GearBest Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is GearBest Legit, Safe, & Reliable Site?

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Overall Thoughts: Viagogo Reviews

A fantastic array of gadgets in an easily navigable website, combined with a great customer experience has made GearBest popular. The shipping times could be problematic. In some cases, you may find expedited shipping, and even then you may get this for free if you order over a certain monetary amount.

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What I Like: Viagogo Review

With a focus on lovers of gadgets, GearBest provides great technology deals with discounts and sales site wide, along with free shipping on some items and a free one-year repair warranty and lifetime technical support.

Combined with a 45-day money back guarantee, gadget lovers are well treated here. In recent years, they have started to grow into other areas, increasing the scope of their business.

gearbest reviews 2017 is gearbest legit safe website reliable trustworthy

What I Don’t Like: Viagogo Review

For the shipping you will be waiting anywhere between 25 to 50 business days for it to arrive—this is not a site for urgent deliveries. This is largely due to the fact that they are based in China. Note that these times would also affect returns for repair. Payment options are limited to PayPal, so you may need to sign up to the service in order to use – and you are limited to one vendor, one payment.

reviews is 2017 legit safe reliable good trusted website

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I enjoy finding new companies and reviewing their products and services! Shopping online should be simple, safe, and secure with reliable service, and a money back guarantee!
Brian Roth

GearBest Review: Summary

GearBest Review: Summary

Is GearBest Legit & Safe?


    Is GearBest Reliable?


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              • 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee
              • One Year Free Repair Warranty
              • One Year Free Repair Warranty
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              About Brian Roth

              I enjoy finding new companies and reviewing their products and services! Shopping online should be simple, safe, and secure with reliable service, and a money back guarantee!

              181 Responses to "GearBest Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is GearBest Legit, Safe, & Reliable Site?"

              • Alex Z. says:

                My package lost when it came to europe (after some days i saw they recall it for some reason…) At least they give me my money back. Except that, they where amazing (if you buy 1 to 1 or clone you are responsible. they write if it is original or clone)

              • chatchji says:

                I wanted to buy 26650 Li-ion battery. I searched for the best price on many online shops and found it in Gearbest.
                I’ve ordered “4PCS LiitoKala 26650 5000mAh Li-ion Battery” (#WW1610140343578935) on Oct 14, 2016 and received them on Oct 26, 2016.
                Delivery time was just 12 days by Kerry Express. The shipping cost will be less when you buy more and it will be free if you buy more enough.
                Shipping by Priority Line will cost less and faster delivery than Registered Air Mail. I’ve test the battery capacity and it is exactly as description.
                Until now, I’ve finished 8 orders with Gearbest and I feel satisfied with all orders.

              • chatchji says:

                I wanted to buy 26650 Li-ion battery. I searched for the best price on many online shops and found it in Gearbest. I’ve ordered “4PCS LiitoKala 26650 5000mAh Li-ion Battery” (#WW1610140343578935) on Oct 14, 2016 and received them on Oct 26, 2016.
                Delivery time was just 12 days by Kerry Express. The shipping cost will be less when you buy more and it will be free if you buy more enough. Shipping by Priority Line will cost less and faster delivery than Registered Air Mail. I’ve test the battery capacity and it is exactly as description.
                Until now, I’ve finished 8 orders with Gearbest and I feel satisfied with all orders.

              • sun7rider says:

                I order from Gearbest and everthing went very well.
                Fast shipping, well package, good communication, provide tracking!
                The product is great.
                I will buy again from Gearbest!

              • Gogo says:


                Here is the story of how they try to scam me.

                I bought a Cube i7 book tablet with the keyboard and pen on a flash sale 2 months ago.

                But the Cube i7 books they had for the flash sale were never available. So they have a overstock of keyboards and pens but no tablets.

                So suddenly they sent me the keyboard and pen. When i asked about the tablet, they said that they never had the tablets available. They knew that before the flash sale. They just want to get rid of the overstock of keyboards.

                But the best part is yet to come.

                They won’t refund my money back. I still have to pay for the keyboard and the pen.

                Off course i can’t use them. They are only compatible with the tablet that they didn’t deliver.

                So they are charging all the 200 people of the flash sale for the keyboard and pen. But never will deliver a single tablet to anyone.

                My advice for people starting to buy things out of China:

                Use AliExpress or Banggood, but never (really never) buy stuff from Gearbest.

              • zakria says:

                honistly the first time i bought from gearbest and the service was great they shiped my product in one day and took less than a month
                the quality was great too

              • RPedro says:

                As a first buyer from gearbest i was astonished for the constrution quality and premium aspect of the produts that i bought. No more that old idea that a chinese stuff as no quality.

                A must have online store for gadgtes lovers!

              • kaira66 says:

                I’m happy to place orders on that website because everything is cheap and thre were no hidden fees at all, everything is well explained. I love it and I will definetely shop on that site again.

                • Goran says:

                  I bought 2 smart watches from Gearbest,one from China warehouse another from Europe warehouse. Second one came very fast. After eight months I had a problem with my product and their costumer service was very kind and they offered me 3 choices which I think was decent. They have more and more goods on Europe warehouse what I welcome and will buy more stuff.

                  • vernon says:

                    Hi Goran so will u say the Europe warehouse is better then China and how long did u wait I live in South Africa don’t understand these delivery terms lol.

              • CaptDonna says:

                I’ve shopped for various items at GearBest. The CSR’s go above and beyond to keep a client happy. I save money (yes I may choose free shipping/may have a little longer wait time – holidays etc) but that’s known when making a purchase. The web site is quite upfront about projected deliver time frames (Also weather related delays are completely understood for this FL Resident)

                Warranty and Return Policies are all outlined for information prior to purchase. As are pre-order Live Chat questions.

                Made many orders since finding them and very glad I did !

                Sept 16 2016 Order Number : W1609160526388197 received and works perfectly as I needed a reliable HR Monitor after a recent Hospitalization. Several orders since !

              • Bruno Sasaki says:

                On June 17 i had a purchased a oximeter, but it was over 140 days and the purchase was not delivered and it was not even more localizable. On September 29 I contacted the support team and they answered promptly. My order, sending me a new product and which arrived at my address correctly. I am grateful to the GearBest team for their concern for customers.

              • Antonio Jrcp says:

                Ótima compra, satisfeito. Produto em boas condições e preço baixo. Voltarei a comprar.

              • dan says:

                I’ve been buying there for over a year now. I can say in this Year sience i know of Gearbest, they improve there online shop more and more.
                Finally The customer Service is great now. If you got question or have problems, you get a answer in 24 hours.
                So I buy there alot of products. As Example: Ecigs, Batteries, Action figures, Toys for my Son, Nail Gel, Earphones, bags and a lot more. And yes all my orders arrives me in a good shape. The prices are low and the products are very good.

              • rita batista says:

                I want to share with you my real experience and my objetive is can help to decide if buy or not in gearbest.
                I already made several orders and I never had any problem, I even had to contact the support to ask questions and they were always helpful.
                I love the price and this store.

              • Alessandro Toni says:

                I ordered a lot of items on gearbest site and everytime I was satisfied about them, prices are really low, delivery is fast, customer care is really fast and accurate.
                I’ll continue to buy on gearbest site.

              • and says:

                – my first order was a robotic vacuum cleaner (152 USD)
                – 6.11.2016 ordered, 8.11.2016 sent, 17.11.2016 arrived 🙂
                – very good quality
                – my second order was a car dashboard clip (6 USD)
                – very good quality
                – my third order was …
                >>> I like gearbest.

              • Miguel P. says:

                Gearbest is simply the most trustworthy, cheap, and fast delivery website there is right now, and I will definately keep spending money there!

              • mike says:

                I’ve done a lot of shopping at GearBest,and everthing it’s good.they have good price,fast shipping and excellent product. I recommend it to everybody.

              • Nandeco says:

                Brougth a Xiaomi Robot Vaccum Cleaner on GearBest with order W1612281842470026 and iam very please with thd item and GearBest customer service.
                Shipping time could improve but this time of season is normal since it was Christmas.

              • Vito D'Acunto says:

                I made two orders on Gearbest, one with two xiaomi mi band 2 (order W1611281208057359) and one with a lot of accessories for the two mi bands (order no. W1611281218291239).
                The first order had a faster shipping method and it arrived in 10 working days, the other one arrived in one month.
                I usually make a lot of orders on Chinese e-commerce, but no one until now was so fast.
                I had problems with the tracking of the second order, but the customer support resolved it fast.
                Nothing to say also on the quality of the purchased products. They are beautiful and very cheap.
                Gearbest is definitely becoming one of my best websites.

              • LUCAS DA SILVA TEIXEIRA says:

                made my first purchase from china through the Gearbest store. And I really liked it, it arrived perfect. And it will be my fourth purchase through the store.
                Super recommend, Cheap products and according to the description.

              • clifford yeomans says:

                I found that Gearbest is one of the cheapest and one of the best companies i have dealt with, it stocks an enormous range of products. Gearbest does exactly what it says without any hidden agenda a company that is a pleasure to deal with.

