Ticket Liquidator Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is TicketLiquidator Legit or Safe?

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ticket liquidator reviews 2016 is ticketliquidator legit safe reliable site

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Not satisfied with a 100% guarantee, TicketLiquidator opts for a 200% guarantee. If you order a ticket that was accepted but didn’t arrive on time for the event (or was never sent at all), TicketLiquidator gives you 200% of your money back. The company also offers a more regular 100% money back guarantee that covers event cancellation where plans were not made to reschedule. If you want a secure ticket buying experience, this is a good place to look.

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Sellers can pick their own prices for tickets, which can lead to tickets that cost quite a bit more than their face value. If a popular event or artist is coming into town, this will be reflected in more expensive tickets. Another issue with TicketLiquidator.com is some sellers may be marking up prices due to their own fees and costs—in some cases, that means buying the same ticket from another seller and marking up the difference to the buyer—a check of reviews will often warn of this practice.

  • Service & Shipping Fees at Checkout
  • Tickets May Be Above Face Value
  • Prices Can Fluctuate



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ScoreBig Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is ScoreBig Legit, Reliable or Safe? Well, most of the time… (see feedback below)



scorebig reviews 2016 is scorebig legit reliable safe website

My Experience: I’ve tried many ticket sites, but discovered SeatGeek a legit and safe source. They search the biggest ticket sites to find you the best price all in one place. Learn more by watching this short 42 second video called “SeatGeek 101: Making Ticket Buying Suck Less.”


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The ability to name your price is an invaluable tool on ScoreBig.com. Aside from the fact that buyers see an average of 60% off the original price of the ticket using this feature, it also means that you’ll never accidentally go over your budget. There’s also the matter of the site not charging any fees whatsoever, which allows you to see what you’ll be paying, and no hidden fees at checkout that is so common when you’re buying from other ticket suppliers, according to the ScoreBig.com reviews.

  • ScoreBig Promo Code 2017
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Authentic Tickets
  • On-Time Delivery
  • No Fees at Checkout
  • Get Free Delivery
  • Safe & Secure

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS for ScoreBig Reviews 2017:”]This wouldn’t be a genuine ScoreBig.com review if it didn’t point out that it can be a bit of a downer when your bid isn’t accepted, but that certainly doesn’t diminish the convenience and overall fun of shopping for your tickets on the site. Simply try raising your bid a little and you may be surprised to discover that even a few dollars can make all the difference if you follow the ScoreBig.com reviews. Once you do place a bid that goes through, the thrill of finding out that you’re paying less than the face value of the ticket will absolutely make up for any disappointment that you may have felt before

  • Service Fee at Checkout
  • Prices Can Fluctuate




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My Divorce Papers Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is MyDivorcePapers.com Legit & Reliable Service?

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my divorce papers reviews 2016 is mydivorcepapers.com legit reliable service

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MyDivorcePapers’ biggest pro is that you can get everything done online. The site has experts on divorce, and you can choose a convenient method to settle without the search for an attorney or even being scared that the courts might decline your request.

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS for My Divorce Papers Reviews 2017:”]

You can get divorced quickly with MyDivorcePapers.com, which is great on paper—but it may be too fast, giving you no time to reconcile with your spouse, meaning no opportunities to save the marriage. This rashness may lead to regrets further down the road as the consequences become clear.

  • Divorce Process Can Be Too Fast



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mydivorcepapers.com reviews 2017 is online divorce services reliable legit

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Bonanza Reviews 2017 (Jan.)

Buying & Selling, E-commerce Solutions/Providers


Is Bonanza Legit,
Reliable or a Safe Website Today?

What I Like:
Bonanza Review

You will find just about everything under the sun at Bonanza, which is similar to eBay and Craigslist. With minimal fees for sellers, good customer support and a simple web store set up process, signing up for a free trial here is simple.

Bonanza also only takes a small fee on each sale—and only at the point of sale, not when posting. Buyers can make bids here, and the seller responds accordingly. It seems that buyers have unlimited bids, so there is a chance for negotiation.

