uBid Reviews 2017: Is uBid Legit, Real & Safe?

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ubid reviews is ubid a legit site safe site good site real reliable


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uBid.com is the home of a relatively new online bidding platform.  There are items available in almost all categories.  uBid offers items at a discount of what you would pay in the store.  They have a convenient watch list feature which allows you to watch items that you want to follow without bidding on them.  Creating an account on uBid as a registered buyer is free, and helps them verify that you are in fact a real person.  You can view all the items you are currently bidding on from your dashboard.  uBid is a great option to get discounted items, especially for discounted electronics.  Returns are based on the seller that you buy from, and what they offer.

  • Bid on Variety of Items at Discount Prices
  • Watch List Feature to Track Items That you Have Interest in
  • Creating Registered Buyer Account is Free
  • View Current Items You are Bidding On
  • Great Option for Getting Discounted Electronics

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There were some drawbacks to the uBid platform.  They are not an accredited business with the better business bureau and they have several complaints on the BBB website against them.  You have to be a registered business to sell on uBid.  In other words, if you are trying to sell something from your personal collection, you wouldn’t be able to on uBid.  That would be better done on a platform like Ebay.  There is also a 15% restocking fee for any item that you return that is not covered by a seller warranty.  Some items on uBid are nonrefundable or final sale, so make sure you know this information before you buy.

  • 15% Restocking Fees for Returned Item Not Covered by Warranty
  • You must be Registered Business to Sell on uBid
  • Not Accredited with the BBB



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Escort Radar Reviews 2017: Is Escort Radar Legit, Good or Safe?

Escort Radar Reviews Is Escort Radar Legit Good or Safe website

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The A+ rating from the Escort Radar reviews under the Better Business Bureau is because the company has been accredited and proven to be reliable since the year 2000 by the same agency. Many of their clients have claimed that their plug & play radar detectors are quite phenomenal and make use of advanced technology. You can also expect to find flexible payment plans in their website that will be able to fit any budget today.

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • A+ Rated Business under the BBB
  • BBB Accredited Since 2000
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • 35 Years of Designing and Engineering

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A drawback that needs to be mentioned in the EscortRadars.com reviews is that EscortRadar.com can have issues with their refunds at this time. Many of their clients have complained about receiving refunds for quite some time after they have requested it. There has even been a review that it took them several weeks for them to receive it, which has obviously frustrated the customer afterwards.

  • Refunds Can Take a While




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Intelius.com Reviews 2017: Is Intelius Legit, Safe to Use and Worth it?

Intelius.com Reviews 2016 Is Intelius Legit Safe to Use Worth it website

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Intelius.com has a clear and simple interface with a link bar at the top allowing easy access to each service they provide. The services are easy to navigate and simple to use. Each search function offers multiple options as well. An example mentioned in this Intelius review is, when using the standard “People Search” function, one can review personal addresses, contact information such as email and phone numbers, and property records. Each page on Intelius.com has sub-pages also linked at the top for whatever specific service you need to use. Reverse email and phone number searches are provided as well. When investigating personal records, multiple search options are available, such as court records (both criminal and civil), employment history, and so forth. Everything on Intelius.com is laid out cleanly and easy to find with a variety of different search tools at your disposal.

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The myriad of options available on Intelius.com may be an annoyance for some users, however. Some may prefer less specific searches if they wish to perform general research on someone, or may not know which search option is the best. For example, Intelius.com offers both reverse phone lookup and cell phone directory searches, which doesn’t help if you don’t know if a phone number is for a cell phone or a land-line. Intelius.com also charges for all of their services, and this is not made clear until you try to perform a search. Only then do they ask you to pay, similar to what happened in another Intelius review. This seems slightly dishonest, and although many websites do this, it is preferable to let users know the prices of your services up-front.



intelius.com reviews 2017 is intelius legit safe to use worth it


reviews is 2017 legit safe reliable good trusted website

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Bonanza Reviews 2017 (Jan.)

Buying & Selling, E-commerce Solutions/Providers


Is Bonanza Legit,
Reliable or a Safe Website Today?

What I Like:
Bonanza Review

You will find just about everything under the sun at Bonanza, which is similar to eBay and Craigslist. With minimal fees for sellers, good customer support and a simple web store set up process, signing up for a free trial here is simple.

Bonanza also only takes a small fee on each sale—and only at the point of sale, not when posting. Buyers can make bids here, and the seller responds accordingly. It seems that buyers have unlimited bids, so there is a chance for negotiation.

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What I Didn’t Like:
Bonanza Review

A quick look at customer reviews and testimonials reveals that not all sellers here are legit at Bonanza.com. Whether items were never received or not as described, research is recommended before buying—a little digging can help to avoid a great deal of trouble later on. Most experienced buyers know to look for verified sellers and avoid those with lots of bad reviews.

Overall Thoughts:
Bonanza Review

Overall, Bonanza.com has a great concept and design, especially for the seller. The buyer can still benefit as there are thousands of items to choose from.

Make sure you do your research and only buy from sellers that you trust and that are reputable. Although a refund can be issued, it can be quite a lengthy process as you must go through PayPal and file a claim.

Besides that, Bonanza can be a good place to pick up your favorite item at a bargain price.

They do have links under their Help tab at the top of their website, which I found quite useful when trying to grasp the ins and outs of how they operate.

They are currently accredited with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, but there are over 181 complaints against Bonanza on BBB.org.

bonanza reviews 2017 is bonanza legit real a safe site trustworthy

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