              • Mike P. says:

                I’ve purchased from China for many years from different sellers and the results have been mostly good. It’s important to understand the logistics and specifics of purchasing from China and negotiating with sellers.
                Gearbest has been decent to me so far. I do believe they improved customer service wise over time since the beginning. I’ve placed 6 orders and had a positive experience to date. All the items have arrived within 3 weeks (registered mail) or so to Canada and 1 order arrived in about a week (express). I’ve opened a few tickets, all were responded to within 24 hours. I have not had to open a warranty claim as of yet. The only expensive order I placed was for a Cube i9 tablet and keyboard. It’s been about 6 months of steady use and haven’t had any technical issues. Last order (W1611131314122959) was for 2 watches which were surprisingly solid. Roughly mid to expensive range, price-wise on the site. First experience with Chinese watches and I’m happy with the look and feel so far. Best of luck with your shopping folks.

              • uros vukovic says:

                I started with AliExpress few years ago, but now I’m committed to GearBeast since the delivery time it much shorter, problem resolution is quicker and and web site UX is better and more intuitive.

              • Andreas says:

                I bought at the store a lot of time e-cigarettes and accessories. W1612111302446804 and W1612100950524546 was the last received order. I order on Dez 12 and received on Dez 23. I was very pleased with the quality of goods and the quick delivery. The coustomer support ist one of the best. So i advise to use Gearbest for shopping.

              • Va IM says:

                I have ordered a drone on 20th Dec ( Order number W1612200212465077). The item is very good quality and it came with a nice package. The shipping is via Australia Line Registered. It very fast, it’s take only one week from my order date.


              • jessicafaria says:

                Comprei um Redmi 3S e veio perfeitamente. Demorou 2 meses para chegar pois é época de natal/ano novo. Recomendo comprarem nessa loja. Atendimento ótimo e atendentes super atenciosos.

                • jessicafaria says:

                  Order Number: W1609201722574519 – 27/09/2016

              • Fernando says:

                Efetuei uma compra no site da gearbest e fui bem atendido. O produto chegou embalado corretamente e funcionando em perfeitas condições. O suporte da gearbest também é excelente.

                Ordem nº: W1610261936177849
                Chegou em 44 dias.

              • alex130890 says:

                I ordered on Gearbest in the end of November (order W1611251724415257) and got my package mid-December, which is totally acceptable since I chose free shipping. I first heard of Gearbest on a French website regarding best deals to get cheap goods. Now after having bought there, I can only recommend this website to other people. I bought a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 at a cheaper price than any other website. It received what I ordered, a perfect product with a good quality, nothing could have been better. My package was sent on the day of my order, which is quite impressive I have to admit. I received my order in about 15 days, which is acceptable with no shipping fees! I contacted customer service and they answered me in less than an hour, I couldn’t believe it! Finally, Paypal payment is available : I couldn’t have a better experience on Gearbest and recommend this website to everybody : fast, cheap, reliable, perfect!

              • eva caria says:

                I’m very glad to to explain my great experience on GearBest Website. It’s the best online shopping for any kindy deals. I buyed a lot of items from this website and the shipping is always very fast.
                My latest order (W1611251605408697) includes a smartphone: the meizu m3s, express italy shipping(7-15 days) is very fast and I’ve not paid nothing(i received my order in 12 days).
                You can pay with Paypal,you can be really safe!!
                Also they have always resolved any issues I’ve had with my orders in a very fast time!
                Finally, i think it’s the best website 😉
                My Review is the result of my personal experience made to help other people 🙂

              • Roman says:

                After few orders from Gearbest, I am very satisfied with this kind of shopping experience. You can chose from wordlwide shopping warehouses and save to pay additional taxes. The shipping is fast, the tracking service is good, they use Paypal, so your money is safe. I could only recommend to try it.

              • kyler says:

                This is my honest review and want to share with others. GEARBEST right now is by far the best website i have ordered from. (by the way i live in ireland) anyways i have ordered from aliepress before fasttech neather off them compare to GEARBEST even on price stuff is cheaper … shipping is so fast recently i ordered an rx200s order number (W1611211406282900 ) and it came with in 10 days 6 months ago i ordered one from aliexpress and it took 5 weeks!!!!! that is long time also I received my order and everything is correct unlike other perfectly with the description and images on the website . I am very happy with my orders so far and continue to order all the time customer service is top notch to cannot fault one bit !!

              • Adilov13 says:

                i will describe my positive experience with gearbest .
                i buy a tv box (order number: W1611091338104736)
                with a competitive price, best price founded in gearbest, the shopping became easy and secure with gearbest.
                the product is diversified and good quality
                one of the best method of shipping founded in gearbest : ARAMEX i reiceve my order in one week with a good price its miracle.
                im very satisfied with gearbest i still shopping and shopping i recommend a lot.

              • Enrique Aragon says:

                Hasta la fecha he realizado varias compras en esta tienda y estoy contento con la calidad de sus productos y con la rapidez de entrega. Muchos de sus productos tienen precios bastante interesantes y contenidos

              • Milos007 says:

                This is my honest review and want to share with others. I am very satisfied with my purchase and the services provided by the company! My number was W1611081419253654 everything was perfect, from the time of delivery and products quality! Fun and great experience buying from Gearbest!

              • JOAKIN04 says:

                La experiencia de compra en GEARBEST es 100% satisfactoria, los productos son de muy buena calidad, tienen los mejores precios y los tiempos de entrega son bastante cortos. Los pedidos van muy bien empaquetados para que no sufran ningún daño. Sin duda GEARBEST es la mejor tienda de tecnología.

                order: W1612030043200249

              • vgoesdias says:

                My shopping experience at Gearbest was the best it could be. I bought good products at fair prices (ON: W1609300235097769, on Sep 30, 2016), I was very well served by the customer service in an objective and very efficient way. The products have been posted according to the time stipulated in the purchase.
                So I recommend the Gearbest for everyone who wants to have a great shopping experience.

              • wocsok17 says:

                I think this ist one of the best webshop!
                I recommend it to everyone.
                I Buyed Original XiaoMi Mi Pad 64GB ROM W1610131114084016
                This Is my best tablet ever.

              • Kalibos says:

                Very nice service, fast delivery.
                The only minor problem I had was very fast solved.
                Quality products and very good prices
                Recommend it to everyone.

              • krznar.renata says:

                I bought Homtom HT17 Pro (order number W1610050614475299). Shipping was fast. i really like product. Phone is phenomenal and I do not have any problems with phone. Customer service is really good. Price is very good. I recommend using Gearbest because you got what you order and products are very good for a small price, shipping is fast and customer service is helpful.

              • yannick says:

                my order number WP1611031920032651 was received very fast. 14 days to receive it in canada . pretty good for basic shipping . they have for me excellent costumer service and have wonderfull flash sale price.

              • deby says:


              • Adrian Ruiz says:

                I received my order W1611280756598386 and everything is correct. The order came with all the products I bought and fit perfectly with the description and images of the web. I am very happy with my order and with Gearbest. Shipping has been very fast. The products are very cheap I will buy soon.

              • Yassine Hassouni says:

                The Best Websites Ever
                “I have bought many items , smartphones , camera , ….. All good

              • Dan says:

                I bought a Xiaomi Mi Band 2.
                I couldnt be happier, price was awesome.
                I paid for the fastest shipping and it arrived in time.
                I would recommend Gearbest 10/10

              • LeandroP says:

                I have made a order W1610141753234539 in octuber 15, it arrives in november 28. Less than 30 business days, for me its the best time for a international purchase, and the gearbest always support me, and the product price is very low for the quality of the product.
                I really think that gearbest its one of the best online shops for international buys. The best international purchase i have ever made.

              • alexyo82 says:

                Mini M8S II 4K Smart TV Box Amlogic S905X Quad Core Processor – 2GB+8GB EU PLUG – perfetto
                “dopo giorni di prova possi dire che il mini m8s ii è un ottimo prodotto.Ha molte applicazioni interne, kopi funziona perfettamente.Streaming con Kodi perfetto, provati altre app android tutte perfettamente funzionanti.Tv Box interessante con ottime caratteristiche.riproduzione video eccellente nella qualità e nella fluidità. ”
                ordine #WW1611070831537640 on November 07 2016

              • Alexis says:

                After a first bad dissapointment try with the website (I bough a sport camera that never arrive and the website took MONTHS to give my money back besides they did it on rates not the whole amount at once) so several months later due friends I was convince to give a second try so again I choose my ítem and pay with my debit card the “Grand total” Price I had to pay including shipping and everything was suposse to be 106$ so I agree, the next day I check on my bank account and the website took more money (116$ to be precise) I run to their costumer “service” and open a ticket for the issue, they respond within 24 hours yes but only once per day no matter what, so the person told me they cannot take more money that the amount given (which I dont belive after this) and I should talk to the bank, so I decide to cancel my purchase and swear that I wont buy here anything EVER, they say OK we will make a total refund. a few days later I check my bank account and indeed they refund me but the amount given on the “grand total” the 106$ not the 116$ they took without my permission which was the only reason for me to cancel the order (I honestly dont mind the 10$ difference but the unclear issues the lie and their customer service, I hope they enjoy my non agreed 10$ “gift”)

                People my advice to avoid you a headache, having to change your card for security and more problems think about it REALLY GOOD if you dare to buy in GEARBEST cause the “TOTAL” amounts may not match with what they charge you besides many other issues in the process.

