Banggood Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is Banggood Legit, Reliable or a Safe Site?

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Overall Thoughts: Viagogo Reviews

The pros do outweigh the cons, especially with the money back guarantees and product warranties, along with the knowledge you can return a product any time. The international shipping and warehouses are also a good side to the company. They may not offer premium quality, but as an alternative, they are worth a look. Don’t forget, buying from China often comes with its difficulties.

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What I Like: Viagogo Review

With low prices on 100,000 and more products, BangGood also offers price matching if you can find anything elsewhere for less money. Based in China, the company also has US and UK warehouses for ultra-fast shipping to customers in these countries. There is also a 3-day Price Protection Guarantee that refunds the difference on any bought product where you find it cheaper elsewhere due to a price drop.

BangGood’s 3-day guarantees, combined with their international shipping—often free—they offer significant advantages over some competitors.

What I Don’t Like: Viagogo Review

If there are any issues with the products, you are liable to pay return shipping (some exceptions made for the 3-day guarantee)—and the only option for returns is China, which can cost a lot. If the item you ordered is unavailable in a US or UK warehouse, delivery can be as long as 25 days—without accounting for processing time.

Some people have had issues contacting when they have a customer service issue.

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I enjoy finding new companies and reviewing their products and services! Shopping online should be simple, safe, and secure with reliable service, and a money back guarantee!
Brian Roth

Banggod Review: Summary

Banggod Review: Summary

Is Banggood Legit & Safe?


    Is Banggood Reliable?


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              • 3 Day Guarantee
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              • Shipping Fees for Returning Items
              • Shipping Times of 7-25 Days From Chinese Warehouse

              About Brian Roth

              I enjoy finding new companies and reviewing their products and services! Shopping online should be simple, safe, and secure with reliable service, and a money back guarantee!

              60 Responses to "Banggood Reviews 2017 (Jan.): Is Banggood Legit, Reliable or a Safe Site?"

              • Mike says:

                I was skeptical of buying direct from banggood in China and now know why. I am several weeks into trying to get a non-functioning drone/transmitter replaced to no avail…just ‘send another video’. They may be ‘legit’ if that means they are a business and sell stuff but beyond that they rate a big fat zero in my book.

              • Julisa Gonzalez says:

                made a purchase from them and 2 months later, I still did not receive my order. Trying to communicate with them is like trying to communicate with a 2-year-old who does not speak your language. They are absolutely useless and will not try to help you at all. They would not send me my items refund my money, so I had to get my bank to refund my money finally. This has been a nightmare of an experience and I am surprised that this company is still in business. I truly feel sorry for anyone who does business with them.

              • Sloan says:

                Avoid, that site is a joke. The Credit Card Approval processing is a joke. They showed my order as approved and shipped. 2 weeks later I followed up to find out what happened to my order. They said they manually declined it. They just did not tell me about the manual decline . My Credit Card company said they approved the purchase.

              • Anonymous says:

                Bait and switch is common, add an item to your cart and the price changes(never for less). Customer service never honours the pricing advertised, (they say OOPs, we will fix that and get back to you.) they never do. and they fix it by either removing the item, or setting it to sold out. They do not give you the item at the lower price.

                If you purchase anything from there be aware it is a Chinese based company. This is significant because they do not follow any established business practices for the internet. Your honest ratings are not allowed on the site, they are reviewed and censored. If it’s reviewed as 5 starts beware, it is filtered. If you post anything negative in the forums there they ban you and tell you to email customer service. Customer service standards are a joke, the default line is “Please be understanding.” while they do not understand issues or concepts (bait and switch)or it is lost in translation.
                Good luck if you purchase anything from there, it is a crap shoot!

                • Dealcatcher says:

                  This company will lie to you anyway and everyway they can. And the person above is correct. If you write, or post anything negative, they will not let it show on their site, and will ban you from their facebook page, and even eventually on their site and messaging as well. So the buyer needs to beware. We just got our item after a month of waiting and them writing to us telling us it would be delivered in 2 days, which took 2 more weeks. And then parts they showed in the pictures on their site of the product didn’t show up with the item, but it doesn’t matter anyway, the product does not work either. Still haven’t heard from them about that.

