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Is Bonanza Legit,
Reliable or a Safe Website Today?

What I Like:
Bonanza Review

You will find just about everything under the sun at Bonanza, which is similar to eBay and Craigslist. With minimal fees for sellers, good customer support and a simple web store set up process, signing up for a free trial here is simple.

Bonanza also only takes a small fee on each sale—and only at the point of sale, not when posting. Buyers can make bids here, and the seller responds accordingly. It seems that buyers have unlimited bids, so there is a chance for negotiation.

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What I Didn’t Like:
Bonanza Review

A quick look at customer reviews and testimonials reveals that not all sellers here are legit at Whether items were never received or not as described, research is recommended before buying—a little digging can help to avoid a great deal of trouble later on. Most experienced buyers know to look for verified sellers and avoid those with lots of bad reviews.

Overall Thoughts:
Bonanza Review

Overall, has a great concept and design, especially for the seller. The buyer can still benefit as there are thousands of items to choose from.

Make sure you do your research and only buy from sellers that you trust and that are reputable. Although a refund can be issued, it can be quite a lengthy process as you must go through PayPal and file a claim.

Besides that, Bonanza can be a good place to pick up your favorite item at a bargain price.

They do have links under their Help tab at the top of their website, which I found quite useful when trying to grasp the ins and outs of how they operate.

They are currently accredited with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, but there are over 181 complaints against Bonanza on

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I enjoy finding new companies and reviewing their products and services! Shopping online should be simple, safe, and secure with reliable service, and a money back guarantee!
Brian Roth

Bonanza Review: Summary

Bonanza Review: Summary

Is Bonanza Legit & Safe?


    Is Bonanza Reliable?


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              • A+ BBB Rating
              • Easy Web Store Setup
              • Safe & Secure Checkout
              • 2014 Best Overall Online Marketplace


              • Must Research Seller for Reliability
              • Lengthy Refund Process

              About Brian Roth

              I enjoy finding new companies and reviewing their products and services! Shopping online should be simple, safe, and secure with reliable service, and a money back guarantee!

              19 Responses to "Bonanza Reviews 2017 (Jan.)"

              • alicja says:

                I imported more than 1K items from eBay a month ago, where I have also been selling for years.

                More than a 1000 items, the busiest selling month of the year (December) and not a single sale on Bonanza… (more than a 100 sales on eBay and 50 on Tradesy during the same month…)

                The concept is great, the import process fine, but at the end of the day, when the site does not bring any buyers, the question is what is the point?

                I will give it a bit more time – if there are no sales in the next couple of weeks, I will chuck this one as a a bit of a waste of time, and deactivate the booth, as I just can’t justify spending any time even monitoring this one.

                Dana, at least for me, this is not a successful or profitable site on which to sell item. Nothing sells on this site…

              • Amanda C says:

                I ordered two id badges from Bonanza and read reviews after I purchased the items (dumb. I know). All the reviews I was seeing was “fraud”, “DON’T DO IT”, “stay away”, “never got my items”. I felt like an idiot for not researching BEFORE hand. Two days later, received my items and they were beyond perfect. The looked very legit, great printing, even came with the clips for the id badges. I had an amazing and quick experience (aside from the 48 hours I thought I had been bamboozled)

              • Anonymous says:

                Do not buy from bonanza! They dont respond to emails and I did not receive item.

              • Deborah S Gervasi says:

                I ordered a product from a Bonanza seller. It has been 13 days since my card was charged and supposedly 7 days since it was delivered. I have sent 3 emails -only 1 was responded to, the 1 telling me my order had been delivered. When I attempt to log back onto the site, I keep getting knocked off! This is the 1st time I have ever been scammed online but it has taught me to always check the reviews in the future.
                Now, I have the added worry of someone using my card,all the hassle that goes with that, and who knows how much time spent trying to get my money back.
                NEVER AGAIN! !!!

              • Kenneth says:

                I have the same experience. It is almost a month now and the seller has not responded to my two emails. The seller took down the listed item. Logic would dictate that the seller is shady perhaps trying to buy time to sell the item at a higher price. When confronted, the seller took down the listing.

                15 Children’s Books Lot Ian Falconer David Shannon Laura Numeroff

                Sold by jrcbrat

                Purchased on 08/22/16.

                I would caution purchasers to investigate the seller before buying from the seller as would NOT assist. They basically told me to “contact and resolve the matter myself directly with the seller.” I would really like to know how I can resolve the matter when the seller is refusing to respond. Personally, I will never deal with either – very poor business practice on their part from a customer service standpoint. EBay would NEVER allow this nonsense to happen!

              • Anonymous says:

                I ordered an $18 item through Bonanza. My card was charged but no merchandise was ever received. I received a confirmation e-mail but never got a tracking number. After 2 weeks the I sent an e-mail and called the seller, no response. I then contacted Bonanza and after 3 days of e-mails going back and forth they basically told me to go dispute this on my own.
                Some customer service! I use their site to purchase an item from their listed customer and when the product isn’t delivered they tell me to handle it myself. Great business model.

              • Kay Leyse says:

                I have been a seller on both ebay and Bonanza for over a year, have not sold 1 item on Bonanza but close to 100 on ebay. Not impressed as a seller.

              • Julie says:

                how about ordering magazines subscriptions from Bonanza, does that work out well?

              • Dennis says:

                I’m never using this website again. 2 weeks no word from my package or the seller. ZMEUCCI dont ever buy anything from this person. I am outraged.

              • Nathalie says:

                I receive a counterfeit beachbody product, i contact them, i also mention a violation after more then a week the seller is still there selling is shit! They only respond on bad reviews over the internet but did not removed any of the counterfeit beachbody product i told them were counterfeit. They are the new alibaba website. Will never buy from them again and i do not recommend unless you like fake cheap and broken stuff!!!

                • Anonymous says:

                  I was just about to order a DVDs set from them. I’m glad I read reviews. Thank for providing them.

              • Kenneth myles says:

                Hi Mr. Roth… I was just trying to find out by chat line or email to FaceBook…Is the FaceBook Bonanza really Legitimate?

                • Brian Roth says:

                  Are you referring to the website

              • Eva says:

                Recently received my coach bag from bonanza. I love it!

              • donna says:

                I paid for an ebook and never got it. I emailed the company with the complaint and they never got back to me

                • Brian Roth says:

                  Bonanza is like Ebay or Amazon in that the products you buy are from people as well as several stores with an online presence. You have to contact the seller in most cases.

              • Joey Wallace says:

                I personally have been selling on and using their system for selling my goods online for over a year now and I really like it.

                • Dana Raispis says:

                  I have been selling on eBay foir over 13 years with great success. I tried Bonanza a couple of years ago and never made a single sale. Their import system was terrible. I just decided to reactivate my booth and try it aain as it was rated as one of the best places to sell now. The import system has improved vastly! However, they charged my for my free trial and I am reading so many reviews saying that the site gets no traffic and they are not making sales. So, sorry for the lengthy reply, but are you acutally finding it to be a successful and profitable site on which to sell your items?

                • Scott Allan says:

                  Do you mind sharing what type of items you sell? I am currently pondering listing items on Bonanza but not the time is worth the effort from all the negative reviews. I am thinking that it probably depends on the type of item being offered.

                  Many thanks,
                  Scott Allan

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