                PS: the positive comments here about that website if you use your common sense you will see those are generated by a system those are not real persons.

                Update from 7th of December 2016: The last email I´ve got from their customer service said that they WONT refund me the extra money. so yeah basically I lost money and they wont me to be happy about it. so guys one more time STAY AWAY from this website avoid lose money and avoid a big headache.

              • Gprazeres says:

       the best online shoop to buy electrónic produts. I buy lots of electrónic produts with a very good quality-price and a very competitive prices. Fast and quality dispatched items, some times in recordo time of dekiver

                • Gonçalo Cruz says:

         the best online shoop to buy electrónic produts. I buy lots of electrónic produts with a very good quality-price and a very competitive prices. Fast and quality dispatched items, some times in record time of delivery

              • Patrick says:

                Gearbest is providing high quality electronics and gaming gadgets. I bought mechanical keyboard and I love it. Quality is perfect… its solid. I dont even thinking thats chinese product.
                I will buy now headphones and im excepting the same great service quality.

              • C E Forristall says:

                I didn’t realize shipment was coming from China – took a long time but shipping was cheap. I ordered 3 of one item but only received 2. The package size would not hold 3. When I reported the error, I needed to confirm whether or not the package was tampered with (it was not). A respond took another 2 days. They requested a photo of package from all angles & the noted shipping weight. 2 more days passed & their reply “For this problem , we need to confirm with the product department. ” That was Nov 9; no word until I wrote again Nov 17 when they offered a refund for the missing item. Am glad I paid with PayPal. I won’t use them again. Products may cost more on other sites but appreciate speed & accuracy.

                • Gearbest Customer Service says:

                  Dear Forristall,
                  Thank you for taking the time to write a review.
                  Please kindly note that we are located in China and ship the product around the world. We at Gearbest offer many different shipping methods with varying shipping times and prices. We will always do our best to meet the customers shipping needs. For more details on our shipping methods and whether free shipping is available, please see here:
                  If you have any further inquiry, please contact us on our support center.
                  Many thanks.
                  Gearbest Customer Service Center

              • Joe Kaspar says:

                Based on 2 orders, one a $0.10 offer I ordered to test their service and never received the item and a 2nd order (Order No.:WW1610071113271608) for ~$40 ordered on 10/7/2016 and not received to date, I would have to give gearbest a crap rating.

                • Gearbest Customer Service says:

                  Dear Joe,
                  We apologize that you are experiencing issues with your order.
                  For all expedited and registered shipping methods, we offer our customers a tracking number. You can use this to track the status and whereabouts of your items online. Please note that it may take some time to update the shipping status online between major delivery hubs.
                  We have sent you a tracking number to your account. Please login to check your ticket and find the tracking number.
                  You may then check the status of your item on this site:
                  We have offered you a solution to your issue via our Support Center. Please check this and reply back to us.
                  Gearbest Customer Service Center

              • Javier Moreno Lopez says:

                Good website, with very competitive prices and good discount coupons besides having many offers in the usual way.
                I have purchased numerous products, all of them with standard shipping and their corresponding tracking number.
                It also has different forms of payment, usually choosing paypal or card.
                All products have arrived earlier than expected and all of them correctly and in perfect condition, without any errors.
                I am a regular purchaser of Gearbest and I am delighted.

              • Peter says:

                I ordered from this site Sept. 9th and it arrived 10 days later. I was very surprised, because from other sites the delivery time usually takes 4-5 weeks. Before the order i looked around where is the cheaper the wristband, but GearBest was absolutely the number one! The item arrived in safe package, and in original conditions!

              • elihay batito says:

                Deliveries on this site usually for free, arrive in 14-21 days, it is considered fairly quickly, usually the package comes with a tracking number, package arrives safely packed, cheap price compared to market prices.

              • George T. says:

                My experience was and order of 2 ip cameras i found on a deal a month ago. I received my order very soon to my country, the packaging was great and everything was as described. This store seems to be legit and reliable to me as i had no problem at all. Finally i think in general their prices are almost the same with other competitors, but when it comes to deals you can find differences up to 30%.

              • Serdar says:

                I see mixed reviews of gearbest, guess some people have bad experience, till now all i ordered was good experience. i made about 40 orders in 2 months, mostly small orders between $1 and $5. about 5 orders that were in range of $20, $30 and $50. no experience with orders above $50.

                of all these orders 1 got stuck at the Dutch customs, which was an order of 19 euros, took some time to get that delivered, but in my opinion this was the Dutch customs who postponed this delivery.

                a couple of things I would like to share with people:
                – get an Paypal account, and link you creditcard to paypal! you get this extra layer of guarantee to escalate orders if they go wrong.
                – Look before you order! I see people complaining about orders not shipping, check what the website says, if it says ships next day, 90% of my orders did ship next day (they put a picture of your package in your order so you can see on the website)
                – Make reviews (video) of the products you get, takes 20 seconds to take a short video, put on youtube and then put the link in your review. you get around $1 per review which you can save and spend on new orders, this really adds up if you order alot of small things like me, and than use the store credit on bigger orders!

              • KIM says:

                I have no real issue with Gearbest. It takes time for delivery but what can I say, it requires patience to get the stock from the other side of the world.

              • Von says:

                I’ve had bad experiences with on-line shopping but I have to say I got what I wanted at a very good price from Gearbest.
                Delivery takes a while (2 weeks to Australia) but only because I wanted free shipping. If I need something quicker then I pay shipping no different to any other on-line store.
                All in all I got good service and purchased more items a second time and plan on buying more in the future. The prices are just too good to pass up.

              • Andy says:

                Gearbest has everything! I have ordered multiple orders from the website and they all turn up promptly and in good flavour. Its a great site, and the service staff are willing to help and are honest. Its a great site and I will continue to purchase from them!

              • Harifi Nabil says:

                They have good service. Have many shipping methods, have good technical service and very important Guarantee.

              • mr87 says:

                A few months ago I ordered from Gearbest. The shipment was 5 days later, but it takes only 19 days to deliver to Poland using Netherlands Post. Router works perfect so far.

              • Isaí Pedroza says:

                I have had many troubles trying to find a chinese website to get my gadgets. I tried buying things from Aliexpress, Alibaba, Linio, etc. And my surprise was that The sellers were not professional and the website payment methods were problematic at activating a pay account (they don’t accept PayPal but AliPay). There also were products that didn’t arrive. Everything changed with Gearbest, now this is my primary option to buy gadgets and amazing high-quality stuff. I think that the editor’s review is a little bit away from the reality.

              • David says:

                Worst experience ever. First time they did not have the item I paid for. Second time the item was DOA. I followed their instructions to return it, and they kept asking for the same information and saying that I should have sent the item to China even though they initially gave me address in California. I finally got money back through Paypal, but still lost shipping charges. I will never buy anything from them, ever.

              • Kasune says:

                I must say I am positively surprised by this site. At the beginning I thought that the things offered here are only cheap copies, but I was taught a better one.
                My first order was an e-cigarette, this has a scratch code to determine if the item is original or not, and as the device is original. Then I ordered yet another part, together with winding wires and also these are well packed and the Gemini is here again original.
                For the most products come directly from China, I must say the shipping costs are very low. I chose the priority line for my orders and they were delivered very quickly. At my first order I waited 6 days, the second order was with me within 14 days.
                This site I have already recommended to a friend, this is also enthusiastic and ordered as well as I regularly.

                Furthermore, there are always so-called flash sales. Here you can really great bargains make. Although the prices are already very low, the prices of the Flash Sales are once again lowered.

              • Anonymous says:

                I ordered a 3D printer from, and have been waiting for over six weeks for delivery. If it doesn’t arrive within the next week and half, I will be taking the necessary steps to have my money refunded.

              • Paweł G says:

                My experiences with gearbest are good. Fast shippment, good quality, discounts for members (always I use some coins for discount prices).
                Only one time i had problem with badworking repeater, but it wasn’t problem i got refund in three days with some extra coins 😉

              • Rolf says:

                I am ordering in China since a five years, and I had tried at a lot of sites. Gearbest is my first choice since a couple of months. Normally the price of most goods is a little bit below other sellers.

                Half a year ago I had ordered a micro HD camera for 15 Dollars. I had not expected much, but it did not work correctly. I opened a ticket and surprisingly got an answer a day later. I sent a video of the camera, and two days later I had got my money back.

                A year ago I ordered a mobile for a friend. I had not seen that it was not on stock at this time. After two or three weeks I opened a ticket. GB sent me the mobile per EMS a few days later and did not bill the costs for the faster shipping.

                Generally I order all at Gearbest if the goods are available there. But I would order more if Gearbest would offer it.

                Shipping is not too fast 😉 But I think this is caused by the carrier service and the Austrian Customs. Gearbest ships very fast, mostly on the same or the next day.

              • Cleber says:

                I bought a headset there. The product came well packed and running smoothly. I had a problem with the delivery, that support helped me to solve, very recommend gearbest, the attendants are great. I bought in January and arrived after three months in Brazil without taxes.