              • Techguru says:

                I ordered a camera. Did not work. can’t ship back. Paid 20 bucks. Customer service is horrible. Batteries won’t charge and can’t buy battery for this item here. SCREWED

              • Supul says:

                order 19794277
                Tracking no: RS674153328NL which can be tracked using
                flytexpress website

                I ordered this power banks on 14th October and didn’t get any news about the items even after 5 weeks from the purchase date. The tracking showed its sitting on a Flytexpress facility in China. Now after 5 weeks when I contacted banggood for the 3rd time, they told me that it was returned to them due to unknown reason and I need to pay double shipping fees to get my money back. The tracking clearly shows it didn’t even left the Flytexpress facility, not even China. but still banggood tell me I am responsible and stole my money! There is no problem with my address as I have received few orders from banggood which were placed even after this purchase.

                The truth is these power banks which I ordered was on sale at a promotional price. I purchased 5 of them. Banggood didn’t feel ok to give me 5 of them at low price they offered, So they inserted a fake tracking which were issued by their own cargo handling company, flytexpress and cheated my money. And this is not the First time they practiced cheating business tricks on me.

                If you are buying a item at promotional price from banggood, there is a 50-50 chance you will get the item at lower price or end up being cheated money and your time.

              • ANONYMOUS says:

                I ordered a small 3d helicopter and paid for DHL shipping but i got smart post shipping the most pathetic form of shipping there is . I tried to explain i paid for DHL but they dont listen . I have dealt with other Chinese company’s and most are honest and try to make things better

              • Stefano says:

                Bought a tablet with Banggood. After just less than one year (legal warranty period) the tablet decides to stop working. What a coincidence…

                Contacting Banggood before warranty expiry date, they say that they are on holiday and if I can contact them back in a few days.

                Once I contact them back, the 1y period is over and they cannot do anything “anymore”…

                Strange tablet fault after just one year, dishonest approach towards warranty handling.

                Offered “standard” compensation of 200 points, corresponding to approx 2USD, ridiculous compared to the price of a 180USD tablet.

              • arleen oppenheim says:

                The amount of time to receive the product is ridiculous I’ll never buy anything again

              • Mike says:

                I made a purchase and they decided to send it to a totally different place after many emails I they asked me to make another purchase and when the old one gets back to them they will refund, once more the new item shipped to a nother address, it wasn’t on my paypal or in my profile, just a random address, now one accepting to refund or send a replacement, so, it is a fraud and my advice to you dont buy anything from them

              • Anonymous Woman says:

                I tried to buy something from Banggood and the transaction would not go through PayPal. So I called PayPal and they told me that it was not secured…that is why PayPal would not release the money in my behalf. So although I could have made the purchase through my credit card directly I chose to review banggood, i an glad I followed my gut instinct…Learned my lesson 🙂

              • Anonymous says:

                bought a milling cutter but it was defective. asked for refund but response was “no result” and no more action can be taken. worthless protection. dont buy from

              • Michael says:

                I bought a tablet from them. Great product, superb price, 9 day delivery. However 2 arrived and I was charged for 2. My account on their website shows I only ordered 1. At my own expense I paid for the extra one to be returned. It is over a month now, and I have sent many emails, but I have not received a refund.

              • Patrice says:

                I placed an order with Banggood , before even thinking to checkout the company and read all of these NEGATIVE reviews! DEFINITELY BUYER BEWARE!!!! I received my items (3 lace Bras) approximately 3 weeks after I had ordered them. OF course they are (in my opinion) VERY POOR QUALITY and sizing was not as represented. So I contacted them through email, and told them that they didn’t fit properly and would appreciate information on how to get a REFUND! Their prompt reply to me was (exact reply from their email) “Dear Patrice ,

                Thanks for your email.

                For the item 1070685 in order 17629681 may I ask if it is has qaulity problem or the size problem? If it don’t exist product or size problem,you want to return, you need afford the return shipping cost , only when we confirm receive it ,can arrange the refund, hope you will understand.

                But with the high return shipping fee and long time of the return,would you like to keep it give it to your friends or family as gift?

                If you have any problem,please feel free to contact us.

