified me. Finally 20 days later I had to make a new ticket. Then told me the item on backorder I cancelled was refunded to a wallet on their site whIch I had to then request it be credited to my card but still nothing.
                They then missed crediting me for one of the seven items returned. I emailed them about it but ignored my inquiry and told me I would be credited $108. when my credit is suppose to be for a total of $144.42. SOOOO ANGRY!!!!

              • Anonymous says:

                Any positive review of this site is a paid scam. Items are HORRIBLE quality, getting a refund is impossible. I emailed back and forth with the company (they skirted any actual way of helping me resolve the issue) after receiving damaged and incorrect items. They refuse to allow me to send the items back and will not give me a return shipping label or an address to return the items to (although I’ve been told by many people that if you send the items back for a refund they will conveniently “never receive the items” and you have to pay for shipping back to CHINA – which is a surprise considering they tell you they are in the US). Don’t be impressed by the pictures on the site, as they are directly stolen from other websites and blogs. Don’t waste your money….I have told them that if they don’t refund me I’ll be opening a claim with the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the police and Visa.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Did they refund finally refund you?

                • Sandra says:

                  I would gladly open a claim with the Federal Trade Commission with you. They are a scam!

              • Anonymous says:

                worst company ever!!!! cannot get my money back even though I returned merchandise.

              • Anonymous says:

                Coupons are deceptive, dishonest & misleading. Though there is no disclaimer on the website they do not apply to advertised prices, but instead jack the price back up to original then apply coupon which could cost you more. This misleading practice may be illegal.

              • Laurie Wilson says:

                I like what I ordered, total of 12 items still have 1 left, it should be at Post Office today, my only complaint is I have to exchange at least half of the items due to being too small. I normally wear a small to a medium, weigh 105 lbs, etc., but when measuring chest size make sure you take it with your bra on, as that will really make a difference in which size to order. I hope I have good luck exchanging the items, loved my coat, it fits fine. I am in a wheelchair though for another 5-6 months, so I can’t see what they look like standing up. Oh well, shipping does take a longer time than expected though.

              • Anonymous says:

                Ordered a dress, ridiculously undersized, when we opened a ticket to return it, they sent an email back that the refund depended on the weight of the package and did I want a return label, I responded, yes and why does weight affect the refund, they did not respond. 2 days later I sent them another message through the ticket asking for a return label, and why are they ignoring me? Today I looked again and they closed the ticket. I im’ed them and they told me they have no phone number, and 35 minutes, of worthless typing back and forth, I still had no label, the only way to resolve it was to get the shipping address and ups it to them at my expense and file a credit card dispute. a lot of work and $9 more expense for me. I am sure if something fits they are fine, but the real test is how is a company after the sale. They are horrible, I will never do business with them again

              • Anonymous says:

                I bought three items on 12-04-2015, received 2 of them on 12-18-2015, still waiting for the other order. Did not know that the clothes were coming from Singapore. The two that I received were beautifully made, but do not fit. If someone where a large it is best they get a XXL, same applies for all their sizes, It seems you have to order 2 sizes larger. I really love the shirt, so I will give them as a gift to someone. My advice is to not buy from this store, because there is no return label. Now that I know it is coming from oversea, I will not be ordering anything else. I must admit the shirts are very nice.

              • Jaime S. says:

                I am still waiting for my order and it’s been over a month. I have only got one email from them confirming they received my payment. Besides, that nothing. If it does not come soon, I am going to request a refund.

              • Patti says:

                I’ve been waiting for a refund from Shein for 6 weeks now. Their site does say it provides them. Fortunately, I used Paypal. They have until Dec. 16th, 2015 to respond but they haven’t yet. They just keep sending me emails to close my complaint so we can work it out. I have never once had a problem with any Asian vender thru them.

                The pullover blouse (knit-type) was extremely good quality, the coat was not so good. They will give you store credit but who has the time and money to keep sending stuff back until you get something you like?

                Just use Paypal and good luck.

              • Leila says:

                I’ve heard people who rave about this site and I’ve heard people who absolutely hate hate hate it. I found a top that I absolutely love on Pinterest and it of course took me to SheIn… I’m placing the order ( It’s only $14 so I won’t be super disappointed if it doesn’t come out perfect) Hopefully it does though! All the fashion bloggers I follow LOOOOVVEEE SheIn and always post pictures in the clothes. Hopefully I get a good experience

              • Courtney says:

                Be weary when buying from shein. I would suggest paying with only PayPal as I’ve also heard of issues when asking for a refund from them. With PayPal if you open a dispute it is guaranteed that you will get a refund just in case.