              • Cleber Santana says:

                I bought a headset there. The product came well packed and running smoothly. I had a problem with the delivery, that support helped me to solve, very recommend gearbest, the attendants are great. I bought in January and arrived after three months in Brazil without taxes.

              • judy kuehnel says:

                OMG…. I ordered a gift for my grandson nearly 3 weeks ago and it is still not here !!

              • Leandro Dalfior says:

                My product arrived fast and in perfect condition, trusted store. I will return to make new purchases as soon as possible

              • Alex says:

                Been using gearbest for over a year without any problems, customer support is great and usually responds within 24 hours.
                So far, every order arrived usually within 2 weeks

              • Brian T says:

                My first time ordering from Gearbest, I bought some headphones on a flash sale because it was the cheapest price that I could find on any online merchant. Free shipping was offered, but I decided to pay a very small added cost for tracking. Although it took a while for the headphones to arrive, it came within the estimated time frame and in perfect condition. No issues so far, and I have not had to contact support.

              • Anton says:

                I have bought Xiaomi smart bulb from Gearbest and I’m pretty happy with it. I got it about 3 weeks in good condition and the price was good. This is my 4th order with them and I have no issues so far. Will buy again from them.

              • Luca Ferraris says:

                At this time, it’s more than 2 years since the first order on GearBest. The latest order ( W1610190359330011) has been done on yesterday. It’s a very good site, with a lot of cheap items, generally crafted in China. Quality is , for most articles, acceptable. Some items by excellent brands ( Xiaomi, Umi, Orvibo, Broadlink, Livolo) are made very well and quality is at the top (i bought the Xiaomi home automation system for less than 30€ and i’m not disappointed at all, excellent piece of tech). Shipping is fast, but not SO fast. It depends on which warehouse your ordered item is. From China to Europe you have to wait at least two weeks before having your items delivered. Sometime the wait is longer (if you live in Italy, expect your items to be delivered also in 1-2 months!). But If you choose products from EU warehouse the delivery is more fast and the wait shorter (i had some orders delivered in one week or a bit more). It’s very important, in my opinion and for my experience, spending a bit more for having a tracking number. With track number you can check in every moment where you package is. Some orders went lost (from China) because i had no tracking number. However, shipping is not an issue of Gearbest. Check your shipping with the tracking code and look. Most of the orders departed from China arrives worldwide in less than a week. But when your items are at customs..well..cross your fingers and wait!

              • KataFira says:

                Bought a K88H Smart Bluetooth Watch Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch. It works great, it’s cheap, and it’s exactly as described on the page.

              • David Wiloch says:

                i recently purchased a watch from Gearbest. The one that was sent was defective. Customer support is non existent. I have submitted 3 tickets with all three being ignored. They keep asking me to send pictures. Send pictures of what? The watch does not work. Mind you this is a $10 watch and they won’t take it back. I am glad I didn’t buy a more expensive product to learn a lesson on where not to buy online. Stay away from these con artists. They will take your money and send you cheap, useless crap.

              • Katus says:

                I ordered cell phone Oukitel K6000 Pro. Cell phone came to me from EU Warehouse in 12 days. My cell phone came to me little damaged on metal frame from transport. I contacted Gearbest. Gerabest was refunded me part of money on my account. I am satisfied with Gearbest because comunication was perfect regarding my problem with transport.
                I recommend to visit store, looks like good, they have there good prices and perfect support and comunication any question.
                My order number: W1609170906501812
                date Sep 17, 2016 22:06:50 PM

              • abdelilah says:

       is one of the best website i am buying products from. The quality of their products are premium and i have bought 25 products so far and i did not have any problems receiving them to my address. The shipping policy is great. The maximum shipping days is 21days and the products get sent to you with a tracking number which allows you to track your product anywhere. and the customer service is the best.RECENTLY I ORDRED Cheerson CX – 10W Quadcopter AND TOCHIC XiaoMi Redmi 3 Tempered Glass Film with unregistred mail and i recive it in 21 days really i wass shocked

                • Anonymous says:

                  from which warehouse

              • theblackruby4848 says:

                ive ordered 3 product W1608220654239982 from gearbest , T-shirt ,selfie stick ,and a joystick, the price is really low and discount they made is the best if we compare it with other websites, im really satisfied with all product i’ve recieved from them and i’m gonna buy more in the future

              • feedfeed says:

                No problems at all!

                order number W1609151519378070
                arrived in 10 days from china to Portugal, only Chinese manual inside the package, but customer service provided a pdf with English version. Product working great so far, it’s robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE V7S.
                Flagged by the anti fraud process and had to verify my identity because the name of the pay-pal account was different from the shipment address.
                Very happy with all the process, waiting on the my next order that should arrive this week.
                Will recommend this site to friends and family.

              • Emre C. says:

                I think that Gearbest is one of the pioneer e-shopping centers around the world. They ship fast, their products are in good quality and it is so affordable. The customer service is so kind and gives the real assistance. Thank you Gearbest.

              • Khairi says:

                This site has very good deals and various items to shop from. Very fast and efficient tracking too. All items received on time. I am very happy using this shop.

              • Rasta says:

                Very impressed by Gearbest service and products, made two different orders, arrived on time.

              • Andrew says:

                Comparing different Chinese shopping sites and I would say GB might be one of the better ones according to my experience.

              • Tom says:

                I ordered a chinease tablet.Despite paying for delivery via DHL they kept sending me emails about having to pay customs duty if i had delivery through dhl.if i have to pay the duty I have to pay it.The mode of delivery is irrelavent.They tried ways to delay shipment.

                I belive they did not have the item in stock.

                Please avoid buying from this site.

              • Stefan says:

                Ordered a pair of Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones Mi IV from GearBest, I’m very happy with them. I received them in less than 2 weeks,which is pretty impressive for something shipped from China.

              • merv phillips says:

                I was looking for a great pair of wireless headphones that had excellent sound, was foldable and could be used “standalone” with an sd card.
                I researched and ordered Bluedio R + Legend Version Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Headset Surround Sound Stereo NFC Earphone.
                These headphones are magnificent!

              • A.N. says:

                Buying from Gearbest for some years. I especially like their customer service. The last order I placed was good and everything is as described. There was a minor problem during shipping but GB took care of it efficiently.

              • eliranzl says:

                recently i bough the ilife x5 vacuum cleaner.
                i price was extremely low!
                shipping was very fast!
                the item itself is great.
                gearbest’s online support made my life easy and answered all my questions very kindly.
                definitely will buy at again!

              • darioz84 says:

                It’s a few months that i started buy products on GEARBEST. The produtcs are very cheap and amazing. They dispatch in Italy is very fast they say about 25-30 days to arrive but the items always arrive in 14-15 days. When i had some problems they are very fast to resolve and answer my questions. For now i’m very satisfied to buy from Gearbest.

              • MikeMac says:

                I am internet shopper for years (mainly ebay, ali). I had made two orders W1608161619461156
                and W1608241713563692 during Aug 2016. Total value USD213, 8 different items in total, include robot vacuum cleaner. First order was delivered in less then 3 weeks, it is quite good for Russia.

                Second, in according with tracking nr, was very fast delivered to Moscow, than no info for about 3 weeks. After this I had received the parcel OK. But during this period I had opened a ticket on gearbest support. They had agreed to refund or resend in case if I will not receive goods in 60 days. Looks fair, after all. But I have received goods before this, so do not have real refund experience. All 8 items ordered by me were received undamaged and were in according with specifications, so I am quite happy. Price is good, I’ve made price compassion for robot vacuum cleaner with e-bay and ali sellers – gearbest had offered better price for abt 10% at time of buying.

                Funny thing, there was action with coupon for this item. But I (as patented perisher 🙂 had checked both price+delivery with and without the coupon. Without the coupon price was lower for dollar or two 🙂 But not a problem after all.

                So I am going to buy more at gearbest soon.

              • J Pastor says:

                I ordered a tablet from them, which was shown with a cover/stand on both their site and every other one carrying that tablet. It arrived without the cover/stand, and I told them that it was not what I’d ordered and asked to return it. They OKd the return, but told me that they would not pay return shipping, referring to their warranty — which doesn’t address shipping the wrong item.

                I kept pushing, and they started offering me partial refunds — bribes, in effect — to get me to keep the tablet. When the amount got to almost three times the return shipping cost, I realized that they were not going to back down, and finally decided to just take it and use it to guy a cover/stand.

                When I discovered that no such item could be bought, I complained to them again; they pointed, once again, to their irrelevant warranty policy. I pointed out, again, that their “45 Day Money-Back Guarantee” wasn’t really a money-back guarantee if I had to 20% of the item cost to return it. They basically said, TS.

                AND — they wanted me to ship it back to China! I pointed out that I knew they had a CA warehouse, and they grudgingly agreed to let me return it there.

                Fine. It wasn’t worth fighting any more … until the tablet refused to boot a couple of weeks later. Once again we got into a battle over the return shipping, and once again it became clear that they’d rather spend a few hours fighting with me than refund the $10.77 that I eventually spent to get the stupid thing out of my house.

                I’ve now decided that it was foolish to accept the bribe in the first place, and that I should do now what I should have done back then: warned everyone else that these people are shady and dishonest. I’m also filing a complaint with the BBB, and with PayPal.