                Best regards,


                SERIOUSLY….give to family or friends as a gift!?!?!? PLUS, they tell me I will NOT be able to AFFORD the shipping costs!! Right, because they are in CHINA!!!! Nowhere when I ordered the items, or when I inquired as to where my order was, did they say it was coming from CHINA!!!

                I was then asked to send photos of the items to show the poor quality, or sizing issue. I told them I would NOT BE SENDING any photos, and they just kept insisting that I do.

                LONG story short, the company seems pretty damn shady and does NOT stand behind their product….I’m just another American who has been taken by them. Since I place my ordered, I have not seen the item advertised on FB at all, which is where I had seen it repeatedly. I am getting no closer to a refund, and pretty much after 6 emails don’t my refund coming!


                • rhys says:

                  pics or it didnt happen

              • Rendani Netshidaulu says:

       really sucks, at least now I have experienced it myself, it’s been 34 days I still haven’t received my order that I fully paid for on the 16/08/2016 at first they we’re replying to my emails using automated reply because I equired twice and received the same exact message. Last Thursday I sent an email on weekend I sent the 3 emails they are no longer replying to my enquiries not even through those crappy automated response, I don’t recommend anyone to use their services . Don’t buy from them promised 7-25days to deliver now it’s 34 they stopped replying to my emails.

              • Anonymous says:

                banggood doesn’t ship the item. i have waited 5 weeks and not received anything.
                if you buy from them the money is gone. They don’t answer service chat anymore.

              • Mary says:

                I ordered a dress on a whim. It wasn’t great, but also wasn’t expensive. However, the payment was processed on PayPal, and when I logged in to make the payment, I was informed that someone had tried to log into my account from Korea, 15 days after the order was placed. Could be a coincidence, but I’ll not order from them again.

              • K. Pike says:

                Buyer beware…

                I have ordered a lot of items from Banggood and generally I receive the items without any issue but the last order I made didn’t turn out this way. I ordered a TC-R220 mini quad and when the item arrived it did not have any arms, just the body/frame.

                I completed the form and forwarded photos of the contents of the shipment as I was directed but that was 3 days ago. I have not had any response to my email’s and it appears that they have no intention of addressing my concerns.

                At this time I have made my last purchase from Banggood and guess you can say I’ve learned my lesson. You get what you pay for.

                Sad when you spend hard earned money and the service you expect is just not there.

                Hopefully no one else experiences the same disappointment as I did.

              • Terri L Sidhu says:

                Well thank you Mr. Brian Roth for being helpful and honest.

              • S says:

                Usually cheaper at another similar site. Slow to ship, and slow shipping once it ships out. Most of the stuff they sell is of inferior quality so watch out for that. There is basically no after sales support. They can send you a broken item and offer like 200 points on your account. They act like the item isn’t broken but the buyer is too dumb to operate it properly. They think its ok if you receive items with big cosmetic blemishes. When you prove them wrong about anything they just say good bye and end the chat or stop emailing you back. It may sound like an over statement but these are some of the worst people in the world as far as business practices are concerned. They literally think it is okay to rip people off so long as they get away with it. All the cheap chinese sites are like this. You take a risk ordering from these places.

              • Paul says:

                Part missing from my order rendering it useless.
                18 emails now from 4 different people mostly asking for pictures of the missing item.
                Why they can’t just send me the item I have paid for is beyond me.
                They seem to work on the basis of if they bombard you with pointless emails long enough you will give up.
                Avoid like the plague.

              • Hip says:

                Ordered an item from Bangood, paid extra for fast delivery (7 days) and got it one month later, when already had bought another one at a local store.

                I contacted customers service. First they replied it was a week from the day they were sending it! Then, after my complains, simply cheap automated replies (all of them the same). Besides quality of products is bad, as their service.

                And yes, I was charged more than once (little money) for something I never ordered.

                I’d buy somewhere else.