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What I Didn’t Like:
Bonanza Review

A quick look at customer reviews and testimonials reveals that not all sellers here are legit at Bonanza.com. Whether items were never received or not as described, research is recommended before buying—a little digging can help to avoid a great deal of trouble later on. Most experienced buyers know to look for verified sellers and avoid those with lots of bad reviews.

Overall Thoughts:
Bonanza Review

Overall, Bonanza.com has a great concept and design, especially for the seller. The buyer can still benefit as there are thousands of items to choose from.

Make sure you do your research and only buy from sellers that you trust and that are reputable. Although a refund can be issued, it can be quite a lengthy process as you must go through PayPal and file a claim.

Besides that, Bonanza can be a good place to pick up your favorite item at a bargain price.

They do have links under their Help tab at the top of their website, which I found quite useful when trying to grasp the ins and outs of how they operate.

They are currently accredited with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, but there are over 181 complaints against Bonanza on BBB.org.

bonanza reviews 2017 is bonanza legit real a safe site trustworthy

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SheIn Reviews 2017 (Jan.)

Accessories, Clothing/Apparel, Womens


Is Shein Legit,
Reliable or a Good Clothing Site Today?

Shein Review

What I Like:
Shein Review

Spending over $30 nets buyers free shipping, and further discounts can be had with a twice-weekly presale where items on the site can be discounted by as much as 50% before they are listed officially.

Weekly Shein reviews allow everyone to be a fashion buyer with votes on what should be sold—and voting leads to chance to win presale items.

shein reviews 2017 is shein reliable is shein legit clothing good

What I Didn’t Like:
Shein Review

Orders over $30 might come with free shipping, but the shipping can be painfully slow as all items come from China. If you can wait several weeks, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Returns can also be problematic, as contact is limited to email or online chat to get the returns address—and then pay the cost of the shipping. Be sure to thoroughly check sizes and other details on Shein.com to avoid unnecessary returns.

The best way to find someone in case of a dispute does appear to be dispute@shein.com.

Overall Thoughts:
Shein Review

Shein.com is a large online retailer of women’s clothing that is based in China, and that has been in operation since 2008. They feature “street fashion” at discounted prices as they aim to reach their stated target audience of 18 to 35-year-old women. Shein.com has a team of in-house designers who work to recreate the most popular looks from fashion houses around the world.

Overall, make sure you follow the advice of the SheInside reviews to take your measurements before placing your order as they tend to run on the small side. Another good source we look is the customer feedback below, which is much appreciated and you can get further answers on if SheIn clothing is legit, reliable and if SheIn’s a good website.

They are currently not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and there’s over 40 complaints against Shein on BBB.org.

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TicketCity Reviews 2017: Is TicketCity Legit, Reliable and Safe?




Our TicketCity Recommendation

Overall Thoughts: TicketCity Review

With 26 years of operation, TicketCity is a safe and reliable option graded A+ by the BBB—not unsurprising due to their extensive guarantees and protections. Buyers can expect great tickets, stellar customer service and a willingness to fix any issues as they arise. If you’re looking for a reliable, safe place to buy tickets from that won’t leave you in the lurch, TicketCity is a great platform that does everything it can to ease your mind and let you look forward to the show.

  • ticketcity-reviews-5
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What I Like: TicketCity Review

With a 100% guarantee that every ticket on sale is genuine and valid, TicketCity doubles down on consumer confidence with a full refund promise if tickets don’t arrive on time or a satisfactory arrangement can be concluded before the show begins due to unforeseen events. It’s also worth noting that the company offers a full refund should an event be cancelled, for whatever reason.

What I Don’t Like: TicketCity Review

While the security of the guarantees is second to none, this does mean that tickets are priced higher than elsewhere, including the event organizers themselves. Coupled with the fact that ticket prices at TicketCity.com are not fixed and can fluctuate—the only way to get a guaranteed price is to purchase at that moment, users may want to keep a close eye on pricing to ensure that they get a good deal—or miss out and pay a lot more.

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TicketMonster.com Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is Ticket Monster Legit, Reliable or Best Value?

Entertainment, Events



My Experience: I’ve tried VividSeats and many others, but discovered SeatGeek a legit and safe source. They search the biggest ticket sites to find you the best price all in one place. Learn more by watching this short 42 second video called “SeatGeek 101: Making Ticket Buying Suck Less.”