                Items that are cheap are cheap for a reason. You may luck out and not have problems — but if you do, your luck will have run out. A company that would rather pay $28 to get you to keep an item rather than $10.77 to cover the return is not going to be reasonable.

              • NAC says:

                Purchased a total of 4 products from gearbest. Satisfied with each purchase.

                The customer support has a practical approach(helpful) on resolving issues. Free shipping takes a long time to arrive(15-20) days. Other than that the site is awesome and filled with some cool gadgets and stuffs with very competitive prices.

              • Jacob Bondt says:

                GearBest has been a great company ,this is my fifth purchase my Mi Band 2 was slow in coming but it arrived in good shape and it’s working great .I enjoy shopping at gear best the prices are so much better and lower than any else and shipping is always free ,I recommend them highly to any one!

              • Jose Andres Reyes says:

                I’m happy with my items bought in Gearbest , Good Support service, I’ve been bying 3 times, and shipping is really quickly. all items work well

              • Sam Boyce says:

                I’ve plaved several orders with Gearbest, and so far have not been disappointed. Order #WW1608232127529778 was an e-cig atomizer. It shipped when they said it would ship and arrived four days before tracking said it would arrive. Another order, #W1607180029292411, was lost in transit. It made it as far as San Francisco and never left. Although the waiting period was longer than I would have liked, once the time had elapsed, Gearbest had a refund on my account within 24 hours. I have two more orders placed, both of which shipped within 24 hours of placing the order. So far, I’m happy with my dealings with Gearbest.

              • Rodolfo Miranda says:

                The product and the price are amazing.
                The shipment is very fast.
                The people is nice and the client support is good.
                I really happy with GearBest and in the future i will buy other products

              • Maichol Burzi says:

                Ottimo servizio , puntuale e veloce nella spedizione , ho ordinatp un oggetti molto costoso e mi sono state date molte protezioni per esso.

              • Anuar Rivera says:

                Im really pleased, specially (and the more atractive for me) is the shipping, because in my case, I dedicate to buy and sell products and I need that this products will arrive as soon as possible, and the shipping by DHL is too convenient for me, because in expedited shipping, while buy more items , shipping is cheaper, and the items arrive save and quickly. In my last order ( W1608172331575401, they sent me 6 items, everything items that i had order works fine and they are exactly to the description. Then, in my opinion, Gearbest offers a oportunity of make my own business without leaving home.
                Yo soy de Mexico y en verdad gearbest me ha ayudado mucho a crear un mini-negocio desde mi hogar, la calidad de lo que venden es muuy buena para el precio en que lo ofrecen, no me ha decepcionado ningun articulo de los que he pedido, y el envio por DHL (Expedited shipping) para mi es muy conveniente porque entre mas articulos compro, es mas reducido el precio del envio.

              • Stanca P. says:

                I would like to share my shopping experiences with the world wide customers. The first item I got from GearBest was my phone, a Lenovo K3 Note, which was a present from a friend. When I found out about GearBest I was a bit affraid of buying valuable products from such a long distance, but as my package arrived undamaged and faster than I was expecting, I began to trust them. I’ve decided to try it myself , made an account and orderded a power bank for my phone. I can say I am very content with it. Besides the fact that it is very efficient, it has also an elegant design, so I feel like wearing an accessory when I use it. I am looking forward to buying new items.

                • Daniel Rosenthal says:

                  Hi, your comment is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve seen plenty of good reviews and plenty of bad ones too. Incidentally, I’m looking to buy a similar phone to yours – Lenovo K5 Note. I was wondering if it came in official, original Lenovo packaging and how long it took to arrive, as well as which country it was shipped to. Thanks in advance.


              • Kevin says:

                Long story short. I ordered a powerbank from them and i got an email confirming my order saying it will be delivered in 15-25 working days. So i waited and waited til it was the 25th working day. I called them they told me to wait for some more time since this is an international package. Ketp checking their website about thd status of my package using yhe tracking number they provided everything was so vague. Saying it was shipped out not even saying which shipping company ot was on the areived at destination country without saying which country. All so very vague descriptions. Not even a message or a note that my package is almost at my home so that i can make sure i am homr when it arrives. I called my local post office to see if i they have my package nothing they said that the courier should provide a not saying that the local post office has it but there was nothing. Bassically i was left in the dark wondering where my order has gobe.. So i waited 5 more working days. Still nothing came. Then now they are saying that it’s my fault because i was not available. I told them it’s not my fault since there was no notification whatsoever adressed to me. I asked for a full refund. They’re saying because the package is going to get destroyed by customs they will only shpuld 50%. This is bull shit. Now im shouldering half because of the courier’s or their company’s incompetence. This is outrageous. I dont even know if the package was really my powerbank it might be just some 1 euro trash or paperweight and they intentionally dont want to notify me so that the customs will destroy it and the customer pays half. They still profit. And from i have heard and read all over the net and from different websites that they block all negative reviews on their website and make fake positive reviews on websites like these.

              • Ghoman says:

                I’ve discovered Gearbest a few month ago. Before that I only buy from Ebay. I find Gearbest a much more reliable shop with a good customer service. I’ve bought only genuine product so I had no problems with fakes. When I got damaged item from them (once, maybe because of posting service) they offered me a full refund. The delivery times depends mostly on postal services, but in the last weeks it seems improoved as well.
                So overall from my personal experiences I recommend Gearbest!

              • KP says:

                Gearbest is good online shop, good prices, good gadgets and fast shipment!

                • GiuseppePaterno says:

                  I’m very glad to to explain my great experience on GearBest Website. It’s the best online shopping for any kindy deals. I brought a lot of items from this website and the shipping is always very fast.
                  I would talk to you about my last order. I brought Mi Band 2 from Gearbest on 2th September, and it magically arrived to my home on 21th September. 19 days of shipping from China to Italy. It’s really amazing. I will buy a lot of deals from this website and I reccomand it to you. Gearbest make the different. The best! 100% SAFE!

              • Mike P. says:

                I tried Gearbest buying my new action camera for the summer. I was very satisfied from my first experience and then i bought 5 more times. Many details and reviews for the order, and great communication. Maybe its not the cheaper, but all the safety, and reliability you feel , makes it your first choice.

              • William Baker says:

                After reviewing your case, please review our possible solutions:
                1)Return the item back to us
                You can return the item back to us in China as per our terms and conditions indicated in the link above.
                Once we receive the item , we can exchange or offer a product refund( 63.99USD) back to your GB wallet. As long as the item does not exceed the 45 day money back guarantee limit.

                2)Keep the item and accept a partial refund on Wallet (credit)
                We can offer a partial refund of your product value which is 30USD on your wallet. This amount can be used for your future orders.

                3)Keep the item and accept a partial refund to your original payment method for the repair costs

                We can offer a partial refund of your product value which is 25USD to your original payment method.

                4)Resend a replacement (No return)
                We can resend you a replacement but we kindly ask you cover partial cost of item and the shipping fee which is 40USD. We will then arrange a shipment and send you an invoice if you choose this option.

              • Shorty1612 says:

                I have already ordered a lot at Gearbest and i have to say that it is my favourite Chinese 🙂 online store. Most of the products were shipped next day and they are very cheap.

                Once i had a problem with an e-cigarette… but the support is really quick and sends me a refund! Great service! You can also pay via PayPal so you have a buyer protection!
                Thanks Gearbest

              • Anonymous says:

                I bought a bicycle computer on
                It is like the computer for a bicycle.
                Easy setup, accurate readings, ease of installation. Installation took less than 15 minutes. The instructions written in detail how to connect and how to adjust to the desired diameter of the wheel.
                Daughter just delighted

              • Thomas Z. says:

                Gearbest is my favorite China online shop. Never had problems with the products or the support.

              • Shawn says:

                I am in the middle of a ridiculous dispute with Gearbest. Depending on the outcome, I will either modify this review or post all the evidence on my blog.

                Here is a rough timeline/summary:
                July 10 – Ordered $280 in parts
                July ~20 – Shipped (finally) – In two shipments (from sent from Toronto), the other from The Netherlands.
                Aug 15 – Noticed that the Canadian shipment was returned to sender. Can Post said it was an incomplete address. Looked at the photo of the package (Gearbest send you a photo of the package/shipping label after its shipped)… noticed it was indeed an incomplete address!
                Aug 15 – Reported it to Gearbest Customer Service. With all the necessary information.
                Aug 16 – CS asked for order # (already in my original ticket!). Replied with order # AGAIN.
                Aug 17 – CS asked for tracking # (already in my original ticket!). Replied with tracking # AGAIN.
                Aug 18 – CS ignored that I said that the shipment was incorrectly labelled and just repeated my address on file, asking what was wrong with it. I repeated AGAIN what happened and why it was returned AND included a photo of the label that Gearbest sent me! Repeated the problem TWICE again!
                Aug 19 – CS now tells me that they will re-ship but I need to pay a $10 fee with this inexplicable quote, “If you can’t get the package, it will be ruined by customs. Once again we apologize for any inconvenience caused.” I asked why I had to pay $10 for their mistake and why customs would ever be involved? The package is in Toronto and I am in Vancouver!

