SeatGeek Reviews 2017: Is SeatGeek Legit, Safe and a Reliable Site?

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Overall Thoughts: Viagogo Reviews

Overall, SeatGeek is a fast, easy way to compare ticket prices and make sure you’re getting the best deal. Used correctly, it will save hours of website-hopping by placing everything on one page that is easy to look around and find the best deal. It’s difficult to find many negatives with this platform, due to the convenience it brings to a once very frustrating industry.

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What I Like: Viagogo Review

The scoring system at SeatGeek, which will tell you if your seats are a great deal or awful works by looking at factors such as the view, past prices for the artist performing, and the value of all other tickets for the same show. It’s easy to buy knowing that you’re getting a good deal because of this, and a useful tracker alerts you when a favorite artist is visiting, and whether ticket prices for an event you have shown interest in has dropped.

seatgeek reviews 2017 is seatgeek legit safe reputable ticket site

What I Don’t Like: Viagogo Review

Although this process used by Seatgeek is getting more popular today, not all people are convinced about its effectiveness according to some SeatGeek reviews. One of the downsides of Seatgeek was that some people got too confused with all the statistics. Not all people are very patient and they just want to purchase tickets as soon as possible before they run out. When the available tickets are found on a different secondary broker, that is where the customer is directed. is a reliable company, but some of its processes can be too much to those who are not very well versed with the internet. You can see another SeatGeek Review 2017 to make sure SeatGeek is legit.

seatgeek reviews 2017 is seatgeek safe legit reliable trustworthy

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Mike Messmore

Mike Messmore

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I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.
Mike Messmore

SeatGeek Review: Summary

SeatGeek Review: Summary

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              About Mike Messmore

              I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.

              17 Responses to "SeatGeek Reviews 2017: Is SeatGeek Legit, Safe and a Reliable Site?"

              • Tracey says:

                So very concerned now. Order $500.worth of 21 pilots tickets and unfortunately read reviews of this site after. I’m scarred. So.uch negotiate off and scamming. Please I pray to God 13 yo daughter this is legit

              • Madhan says:

                Bought F1 tickets for Austin from these guys and tickets turned out to be fake.

              • A. Kansas Mom says:

                Was scared to try a new company but trusted reviews, paid for tickets, received via email, drove ten hours to venue with seatgeek tickets and was so happy to enjoy the show! Everything as promised. Would use this site again for sure.

                • Tracey says:

                  This makes me feel a tiny better. We just purchased tickets for my daughter for 21 pilots and $500. Read the reviews after and freaked put

              • Joyce says:

                Like it say’s above “The smarty way to buy tickets” is true. I myself wasn’t so smart, since last time I got tickets from a resale site I did not get the best price. I didn’t realize it though until I found SeatGeek and could see much better prices on comparable tickets.

              • Lisa says:

                My tickets I purchased using arrived when expected and I got what I ordered.

              • David Sims says:

                I used seatgeek today to buy a pair of MLB tickets. I found it easy to use and I like their huge selection of tickets to choose from, at least for baseball it’s good.

              • Navarros says:

                From Navarros
                Btw – as far as Ivan tell- my personal info also has not been sold to outside sources. Thank you SG for maintaining my privacy.

              • Anonymous says:

                NAVARRO UPDATE! Sorry everyone I had a minor accident and was out of the loop for a bit. God has again blessed us- as I’m recovering well. So let me bring everyone up to date….

                Re: the Suns/Spurs game…. SeatGeek customer service is AMAZING. They are quick, friendly and actually ENTHUSIASTIC! ( I know,-shocking! ) it’s true tho. I never even HEARD of them until the holidays. Yes, they IMMEDIATELY sent me.pdf’s so we could get the tickets printed.

                Now— the PHOTOS on their site…. Hard to kind of tell unless your familiar with Spurs Center. I didn’t go to the game- the guys I sent responded back with photos, and reports that their VIEW was actually BETTER than the view I showed them.

                I’ve submitted an idea to SG to consider 360* panos- I know this would really help their site. Customers would be able to actually SEE where they are in location to the boxes below, suites, floor, and cafes.

                For Christmas, I also got hubs tickets to a second upcoming game. I recd tickets two weeks ago- there was a mistake in that they sent me four tickets, I purchased two- I didn’t print them- did finally get a chance to tell them the “uh oh” – but after I checked my ticket history yesterday, I received notice last night, that my tickets were ready. Obviously they figured it out also- ( I was so relieved ) and issued us two more tickets with what I think are better seats- same row.

                Folks- I know it’s hard to trust online stuff- these folks are for real- they are honest- they are fast- they EXCEEDED my expectations- -we all deserve good service !

                Hope you all also have good experiences.

              • Navarros says:

                Hi there- I used SeatGeek to purchase game tickets as a Christmas gift for my guy. The prices and ABILITY to see the seating was great. I’ve been in the AT&T Center many times- so I do know it fairly well- I DO have a slight concern about the accuracy of the seat view for my tickets, so I’m truly hoping my memory is a bit clouded.

                I was notified by email that I could access the tickets in the app. I don’t understand why they simply didn’t ATTACH the tickets to email; I had to give my gift; by showing them on my iPhone- & that was embarrassing- especially because I bought SEVERAL tickets for he n his buds to several games.-

                It’s the night before the game and I DONT have a wireless printer- I still have only a .pdf that I can view THRU THIER app; so HOPEFULLY they will let me know what to do – in time-

                I wanted to post this and when we have the resolution- I’ll update. I’m truly hoping that they are every bit as good as their site represents. I’d love to see attention to customer service, and detail become popular again.


                • Anonymous says:

                  were you able to print the tickets before the game? i am looking at concert tickets for my mom and sisters for their birthday next month. many thanks!

                  • Anonymous says:

                    I have the same question. Were you able to print them or did you were able to show them
                    on your phone? Thanks!

                    • Navarros says:

                      Hi- I updated my post- SeatGeat far exceeded my expectations. They will continue to have a customer as long as their service & support remain outstanding.

                  • Navarros says:

                    Yes- SG has provided me with .pdf’s – their customer service is awesome! I hope u tried them. I’ve updated my post. :).

                  • Navarros says:

                    My post is updated. I hope you all tried SG. Seriously, their customer service has been efficient, expedient and exceptional!

              • Heidi Brown says:

                Worked out good for me to use seatgeek, a search engine like website, that has a huge listing of tickets that I can’t seem to find anywhere else.

                • Justin R. says:

                  I agree on the huge inventory of tickets they show, which is great for sure when it comes finding the best price.

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