Overall Thougts: Vivid Seats Review

Despite the fact that it is rather new in the industry, TicketMonster.com has proven itself to be one of the main competitors on the market. The website looks as though it was created for the user himself, with many features intended to make the buyer’s experience as easy and pleasant as possible. With thousands of tickets to choose from, everyone will be able to find something that is just what they were hoping for. Read the testimonials and see pictures of where fans have attended events or follow the TicketMonster.com blog for great information and news about your favorite artists or teams. High quality services, low prices and particularly no extra fees make TicketMonster.com definitely an established name in the ticket industry.

What I like: Vivid Seats Review

Ticket Monster provides a series of features that are quite unique for a ticket selling website. First, the website is well organized and despite the fact that the number of tickets being sold is in the thousands, it is easy to find a specific one. Upon accessing the page of the concert, theater or sporting event, Ticket Monster offers all its customers a way to see exactly where each seat is located within the stadium, which dramatically decreases the time people spend looking up the exact position of a certain seat. Another positive thing about the website is that it does not charge any extra fees, whereas others charge up to 25%. The prices Ticket Monster publishes on the website are the ones people will pay with no exceptions. Customers will receive a 100% refund if the tickets aren’t valid or authentic or if tickets aren’t received in time or if an event gets canceled.

What I didn’t Like: Vivid Seats Review

There are cases where certain seats do not have the 3D view, which can be a little frustrating for those that are used to Ticket Monster’s features. The next few negatives happen to every ticket reseller: If you end up getting tickets for the wrong seats, even though it very rarely happens, you will receive a credit towards a future purchase. Another rarity is that the customer may receive wrong tickets but TicketMonster.com will replace the tickets or offer a full refund.


ticketmonster.com reviews 2017 is ticket monster safe legit reliable

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Vivid Seats Reviews 2017: Is it a Reliable and Legit Ticket Source?

Ticketfly Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is Ticketfly Legitimate or Secure?

Entertainment, Events


ticketfly reviews 2016 is ticketfly legitimate secure reliable website


My Experience: I’ve tried VividSeats and many others, but discovered SeatGeek a legit and safe source. They search the biggest ticket sites to find you the best price all in one place. Learn more by watching this short 42 second video called “SeatGeek 101: Making Ticket Buying Suck Less.”

What I Like: Ticketfly Reviews 2017

Ticketfly was created in 2008 and has been providing one of the best ticket buying experiences online. The company was built on a passion to create the best user experience possible at affordable prices. You can purchase tickets at Ticketfly.com, on venue websites, Facebook, and now mobile devices. They have a convenient way to share events so you can bring your friends along. They offer several different delivery options including: printing tickets, Apple Passbook, Mobile, Mail, and Will Call. This is a great addition to what they already provide, as it lets you choose the delivery option that is most fitting for you. Ticketfly believes in keeping it simple, and uses your Facebook login to manage your Ticketfly account. Not only is it a great place to buy tickets, it’s also one of the most widely used services for smaller to medium sized venues selling tickets. Another great thing is there are no hidden fees, which is common with other ticket sites.

  • Easily Share Events
  • Decent Prices on Lesser Known Venues
  • Safe & Secure Checkout
  • Track All Orders

What I Didn’t Like: Ticketfly Reviews 2017:

The only negative I could find about Ticketfly.com is that they don’t offer tickets to sporting events, at least as far as I could tell. It would seem they only sell tickets for concerts and other non-sporting events. This is not necessarily a terrible thing as there are plenty of other sites that offer sport events. Some of the venues they offer tickets for are exclusive to Ticketfly, and/or not offered by other bigger competitors.

  • No Sporting Events as of October 2017


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TickPick Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is TickPick Legit, Reliable or Safe?




My Experience: I’ve tried VividSeats and many others, but discovered SeatGeek a legit and safe source. They search the biggest ticket sites to find you the best price all in one place. Learn more by watching this short 42 second video called “SeatGeek 101: Making Ticket Buying Suck Less.”