                That is where I am with them right now! Absolutely frustrating! This isn’t the first time I had a perplexing conversation with their inept CS department.

              • Peter Hannen says:

                Seeing all the negative comments, heres mine to share.
                The order and delivery of my new XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 Pro worked like a charm, GearBest ships to Germany for free and it only took like 10 day though I mixed up my ZIP Code. Every contact with the support after I gave the wrong address was vry polite and reassuring, they kept their word.

                Just as a proof my order number was W1607170626050425 and I payed just like 143 Eu for the phone – everything worked fine, will do business with gearbest again.

              • Wandee says:

                They souns cheap but that may be related to sending not complete items, selling and cashing on not available items and promising a lot but never follow up and solve the problems THEY cause

              • Alex says:

                Excellent shop . I order the products frequently. Available immediately send a package and do a photo before sending . I order here because the lowest price and excellent service .

              • JAY says:

                Hello I have ordered many stuff from And everytime it’s a very low price with great quality and off their is anything wrong with the product they will solve fast. The foster service is really good it solved every question I ever had on a product also when buying a product from the US warehouse shipping will be extremely quick overall I really love and trust their website and recommend it to everyone.

              • Francisco Mendoza says:

                I ordered a camera on Gearbest and I received this on perfect state and now I am very happy with this. The camera was ekken h9 ultra hd 4k action camera

              • Orlando Lara says:

                La verdad es que me encanta GEARBEST <3 es la mejor pagina que haya conocido, dado mis últimos pedidos, me he dado cuenta que trabajan muy bien y de forma correcta, a la vez trabajan de una manera confiable y rapida. Tambien estan conectado a tu disposicion a las 24 horas, asi que eso lo hace mucho mejor, precios de calidad y buenos productos es lo que lo combierten en la mejor pagina de compras .

              • JOAKIN says:

                Soy usuario de GEARBEST desde hace un año y comprado varios productos como smartphones, tablets, audífonos, etc. Mi experiencia comprando ha sido muy buena, la calidad de los productos ofrecidos es de calidad y a precios muy competitivos. En cuanto a los tiempos de envio son muy rapidos, por envio express tus paquetes llegan en 5 días aproximadamente. Si llegas a pedir el envio gratuito en mi país Mexico demora en llegar poco mas de 2 meses por lo que te recomiendo hacerlo por la via express. En una ocasión uno de mis paquetes se extravio pero el soporte a clientes de GEARBEST me soluciono el problema y me envio otro paquete sin ningún costo,
                Espero te sirvan mis comentarios para tus futuras compras.

              • Nikolaj Gonko says:

                I use this store service is already half a year, but it never ceases to amaze me. how much I was looking on the Internet, they have the lowest price, and even Points system, by which the price is even lower. to the same product quality is not affected. packages come very quickly, about 2 weeks, and it pleases me.
                mainly sell original products, he checked on authenticity, for example one of the last purchases were memory card MIXZA 32GB USB Disk, order number W1606131304090304, it exceeds the stated parameters seller speed, and is authentic
                I had to deal with customer support, respond and find a way out of the situation quickly and efficiently.
                I made my choice, and I recommend to all my friends and acquaintances.

              • juan ardila says:

                Hace mas de 2 meses compre este producto, era par aun regalo, corria riesgo de regalar algo malo o que no fuera realemente funcional, pero contrario a eso, cuando llego lo use para probarlo y queria qudarmelo por la calidad y funcionalidad, tiene todo lo que dice, es complet, es comodo, es de muy buena calidad, ademas de eso venden distintas cosas para ese mismo producto.

                el que quiera tener uno de estos, le recomiedo, es muy bueno y facil de usar.

              • juan ardila says:

                Realice una primera compra esperando que no fuera tan bueno, la entrega tomo 15 días habiles, y siempre fueron cumplidos y pendientes de mi compra, tengo 3 pedidos mas y todos ya estan en camino, llevo casi 10 compras en 4 meses y todas han sido buenas y de calidad, tienen una larga lista de productos innovadores y con buenos precios, indudablemente es una pagina de compras web que recomiendo.

              • KolSer says:

                My first order in this store was the sim adapter (W1607060533545364. Jul 06, 2016.). Goods was sent the next day. Delivered in Ukraine for 21 days.
                Adapters are very good quality. As a phone collector, this product allows me to convert my nano sim to any other size. I always bring this with me when i go on my international travels. It even has a backing which helps protect the gold pins when removing the sim.
                I recommend this store.

              • Sergey says:

                Ordered the Wotofo Serpent Mini Atomizer order number W1607121336376274. Order was sent the next day. Package came in 9 days in Russia.All in original packaging. Very pleased with the store. I will have to order more.

              • igor says:

                at this store, I made a lot of orders and I can say with confidence that he is very good. my last order W1606281009062436 (phone) Kochenov arrived quickly and on time! I advise you to always use the tracking of parcels, because without it, the waiting time is much longer. the rest of the store is very good

              • Ramona says:

                I have bought 5 times from them and I was very satisfied with the products I received, shipping was fast, products well packed. Everything OK, like in description. Once I had a small problem with an item and they resolved the problem very fast, and I was satisfied with the solution.
                I will say this site is safe an reliable, but you have to choose you’re items well, find some reviews, and be sure to get something that was already tested and reviewed, and they have lots of reviews on the site.

              • wingmangt says:

                I’m pretty happy with their service for the only item I’ve ordered from them so far, a Xiomi Power Bank 10 000 mah (WW1607110715045825), I’ve placed the order on 14th of july and was expecting a month or delivery (usually that’s how long it takes for items from China to arrive). Two weeks later the package was already in my hands. Pretty well packaged and exactly what I’ve ordered

              • Aldo says:

                I have purchased several items from GearBeast and so far have found them to be good. My items arrived within 2 – 3 weeks which is about the average time to Australia.
                Prices are reasonable.
                The communication has been good, my emails generally get a reply within 24 hrs.
                So far I have not had any problems with GearBest and am happy to continue shopping there.

              • Marcos says:

                About gearbest.. until now .. onlye have good things to say about them. Good service .. i’ve donne the order at 23/05 and received the next week. ( portugal )
                I have ordered an avocado.. vaping product.
                And i have another order on the way to my home.
                I think ppl shouldnt write bad things .. at the first time .. you have to give the doubt about the service.
                in my opinion it’s the best online shopping store

              • Itamar Zanger says:

                Great Website and great Prices!
                I ordered 2 items (W1604130936032513
                WWP1606091804521148) that already arrived very fast (with Tracking number)
                And also 2 items (W1607051125515536 W1607210845008319) are on the way right now.
                They send items very fast and the prices are the lowest on web.

              • Alexandr Varlyga says:

                I did order a memory card online Gearbest MIXZA TOHAOLL Ocean Series 16GB order number from W1606061104491579 on June 7, 2016. Goods arrive within 30 days. All in line with the description and the product was of high quality. I chose gaerbest as there best price, I would recommend to buy on Gearbest.

              • Eesti Vaper says:

                Nothing bad to say, ordered twice and everything is allright! Perfect support on worries. Order numbers:
                WP1606150333055331 (2x Original SMY 75W Mini TC Box Mod)
                (MXQ Pro+ TV Box 64Bit Android 5.1)

              • Anonymous says:

                Gearbest is a horrible business built around the model of buying defective/recalled product batches and knowing most customers will give up trying for replacement and accept the lesser value in store credit which will, ~1/3 of the time, lead to the exact same situation since ~1/3 of their products are known to be defective.

              • Filip says:

                My first order at Gearbest (W1603311759545401) was:
                -Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphone
                -Xiaomi Mi Band 1S
                -Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker
                -Xiaomi Little Bee Silicone Phone Stand Holder
                All items I received was good and as described.

              • Gychanov Oleg says:

                I ordered a plate and cover to him, brought quickly, works well, the goods correspond to the description

              • Ciro De Martino says:

                Ordinato un atomizzatore wotofo serpent mini “Order No.:W1606150921010791” il 16 giugno approfittando degli sconti proposti dal sito, il prodotto e ottimo ed e arrivato nei tempi previsti. Acquisterò altri prodotti da loro e consiglio il sito per la vastità dei prodotti e per l’ottima assistenza.

              • salah farag says:

                i had purchased order #W1606190303257875 it came so fast after 7 days only and typical as shown in pictures and in a great condition with a great price it has a lot of goods all with nice prices it’s the best shopping experience i ever had i recommend it

              • Francisca says:

                Gearbest is the online store where I trust more! all my purchases have come without any problem, has an excellent customer support, will answer in less than 24 hours, they have good prices and the delivery is very fast (8-10), excellent Gadgest and good quality, I am satisfied with the products received, I recommend buying gearbest that have good customer support and you will resolve any questions you have, help you in sending shipping method and the express, as in most of the time passing through customs and you combran inpuestos, my packages arrive by DHL and no and paid inpuestos, and made purchases up more than $ 80 dollars and I would brainer inpuestos combrar. but the company asked him to please put in the bill and I spent less than $ 50 and it made them very kindly.

