ScoreBig Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is ScoreBig Legit, Reliable or Safe? Well, most of the time… (see feedback below)



scorebig reviews 2016 is scorebig legit reliable safe website

My Experience: I’ve tried many ticket sites, but discovered SeatGeek a legit and safe source. They search the biggest ticket sites to find you the best price all in one place. Learn more by watching this short 42 second video called “SeatGeek 101: Making Ticket Buying Suck Less.”


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The ability to name your price is an invaluable tool on Aside from the fact that buyers see an average of 60% off the original price of the ticket using this feature, it also means that you’ll never accidentally go over your budget. There’s also the matter of the site not charging any fees whatsoever, which allows you to see what you’ll be paying, and no hidden fees at checkout that is so common when you’re buying from other ticket suppliers, according to the reviews.

  • ScoreBig Promo Code 2017
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Authentic Tickets
  • On-Time Delivery
  • No Fees at Checkout
  • Get Free Delivery
  • Safe & Secure

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS for ScoreBig Reviews 2017:”]This wouldn’t be a genuine review if it didn’t point out that it can be a bit of a downer when your bid isn’t accepted, but that certainly doesn’t diminish the convenience and overall fun of shopping for your tickets on the site. Simply try raising your bid a little and you may be surprised to discover that even a few dollars can make all the difference if you follow the reviews. Once you do place a bid that goes through, the thrill of finding out that you’re paying less than the face value of the ticket will absolutely make up for any disappointment that you may have felt before

  • Service Fee at Checkout
  • Prices Can Fluctuate




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Mike Messmore

Mike Messmore

Marketing Manager at
I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.
Mike Messmore

About Mike Messmore

I enjoy reviewing websites and finding the best savings! Shopping online should be easy, safe and secure with reliable shipping and a guarantee.

17 Responses to "ScoreBig Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is ScoreBig Legit, Reliable or Safe? Well, most of the time… (see feedback below)"

  • Bates says:

    There is no refund from this site. You will never get your tickets or money back.

  • Amy says:

    I recently purchased Green Bay Packers tickets for the November game against the Titans. I purchased these in May. I received several emails from scorebig saying my tickets was still processing should receive them 2 weeks before the event. On September 26th I received an email stating I had to contact the vendor to make sure my tickets was valid. That scorebig had shut down. I tried to contact scorebig and no answer to any call. Finally contacted the vendor and my tickets was not validated. So since my credit card purchase was over 90 days my credit card company cant refund my money. Contacted scorebig thru the help email and was told around the first of October that I would receive a refund check in 14 days. Well still nothing…Contacted them today and It was a whole different story. So they took my money and still no green bay packers tickets and no way to get the money back.

  • G says:

    Please do not use this website! You will be sorry! My Steeler tickets did not work the day of the game! Someone else entered the game before us and took our seats! Thanks for ruining my birthday! I will never use them again!

  • Dave says:

    Pros: Good price for ticket (2x face value). No hidden fees. Low shipping costs. Rapid delivery.

    Cons: Original source for tickets was not paid. He/she is now threatening to report my tickets as being stolen and is threatening to have my tickets invalidated.

  • Steve says:

    ScoreBig was good at first, now they are going down, hence so many bad transactions in the past 6 months You should buy from a National Association of Ticket broker members (NATB )

  • Chis says:

    Beware..bait and switch ticket scam…show you one ticket, your bid isn’t accepted, counter offer is for horrible tickets, no refunds…beware..I’d just use stubhub. Why pay over face value for garbage tickets

  • Anonymous says:

    Bought tickets to see the Raiders vs Titans game. Got to the game expecting to be cheering from the stands, instead I was watching the game from Buffalo Wild Wings. Turns out the ticket I had bought through ScoreBig was reported as being stolen. Guy at the ticket booth said it was happening to a lot of people. Contacted ScoreBig & was told they would mail out a check to reimburse me for my purchase

    • Steve says:

      scoreBig is in the process of going out of business(no sh@t). The are not paying their creditors or the brokers they get the tickets from. I should know I am a broker who is not getting paid. Believe me they are on the way out.

  • Anonymous says:

    Going out of business not paying their ticket providers a lot of fun Ickes re barcoded call your credit card company and dip ute the charges. I am a broker ow d $10,000 from score big no payments in two months

  • Bill says:

    Scorebig burned me BIG TIME. Sold me bogus tickets for the September 24 Dodger game. One of Vin Scully’s last. What an embarrassment for my wife and I when we are told at the gate that the tickets are bogus. And we missed an opportunity that will never occur again.

  • Debbie says:

    The diagram showed Padres seats directly behind the dugout. Paid $312 for all our seats. Got nose-bleed seats with $12 printed on the tickets.

  • mike says:

    I purchased 2 Bucks Timberwolves bball tickets for last Friday, March 4.

  • Nicole Graves says:

    After comparing a few other ticket sites I seem to find the best price on the tickets I want at ScoreBig.

  • Samuel says:

    This site is a legit site in my experience. I used them this last weekend and it went well.

  • Layla T. says:

    I ordered tickets today from scorebig to see the Thunder. Can’t wait till the game! Prices on our tickets were fair I thought.

  • Jenny says:

    Received my tickets in the mail yesterday, which was on time for delivery. I’d buy again!

  • Kyle Wright says:

    I was able to get good seats through scorebig to one of my favorite bands DMB. I was surprised, since the venue did not have any good tickets left.

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