Overall Thoughts: TickPick Reviews

Overall, TickPick is a good ticket marketplace, but this TickPick review is on the fence, since there’s better options out there like TicketMonster or SeatGeek. They have a fantastic concept and it works out well for everyone involved. Sellers have a great platform to sell their tickets, and bidders are able to get the best seats, at the prices they want to pay. The fact that you can choose what you are willing to pay for tickets to any given sports game, concert, theatrical performance or event is brilliant.

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What I Like: TickPick Review

When buying at TickPick.com, your tickets are guaranteed 100% to be valid and authentic. You can expect to receive your tickets at a sufficient amount of time before the event dates. This kind of guarantee stems from the fact that the company vets the tickets any large seller provides to the website to start listing them up for an event, according to the TickPick.com review. They monitor the records of every seller’s fairness, honesty and integrity. If any of these sellers don’t match up with the standards that the company enforces, they will make sure that their tickets won’t be seen listed on their website.

What I Don’t Like: TickPick Review

The only bad part when it comes to dealing with TickPick.com is for sellers. All of those large ticket sellers that are looking to list their stubs at the website will be required a 10% fee for the overall amount they will gain. This can be quite a big chunk out of any seller especially since they have a lot of other things to pay for. The good news here is that the company will take care of everything else after that. But before selling at the website, it is important that you understand the advice provided in this TickPick review.

keywords: Jan. Another option is to check our StubHub reviews for more ticket options check our StubHub Reviews 2017 TickPick reviews 2017, is TickPick legit, TickPick google reviews, is TickPick reliable, TickPick scam, is TickPick safe?, reviews on TickPick, TickPick legit, is TickPick a reliable ticket source, Tick Pick reviews, is TickPick reputable, is TickPick a reliable website, is TickPick a legitimate site, reviews for TickPick, TickPick electronic delivery, is Tick Pick legit?, TickPick.com Reviews 2017

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Purely Diamonds Reviews 2017: Is Purely Diamonds Legit, Worth it and Reliable




Our Purely Diamonds Recommendation

  • Make use of the try-before-you-buy service.
  • There is a 30 day money-back guarantee on all items.
  • All their jewelry is conflict-free and designed in-house, certified by independent source.
  • Take advantage of financing; check to see if you qualify if you can’t pay for it all at once.

Overall Thoughts: Purely Diamonds Review

Overall, Purely Diamonds were one of the best diamond sellers that I found in the UK.  Because they are a family owned business, their commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience sets them apart from other diamond businesses.  They certify and authenticate all of their jewels with an independent body, so you know that their diamonds are legit.  Purely Diamonds also places an emphasis on conflict-free sourced diamonds, and they design and manufacture them in-house using state-of-art technology.  There is a convenient 30 day money back guarantee, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase.

What I Like: Purely Diamonds Review

Purely Diamonds is a family run diamond business that has been serving customers in the UK and internationally for almost 40 years.  Their diamonds are certified and authenticated by independent companies, so you can be sure that you are getting the real quality and legitimate diamonds.  Purely Diamonds sources all of their diamonds from conflict-free sources which can bring you peace of mind when buying your diamond.  They offer a try-before-you-buy service so you can try the ring with a replica silver ring to see what it’s like.  Purely Diamonds has a 30 day money back guarantee on all of their items if you decide that the item is not exactly what you wanted.  There are also financing options available for qualified buyers.

What I Don’t Like: Purely Diamonds Review

There were some things that I didn’t like about their product and service.  The shipping can take quite some time.  If you need your item sooner, there is a possibility that you can arrange to pick it up in the retail location, or pay more for rushed shipping.  You can count on paying extra shipping fees if you want it shipped sooner.  These are just a few things to take into account when considering using Purely Diamonds for your next jewelry purchase.

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MooseJaw Reviews 2017: Is MooseJaw Legit, Good and Reliable?



moosejaw reviews 2016 is moosejaw legit good reliable safe

[wpsm_tab title=””]
[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS for MooseJaw Reviews 2017:”]

In the MooseJaw reviews, several notable things about the site were discovered. The search is set up in a fantastic way, and it is super easy to find just what you want. The selection of clothing was incredible, too. There were far more styles and sizes available than anticipated. The best part about the site, though? The sales. Gear is expensive, and quality gear is even more so, but MooseJaw has excellent prices and a lot of items on sale. 