              • TC says:

                I ordered online and long time time later when i finally received it and open the box at home, to my surprise the item was not what i had ordered.
                When i contacted customer service i received and apology email (clearly copied and pasted) asking for time to “find a solution”. i took more than a week for them to find out what to do about a wrong sent item. They also asked for pictures/video to explain the issue.

                they suggested to give me virtual (Monopoly money to use on a next purchase) but not a full refund. Or they wanted me to pay for shipment and send the item back (no refund).

                long story short, it’s been more than two months since i received the wrong item. I have tons of the same email messages apologizing and asking for time to find a solution. They have sent another item – yes, another wrong one to fix the first mistake!!

                now i have no money back, two wrong items and a customer service who does not but say “i’m sorry you are having issues” please explain what is wrong.”


                ***Warning*** they also delete the bad reviews and keep only the good ones.

              • Daniel says:

                poor quality products Very bad customer service

              • Konpana says:

                I have chosen Gearbest because it is the official retailer of teclast products. I have chosen teclast x98 plus because it has good quality, strong built, long battery, good screen, but…
                …but it was defective. The screen had some colored lines blinking on the left side. And then the odyssey had begun. Ridiculous advises that I should find someone to fix it locally. Ridiculous prepositions that I should be reimbursed in gearbest wallet coins. And lies, lies and more lies. Unbelievable politeness and unbelievable lies. After some days we’ve reached an agreement and I sent it back to get a new one. I am still waiting. What have I learned from my odyssey? I’ve learned that if you chose to buy a Chinese product you gamble. You have good chances to get a good product and everything alright. But if you are unlucky enough to have a problem then most probably you lose your time and money trying to have the obvious, a new product instead of the defective one. Thanks again Gearbest… thanks for nothing!!!

              • Manuel Gomez Martin says:

                This is a dodgy company operating from China to avoid all legislations in Europe. All buyers beware they are not doing legal business and I will personally claim amount and business situation clarified with my bank. Please be aware this is not a joke. They are dangerous and should be stopped by authorities.

              • Maria says:

                I have been using sites online to buy lots of things in the past few years and I never had a single problem. Until now.
                I tried to buy a cell phone using and paid by wire transfer. Asked for instructions and they were given. I even paid in $US even though my bank charged me with extra fees. Since I have to get the phone as soon as possible, I also paid more to have the item shipped and received as soon as possible.

                Nevertheless, they took 13 DAYS to confirm my payment with their bank and told me I would have to pay extra $20 to have the cell phone. I have been talking to their service by mail every single day. I’m tired of this. I asked how long would it take me to finally get the phone and they didn’t answer. Instead, when I asked for a refund, they told me they would charge me $20. This constant need for extra $20, along with the unacceptable delay in confirming my payment (always asking for 2 more days, for 13 days long) makes me seriously doubt of this site’s honesty and safety. Now, I don’t have neither my money, nor the phone I bought, and even though I am waiting for an item for 17 days now (that was supposed to arrive 5 days after my purchase) and losing job opportunities because my phone isn’t operational yet, I am told I still owe them money! Outrageous! Please, don’t buy with them, for your own safety!

              • Alex says:

                update 22/06/2016: The customer service agree to return my money after more than 2 months and they give it to me in 2 rates … so in the I let them use my money for 2 months to get it back in rates, if you want to have a BAD time and never get your items delivered go to gearbest.

              • Anonymous says:

                They emailed me asking for information to confirm that I hadn’t taken somebody’s credit card information or something. I told them to cancel the order and didn’t give them information. So after that, THEY WENT AHEAD AND CHARGED MY CARD ANYWAYS! If they really didn’t know if it was me why did they still charge the card???? Hopefully, my bank’s fraud department will get rid of these charges. These people have you respond on their websites with links they provide. Then those links expire so you don’t have any evidence to show!

                STAY AWAY STAY AWAY STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!


                Don’t say, hey there’s a bunch of good reviews here, it’s probably just a few random people who had bad experiences. DON’T THINK THAT! JUST STAY AWAY AND DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION!

              • Morgan says:

                Evasive , unhelpful,useless customer service ignoring issues .
                Headbangingly,stressful clowns.

                Even paying for expedited shipping total waste.

                God help you if you have to return for repair or refund.

                DO NOT BUY FROM HERE

              • Stephanie S Streiner says:

                NOOOO TOTAL RIP OFF!!! I ordered a bluetooth headset over 60 days ago. I still have not gotten it. And i literally had to threaten theaten them with a lawsuit and tell them i would keeplocating others that they did this to so they could take action as well. Just to get my money back.

              • John Solie says:

                Shipped my order to New York and I live in California

                At least I think it was my order. It could have been a box of cash for all I know.

                They asked to see a scan of my ID and credit card before shipping so I know they have the correct delivery address (I was having the product sent to my home). Yes, this did seem very sketchy. I was really looking forward to receiving the product so I was regularly checking the delivery tracking. My order bounced all over the country (California to Nevada to California again to New York to California for the third and finally back to New York for the second and final time). The tracking shows that it was “Delivered” in Inwood, NY. Um, I live in California, guys. Not New York.

                They graciously offered 10% back as a store credit.

                I countered by disputing with my credit card company. If you’ve ordered from them and got your product, count yourself lucky. Personally, I would avoid them like a leper in ancient times.

              • Hans CHYS says:

                I have ordered 3 smartphones and accessories till now, and in 2 out of 3 cases, it went wrong. The customer service just offered a ‘virtual’ refund via their ‘wallet’, instead of a solution (resend new or proper device) or a proper refund via e.g. Paypal, so you really get your money back.
                One of the items I bought showed ‘in stock’ at moment of ordering, so I paid, but afterwards was ‘out of stock’ and I didn’t get my real money back.
                Another ‘new phone’ I ordered had already a personal account installed, so was clearly a used device. Though the reaction speed of their customers service was ok, it’s Not a solution oriented servicing…

              • lerxstrulz says:

                I have purchased from there twice and BOTH times bogus charges showed up on my credit card for different companies in different companies! Obviously they have huge security issues. I DID get the items both times, but had to get a new card after each purchase lol…I will NOT be using them again for this reason. TOO BAD because prices are excellent…just not worth the security risk!!!!

              • Barry Zvibleman says:

                I just purchased a VOYO Tablet. Several of the symbol keys were reversed and the # sign was the British L or pound like our dollar. I contacted them and they offered to replace it if i shipped it back and I would have to pay for the shipping both ways. I paid $229 for it originally and it would cost $180 to return it. I contacted VOYO and they returned my email the first time asking hoe they could help. I sent them the information and I have not herd from them since. Do not use Gearbest The Warranty is bad

              • Anonymous says:

                I purchased from them for the first time this year and I won’t be doing it again. I purchased a tablet from the website which said it will come with Windows 10 preloaded but when it arrived, it wasn’t activated and when I asked for an activation code, they told me I had to pay for Microsoft Windows. I sent them screenshots and videos showing the problem and they still claim that it was activated. They don’t seem to understand that customer don’t waste time putting in non-existent complaints! They keep saying that if I can return it if I changed my mind and they will offer a full refund but won’t cover the return shipping. Which is very poor given it was only being returned because it’s faulty.

              • Christos says:

                I bought 10+ times from GearBest and I have mostly been satisfied. Also, I wrote several product reviews (and got bonus points for them) and posted several suggestions for making their site better (mostly with wrong product descriptions). My experience is this:

                – when things go well, all is good and GB is great and looks like a reliable shop.
                – lately I have two cases of (negative) reviews not being published at all! Their after-sale is a disaster. The support people don’t seem to understand the questions! They just paste some ultra-polite nonsense that can be related to the point, beside the point or totally irrelevant. Yeah, I know that’s typical of chinese shops, but I thought GB could do better. Unfortunately it doesn’t.
                – I decided to waste some of my time and delve into what they call support. It’s as close to a sting operation as one can possibly get – and get away with. Supporters force-close discussions without resolution and suggest that you submit a complaint ticket, when there’s no such possibility in their system! I tried to bring to their attention that USB 3.0 cannot do 10 Gbps as the item claims, and the supporter wasn’t even able to resolve such an obvious mistake!

                Conclusion: despite how GB looks when you’re lucky not to have problems, don’t get excited thinking that you discovered the only chinese shop that knows how to treat customers in the western way — it’s not the case. Prices are great, but after-sale is, simply put, not there. Recommended as therapy supplement only.

              • Anonymous says:

                I have bought so many times by GEARBEST and I must say it is a great service. This time I conprato Ulefone Paris 4G Smartphone Order No.:WB1601031530119076 Jan 04, 2016 5:30:11 AM. As always excellent products fast and on time. Gearbest is a website professional and honest people, I will continue to purchase from this site.
                I recommend everyone to buy from this site
                thanks Carlo

              • Anonymous says:

                Someone purchased 3 times with my credit card on Gearbest. They have been the worst customer service to deal with and finally no resolution after 3 weeks of daily emails. They would not return my voicemails after telling me to call their 24/7 customer support not answer their instant messenger system. I never bought from them and never will.

              • ahmadi ahmadi says:

                Dear Gearbest,

                Since I do not have any positive response from Gearbest Customer Support, than I can write down as below :

                I have sent my refund request over my Paypal Account for my order W1602090232550236, since a week ago, and no response yet. to Gearbest : please response us immediately,
                Rachel Long Gearbest Customer at Paypal account reply and offer me to have refund and also said Gearbest do not have stock at all, but since I escalate my complaint to paypal, I do not have any response from gearbest officer at all.