                • Delphia says:

                  No more s***. All posts of this qutialy from now on

                  • Anonymous says:

                    Where are you based? How long dis it take to receive your order? Thanks.

              • JA says:

                I’ve been waiting for a refund now for 2 months! I returned the merchandise and they kept sending me emails asking me if I want to exchange. I kept telling them no and they finally said it could take 15-20 business days for my bank to refund it (blaming on my bank).

                • Anonymous says:

                  Can you post the return address please? Having trouble getting it. Thank you!!!

              • Alica says:

                Shein carries some of the same goods as on AliExpress, but with higher prices! The necklace I ordered for 5 dollars I found on AliExpress for 0.60 cents!

              • Tami T. says:

                Ordered 5 items and so far have received one which was a sweater that had a weird smell to it for some reason. My order says a refund on one other item – that hasn’t shown up yet and neither have the other 3 items.

              • Anonymous says:

                I ordered a coat and when it finally arrived discovered it was the wrong size. In fact the sweat shirt underneath was very small and the coat was not large as ordered. The Fabric was flimsy. I emailed to return and they said to send it back to New Jersey and let them know the mailing charges. I did that but they won’t reimburse me for the mailing charges.

              • Carol says:

       sent me the wrong item and so I am getting a refund. I sent back every item at my own expense. I finally had to go through paypal to request a refund. The clothes they sent were not well made I thought either, but that’s just my opinion.

                • G. says:

                  You should not have paid to send them back when they sent the wrong item. If you go to PayPal first they will give you the money back because you were not sent the right item.

                  • margaret nadey says:

                    Absolutely! The clothing is substandard and what I got did not look like the photos.

                    • Anonymous says:

                      Agreeeed!!!! It looked like cheap clothes made to look like the photo for a high school play. The items in the photos use better quality fabric, and I suspect are not made by shein. They refuse to do a return for me. There was no order number sent to my email or within the receipt and now they say I can’t return without it. I paid around 35 dollars for two jackets. That seemed like s great deal but now both coats will be going to goodwill so I actually just lost that money. DO. NOT.SHOP at shein! They customer service people I spoke with in the live chat were extremely rude about the fact that I didn’t have an order number. They claim that the email I gave them was “wrong” which is impossible because I still get their crappy spam promotions. I’m so mad. Total scam!!!

              • Crystal says:

                First, Shein sent me a dress that was sewed with the packets on the front of the dress and not the sides. I asked for them to send me a new dress and they wouldn’t. They said they couldn’t exchange even though I sent pictures. They said it wasn’t a big enough mistake. Then they finally said if I returned they would refund and would send me the postage sticker.

              • Flo Olsen says:

                My order was paid for through Pay Pal on Aug 25th for 8 items. I received 7 of them and of course the one item I didn’t receive is the most expensive. I am having trouble contacting anyone. They don’t recognise my email address and I don’t seem to have a password so I guess I’m SOL.

                • G. says:

                  Go to PayPal and file a complaint. They will help you with this. I know from my own experience.

              • Moya says:

                Despite bad reviews I’ve had no problems at all ordered three times now. Yes it takes longer than usual for delivery and yes sizing us smaller – it’s Asia for goodness sake! I take the view if I’m paying 10 pounds for an item with free postage and I don’t like it then tough luck. Sell it on eBay! The only concern I have is the likely hood of sweat shop labour. But that’s a risk in other stores ethical shopping is expensive. I contacted service via email with query and got immediate response at 10pm! Really can you complain? I can’t …

              • Sharon says:

                Thanks for the sheinside review and coupon, which helped the buying experience for sure. I’ll be back next time I buy from them to get more savings. Thanks again!

              • Carly Johson says:

                My package came in the mail today and I really like what I purchased. Their perfect!

              • Daisy says:

                The staff on the online chat is very friendly, but the company itself at picks and chooses review to post for the items sold on their website. I bought 7 items in a single purchase, most of them received good reviews from me, except for 2.

              • Xenia Campbell says:

                Even tho. shipment took a while, I have to say the swim cover up i ordered is exactly as pictured and it fits well, the quality is like forever 21 but with everything you get what you pay for. My only suggestions is make sure to ck on measurements so returns/exchange are not necessary.

              • Candy Carpenter says:

                This is my first order today. And I’m worried with all the bad reviews. Hopefully it turns out well, because I really liked their clothes. I just found this online store today

              • Coral Hackett says:

       was easy to use. I found a few things that I’ve been wanted for awhile now. I am sure I’ll be using them again.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Wait until you recieve the items. They won’t look anything like the picture. Good luck.

              • Angelica T. says:

                The 20% I used today worked! Thanks for the Sheinside review and discount offer.

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