  • MooseJaw Coupon Code 2017
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 6 Month Return (gift card)
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Safe & Secure Checkout
  • On-Time Delivery

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS for MooseJaw Reviews 2017:”]
The only negative thing found in the MooseJaw.com reviews was the layout of the site. It was just a bit too noisy. The links pop-up when you roll over them, which would be fine in and of itself, but there are so many links that a single swipe across the screen has all sorts of options and lists popping up, becoming very distracting when you just want to browse the store. There is simply too much information to be found, and so many words and links on the page that it is difficult to discern where, exactly, to look first. A little less clutter would go a long way to making MooseJaw.com as aesthetically pleasing as it is full of quality items.

  • Complaints of Customer Support Issues
  • Prices Can Be Expensive For Some
  • Potential Sales Tax



moosejaw reviews 2017 is moosejaw legitimate website trustworthy


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SeatGeek Reviews 2017: Is SeatGeek Legit, Safe and a Reliable Site?

Entertainment, Events


Overall Thoughts: Viagogo Reviews

Overall, SeatGeek is a fast, easy way to compare ticket prices and make sure you’re getting the best deal. Used correctly, it will save hours of website-hopping by placing everything on one page that is easy to look around and find the best deal. It’s difficult to find many negatives with this platform, due to the convenience it brings to a once very frustrating industry.

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What I Like: Viagogo Review

The scoring system at SeatGeek, which will tell you if your seats are a great deal or awful works by looking at factors such as the view, past prices for the artist performing, and the value of all other tickets for the same show. It’s easy to buy knowing that you’re getting a good deal because of this, and a useful tracker alerts you when a favorite artist is visiting, and whether ticket prices for an event you have shown interest in has dropped.

seatgeek reviews 2017 is seatgeek legit safe reputable ticket site

What I Don’t Like: Viagogo Review

Although this process used by Seatgeek is getting more popular today, not all people are convinced about its effectiveness according to some SeatGeek reviews. One of the downsides of Seatgeek was that some people got too confused with all the statistics. Not all people are very patient and they just want to purchase tickets as soon as possible before they run out. When the available tickets are found on a different secondary broker, that is where the customer is directed. Seatgeek.com is a reliable company, but some of its processes can be too much to those who are not very well versed with the internet. You can see another SeatGeek Review 2017 to make sure SeatGeek is legit.

seatgeek reviews 2017 is seatgeek safe legit reliable trustworthy

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Banggood Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is Banggood Legit, Reliable or a Safe Site?

Virtual Malls


Overall Thoughts: Viagogo Reviews

The pros do outweigh the cons, especially with the money back guarantees and product warranties, along with the knowledge you can return a product any time. The international shipping and warehouses are also a good side to the company. They may not offer premium quality, but as an alternative, they are worth a look. Don’t forget, buying from China often comes with its difficulties.

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What I Like: Viagogo Review

With low prices on 100,000 and more products, BangGood also offers price matching if you can find anything elsewhere for less money. Based in China, the company also has US and UK warehouses for ultra-fast shipping to customers in these countries. There is also a 3-day Price Protection Guarantee that refunds the difference on any bought product where you find it cheaper elsewhere due to a price drop.

BangGood’s 3-day guarantees, combined with their international shipping—often free—they offer significant advantages over some competitors.

What I Don’t Like: Viagogo Review

If there are any issues with the products, you are liable to pay return shipping (some exceptions made for the 3-day guarantee)—and the only option for returns is China, which can cost a lot. If the item you ordered is unavailable in a US or UK warehouse, delivery can be as long as 25 days—without accounting for processing time.

Some people have had issues contacting Banggood.com when they have a customer service issue.

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EricDress Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is Eric Dress Legit, Safe or a Reliable Site?



Overall Thoughts: Viagogo Reviews

EricDress.com offers numerous dresses for buyers all over the world. People from Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia have been shopping here as they boast over 10 million product listings from their factory. Over 230 countries worldwide are being supplied and international shoppers can buy a selection of products at EricDress.com for low prices. Apart from that, there are also customized items that people can obtain which they would find suitable for their needs.

ericdress reviews 2017 is ericdress legit safe reliable website dress

What I Like: Viagogo Review

One of the benefits of the website mentioned in this EricDress review is the selection of custom items at low prices and quick-and-easy online purchasing process. People can search by categories such as wedding apparel, the old and new special occasion outfits, shoes, accessories and other fashion clothing. Every product on EricDress.com will include specific information, as well as customer feedback that can be helpful.