                And Also my order WW1602090238126916 and W1602090208319104 should arrive last week, but until now I have not received yet.

                Note All above (3 my order) is order date since Feb 09, 2016 (it has 3 months)

                Looking forward your fast response and real solutions.

              • Anonymous says:

                In addition to being a scam operation, I’m fairly certain that Gearbest is a shill for Chinese Intelligence and/or an identity theft ring.

                They require “verification” of your identity … After They Have Your Money … by requiring a scanned copy of your DL or Passport … Etc., Etc., … AND they really want your signature on something.

                Here is their standard communication:

                Thank you very much for recent order on gearbest!
                We have sent you a new message entitled ‘Please confirm your gearbest order W1604011735541*** for payment verification’ in your gearbest account.

                Please view and reply us here on this link :

                Once we have received your reply, we will typically respond you within 24 hours (except weekends and public holidays).

                THE LINK SAYS:

                We will process your order as soon as we receive the payer’s ID confirmation.

                Please provide us the following documents:

                1) 1 color photo of your identity card or passport or driving license.

                The photo must show clearly, the full name, expiry date, signature and address if applicable.

                You can hide the date of birth and document number for your privacy.

                2) A color scanned copy or picture of your recent utility bill(the address should match your billing or shipping address)

                3) If you paid this transaction by credit card via paypal, please write down the credit card number for the first 4 and last 4 digital numbers, (for example 6011*****5871 ).
                ( To prevent fraud, US processors don’t send your credit card or financial info to China … Just the money … SO these characters are attempting to build a file on you and get as much credit card and personal data as possible. )
                As far as I am concerned, PAYPAL and AMAZON are Complicit in the scam.

                MY RESPONSE TO GEARBEST:

                YOU are not supposed to see our credit card details … That is why you don’t have them … Paypal is responsible for payment verification, which is done as a matter of course within the credit card system in the US.

                YOU (a retailer in some podunk village on the Yang Tse River) have no way of knowing if My picture… or credit card … or Passport … or or signature … or ID cards are legitimate or not.

                YOU already have the money ( $400+ ) a valid Paypal-Credit Card Order and you don’t require anything else.

                Ship my order or issue an immediate refund or I will issue a charge-back.

                You have 24 hours to ship via DHL …

                I’ve received No reply of course.

                NOTE: Nearly every single positive review of this company is Fradulent … actually placed by an one outfit in Shanghai and another in Shenzhen, mainland China … Quite sophisticated.

                Also, is actually owned and operated by GearBest.

                • Kim says:

                  Same exact thing happened to me… Credit card was charged, then they wanted photo copies of my card and license… I told them if they needed that, they could issue me a refund… They stated they would issue a refund… Now we wait.

              • mc says:

                I bought an android tv video streaming unit that was advertised as with 2GB ROM and 16GB RAM flash memory. The item cam fast enough BUT it was not according to specs as the system info reads 0.97GB and 11.7GB. Worst, when I install my own apps (only 5 apps) the unit gave out-of-memory-space error and I could not even uninstall any of the bloatware pre-installed in the unit to release memory space. I launched a ticket request on the site about this product and they denied my claim stating that the unit has pre-installed apps and that was why it appeared as 0.97GB. This was not acceptable for me as 0.97GB in system info was listed as TOTAL memory instead of 2GB. And it appeared that all the apps were somehow installed into this space instead of the storage space. There was nothing in the system setup to alter anything. A factory reset did nothing either.
                Long story short, I disputed the product purchase on Paypal, and they promptly removed all my records about this claim from their own website and blocked me from submitting or following-up on the case on their website (which they claimed that they would accept further proof of pictures or videos on their own complain web page). They have also removed my review of another android device (which I have given a five star review). It is clear that this online dealer is highly dubious and only wants your money. Pay with your credit card with this dubious online merchant so that you can seek a proper and prompt refund with your credit card company if you ever want to deal with them. For me, I have learned from my experience thus far the moment this merchant disabled and erase records of my dispute claim and review from their own web site! It just showed how serious this online merchant is interested in selling quality product rather than gouging your hard earned money! BTW, the warning in Trust Pilot that there has been rampant abuse by this company faking good reviews says it all. This online merchant cannot be trusted!!!

              • Johnrthrfrd says:

                Avoid this company like the plague they sell faulty goods and when you want your money back they just keep fobbing you off bought a amkov 5000s camera arrived faulty requested money back to date have had over 18 emails offering different settlements when you agree to a one they send another email saying you cannot have it I cannot state enough to stay away from this diabolical lot you will be very sorry if you do deal with them if any body wants to see some of the rubbish they have sent me I will be only to pleased to send it to you once again there the worst AVOID THEM YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

              • Anonymous says:

                I ordered three items from Gear Best. Since I had never ordered from them before, they were inexpensive gadgets. One was sent by air from China and arrived about a week after I ordered it. The other,, although made in China, was shipped from Germany and took about three weeks. I received an E-Mail notifying me that the third item could be not be delivered due to a problem with the supplier. It appears to me that Gear Best imports nothing directly into the U.S. Everything seems to be drop shipped from overseas, so it may take awhile to receive anything that you order from them. So far, I am not unhappy with them.

              • gear says:

                Yep – crooks sent me a completely messed up tablet and offered me a part refund or a reduced replacement WTF!!!

              • Anonymous says:

                Please, please, please, do your self a favour and NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS! I have been waiting weeks for a refund on my order. The after sales support is THE worst I have ever come across. BUYER BEWARE.

              • Michael says:

                W1602090718551197 Horrible webshop, unbelievable after sales….Dont buy here!!
                I want to warn people for this company, this is what you are afraid for when you buy online. I bought 4 pieces of clothing, L size. i must say the delivery time was ok, allot faster then they said on the site. The quality of the clothes was a bit cheap but ok, what can you expect for 10/15 usd a piece….When i tried to fit the clothes 3 out of 4 pieces seemed really small, like M or even S size, were they did have the L size necklabel. They just didnt have the proper L size proportions. I opened a service ticket at the site stating my issue, to prove my point i added some pictures on wich i measured the clothing and showed the L size necklabel…I also took a picture of the one product with the proper L size proportions to show the difference in comparance to the other 3 products. You would think that when a company makes a mistake they fully compensate you for the problem, i didnt even ask for a refund. I just want to recieve to proper size clothes so i can actually wear the goods i payed for…BUT, their offer was to add 5usd to my wallet and thats it……So you buy 50+ usd clothing that clearly contains products that do not meet the requirement, and then they dare to offer you a 10% compensation? I mean what kinda scam is this? Horrible company!

              • Greg says:

                I saw had an android TV box advertised on facebook this morning for $11.
                I clicked the ad, and spent a long time looking for the item at that price. I never found it, or any other android box for $11. I tried several times to contact live chat, but always got a message saying they were too busy to serve me. When I finally did get someone through chat. it was hours later, They said they couldn’t find the box in the ad either, and I should buy something else, but “something else” would be $33 to $100. Then she told me I should open a trouble ticket.
                False and misleading advertising!!!

              • Sajive says:

                I placed an order W1512211316356723 for a smart watch on 22 Dec 2015 and paid US $ 52.99.I have been following up since mid January for delivery.

                Customer Service kept kept telling me to wait and finally they admitted yesterday that the shipment is lost. You chose the shipper and now you are willing to refund only US $ 30 for the item. If I need the item I have to remit another US $ 26.

                Is it fair?????I want full refund back to my credit card and not as store credit.

                • Thomas says:

                  why dont you just contact paypal they have a full money back guarantee in case something like this happend

              • MIke says:

                Do NOT buy anything from this ‘company’ they are utterly horrible. Just take a look on rcgroups forum in the vendor section to find insane amounts of complaints. They are a China scammers.

                • Anonymous says:

                  damn and i just wanted a couple of cool shirts too.

              • Randy says:

                These Guys are crooks and should be ban from importing into the US. I ordered a drone and they sent a cheaper model. Customer service will not make it right. Do not buy from Gearbest unless you want to be cheated. You do not get what you is advertise or what they describe in there literature. I buy on line all the time and never been cheated like this company. I should never bought direct from china. There needs to be a Government filters for imports from china Junk.

                • Anonymous says:

                  I ordered a hoover board on febuary 17 2016 they said they sent it out on march 7 th and when i checked for the item they said customs denied it to come in the country so i asked them to refund me my money and they haven’t responded back to me what can i do to get my money back i even put insurance on it to make sure it wasnt lost 300.00 dollars gone because i trusted. This company im mad and my grandson is disappointed

              • Anonymous says:

                Gearbest got my mailing address wrong. They told me to check with my post office. The population in my zip code is 61,349. Do you think the post office is going to find my package? I stopped my credit card payment instead

              • Seamus Brady says:

                Gearbest is my new online shop. The products are amazing and cheap. I used to use ebay alot, but for now this is my favorite shop.

                • sun7rider says:

                  I order from Gearbest and everthing went very well.
                  Fast shipping, well package, good communication, provide tracking!
                  The product is great.
                  I will buy again from Gearbest!

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