What I Don’t Like: Viagogo Review

Although there are many shipping methods provided by EricDress.com to its customers, a minor negative aspect is that it has is that it still charges its customers with a fee for deliveries. You can find many retailers out there that sell their goods by providing their clients with free shipping. This is also one of the best ways to satisfy customers and keep them coming back for more. You will just have to keep this advice in mind after reading this EricDress review. People can avoid issues if they read the terms and conditions of the company beforehand. It’s also, worth mentioning that some customers said the shipping had taken longer then expected.

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GearBest Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is GearBest Legit, Safe, & Reliable Site?

Virtual Malls


Overall Thoughts: Viagogo Reviews

A fantastic array of gadgets in an easily navigable website, combined with a great customer experience has made GearBest popular. The shipping times could be problematic. In some cases, you may find expedited shipping, and even then you may get this for free if you order over a certain monetary amount.

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What I Like: Viagogo Review

With a focus on lovers of gadgets, GearBest provides great technology deals with discounts and sales site wide, along with free shipping on some items and a free one-year repair warranty and lifetime technical support.

Combined with a 45-day money back guarantee, gadget lovers are well treated here. In recent years, they have started to grow into other areas, increasing the scope of their business.

gearbest reviews 2017 is gearbest legit safe website reliable trustworthy

What I Don’t Like: Viagogo Review

For the shipping you will be waiting anywhere between 25 to 50 business days for it to arrive—this is not a site for urgent deliveries. This is largely due to the fact that they are based in China. Note that these times would also affect returns for repair. Payment options are limited to PayPal, so you may need to sign up to the service in order to use GearBest.com – and you are limited to one vendor, one payment.

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AliExpress Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is AliExpress Safe, Legit or Reliable Site?

Virtual Malls


Our AliExpress Recommendation

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What I like: AliExpress Review

Definitely the best thing about this company is their Buyer Protection guarantee, which allows shoppers to buy with confidence—and that guarantee covers receiving items as described, on time. If either of these conditions is broken, you are eligible:

  1. Order not received: a full refund
  2. Order not as described: a full refund (or partial if you choose to keep the item

You have up to 15 days after the order is completed to request a refund.

  • 60 Day Guarantee
  • VIP Club Members
  • Free Shipping Over $75
  • Track All Orders
  • Secured Transactions

aliexpress reviews 2017 is aliexpress legit safe reliable good site

What I didn’t Like: AliExpress Review

One negative aspect from the AliExpress reviews is that some suppliers offer free

Not all suppliers offer free shipping, as it is optional (free shopping is paid for by the supplier). You can find out who offers free shipping by entering the product name into the search bar, and then looking to see if the supplier offers free shipping to the country you want the product to be shipped to.

There have also been issues with unscrupulous sellers not shipping items as described, leading to negative reviews for AliExpress.com.

  • Shipping Can Take Awhile
  • Review Sellers Rating/Feedback


aliexpress reviews 2017 is aliexpress safe aliexpress legit reliable

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DHgate Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is DHgate Legit, Safe, Reliable, or Good Website?

Virtual Malls



Overall Thougts: DHgate Review

Founded in 2004 in Beijing, DHGate has grown into one of the biggest Chinese ecommerce sites around, with offering direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. With 30 million offerings from over a million sellers, 5.5 customers globally use this company for all their domestic use products.

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What I Like: DHgate Review

Made in China for home use? Then you’ll probably find it at DHGate. It’s easy to send a message to sellers about an item you’re interested in, and they are often quick to reply—as they are often factory owners or direct sellers. Another good point is the escrow service which protects your money and prevents scams.

dhgate reviews 2017 is dhgate reliable legit site safe trustworthy

What I Don’t Like: DHgate Review

Popular categories—such as fashion or electronics—are flooded with thousands of sellers, making it hard to find the right seller for you. Another issue is that they may all use the exact same stock images, making it impossible to judge the quality of their wares. This, combined with the fact that they may be coming from different manufacturers, makes it hard to judge the quality of an item. Due to this, it is recommended to only buy from high-rated sellers on DHgate.com. Delivery times can be as long as a month, as everything is shipped from China.


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T3Micro.com Reviews 2017: Is T3Micro Hair Products, Good or Reliable?

Clothing/Apparel, Womens


T3Micro.com Reviews Is T3Micro Hair Products Good or Reliable website

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[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS for T3Micro Reviews”]
The site T3Micro.com is a place where people can acquire the best hair styling tools that they can find right now. There are items such as dryers, flat irons, curling irons, beauty showers and many other styling tools for you to choose from. If you are still new to using these kinds of products, you can always take advantage of their step-by-step tutorials online. For people who are more experienced, there is a lookbook provided that will help you gain inspiration for the styles you want. The company offers a 30 day return policy and A rating based on the T3Micro.com reviews from their customers.

  • High Quality Hair Styling Tools
  • Online Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Style Inspirations in Website
  • A Rated in BBB

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS for T3Micro Reviews”]
However, the website T3Micro.com lacks having an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau at this time. This means that people won’t be able to read any of the T3 Micro reviews that have been made by past clients. Aside from that, people that are making returns will not be refunded the initial shipping charges they incurred unless it is an error on the part of the company.

  • Lacks BBB Accreditation
  • Original Shipping Fees Are Non-Refundable




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Piano Wizard Academy Reviews 2017: Is Piano Wizard Academy Legit, Worth It or Work?

Online Services, Web Tools


Piano Wizard Academy Reviews Is Piano Wizard Academy Legit Worth It or Work website

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[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS for Piano Wizard Academy Reviews”]
Did you know you can start learning to play piano easily without having to go through boring drills and lessons first? Take for instance what PianoWizardAcademy.com has to offer. They provide people with a system that will help folks who are interested in learning the piano through their award-winning software. Their learning program is a video game that lets you play, have fun and unknowingly practice and learn how to play the piano. It is no wonder the Piano Wizard Academy reviews on them have been quite positive.

  • Learn to Play Piano Easily
  • Proven Success with Results
  • Save Money over Traditional Lessons
  • No Previous Experience Required
  • 60 Day Full Refund Policy

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS for Piano Wizard Academy Reviews”]
Perhaps one of the drawbacks that need to be put into focus here is that they lack having a Better Business Bureau record despite the numerous advantages they offer. People won’t be able to see any rating or accreditation of the company PianoWizardAcademy.com  through the BBB since they don’t have a record there. Aside from that, you won’t be able to read any of the PianoWizardAcademy.com reviews that should be written by their past clients to help them know their own experience here.

  • No BBB Record




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Southeastern Medical Supply Reviews 2017: Is Southeastern Medical Supply Legit, Reliable or Safe?

Equipment, Health & Wellness


Southeastern Medical Supply Reviews Is Southeastern Medical Supply Legit Reliable or Safe website

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[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS for Southeastern Medical Supply Reviews”]
Here at SEMedicalSupply.com, people can buy the health and wellness products that they are looking for at this time. Available here are items such as AEDs, blood pressure monitors, fetal dopplers, handheld ECGs, medical apparel, hearing aids, mobility products and a lot more for you to choose from. All of their items are priced competitively and people can even buy them at a lower cost if they purchase by bulk. Praised in numerous Southeastern Medical Supply reviews, the company offers free shipping on their orders above $49.99.

  • Quality Health & Wellness Products
  • Items are Competitively Priced
  • Free Shipping on Orders over $49.99
  • 10 Day Return Policy

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS for Southeastern Medical Supply Reviews”]
However, when asking for returns, certain products might include a 20% restocking fee when doing so. This is probably because they would like to keep their items as fresh and high quality as much as possible. That is why you should only buy at SEMedicalSupply.com if you are sure you’d like a specific product to have. They also do not have a record in the BBB for people to read any of the SEMedicalSupply reviews that have been made for them.

  • 20% Restocking Fee May Apply
  • No BBB Record




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