                Bangood un mal servicio, cutre, sin servicio técnino ni al cliente, ninguna seguridad. Mejor comprar en otro sitio

              • D.Z. Lane says:

                Ordered a purple perfume oil atomizer. It took 2 months to arrive and was missing a very tiny piece & did not include assembly instructions. It came from overseas. After contacting the shipper, they flat out said (and I quote); “stop emailing us. you didn’t order anything from us). I had the order #, date and print-out of that ordered item RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! DON’T ORDER FROM BANGGOOD! You’ll be out of luck and out of $$ if you do! There are plenty of other places on Google from which one can select merchandise. Dr. Lane

              • Anonymous says:

                I ordered the XK X251 Drone from this supplier. The circuit board fried while plugging the battery in before only my second flight. Long story short, Banggood refused to refund or replace the product and eventually I had to use PayPal corporate to flex their muscle for my refund. Eventually Banggood succumbed to the power of PayPal…thank goodness for me. Nevertheless, I will NEVER order from Banggoood again!

              • Mike says:

                My wife bought me an Eachine 250 drone for my birthday for £155 through Banggood. No instructions included, drone not bound with transmitter. Same experience as others with their customer service. ‘Send us a video, try this, do that’ all to no avail. Eventually decided I’d had enough and wanted a refund. ‘You need to send it to us at your expense’. Paid £36 for a courier. Package gets stuck in customs due to ‘incorrect paperwork’. Package company won’t take any responsibility, Banggood absolutely useless – primary issue is that that they have no returns process from the UK and Chinese customs won’t accept the goods.
                So do yourself a favour and don’t waste any money with this company.

                Banggood – this message is for you – I followed your instructions for sending the drone back to you. You must have known the experience I would have with customs clearance. I’ve sent 15+ e-mails asking for your assistance to help get the package cleared through customs. Everytime you tell me to ‘leave it with you’ but you have done nothing. You need to learn that this is not the way to do business in the UK. These review sites are very powerful and will make or break your sales targets. Feel free to respond.

              • Kobreti says:

                I ordered this phone from EU warehouse to Croatia and now I have to pay income tax 🙁 how it is possible, in EU it should be tax free, was it send from EU warehouse or from china with EU courier? If I order from china the price will be better even with income tax 🙁 And it clearly says on your site there is not taxes.

              • Dustin Creason says:

                We ordered a leather man bag which was pictured in a distressed brown color ($53) but received a small tan cheap-looking “suede” bag. When we told them we were not happy with it, they said we could return it to China at our expense for an exchange, no refund. Since someone is not able to see or touch an item before purchasing it, their return policy should be good. I do not intend to purchase anything on the internet in the future because of them.

              • slifer says:

                So here’s my journey guys:

                I’ve ordered an action cam.
                Which seems a good product for a good price.
                So I ordered, and i was going for a holiday so i wanted to be express with 10 dollars extra, which is beyond good!

                Then I payed with sites credit card option, because Paypal doesn’t work in my country.
                And I was happy.

                Then i contacted them that i don’t want customs to hold item.
                It took 4 days for them to reply me to ask if 67 dolars is okay?
                Then I said, yeah it’s ok, it’s under 85 USD’s, will do the work.

                So dispatch time for the item is 1 day, it took 5 days them to ship it.
                They claim that they respond in 24 hours, and they ship item in 24 hours.

                Okay then things could happen.
                I waited for 5-8 days.
                I wasn’t aware that it was bussiness days so i contacted them with a furious mood.
                They told me that it’s bussiness days, and contact them after estimated time finishes if i still didn’t get the item.
                I said ok.

                So, it passed.
                In the mean time, i contacted with the customer service couple of times.
                During live chat, while i was asking something about customs, “CUSTOMER SERVICE LITERALLY CLOSED LIVE CHAT TO MY FACE” for 2 times.

                Then after 12 days since I ordered, item came to my homeland.
                RIGHT INTO THE CUSTOMS.
                So I contacted to banggood customer service again.
                They shut to my face one more time, while i was going to ask something about customs.
                Then I contacted them with email for 3 times asking differen questions, THEY SEND ME THE EXACT IDENTICAL EMAILS.

                The day it go under customs, i got mail from DHL saying that i need to declare item’s price.
                I ,again, tried to contact customer service.
                I wrote that I need a proof that I bought this item under customs limits, which we talked 67 USD.
                No replies.
                Then I opened live chat, they say they can’t help, their superior is not around.

                And after that, I called DHL.
                They told me item declared as 37 USD from Singapore!
                And then I found out customs search for the item and declared price as 160 USD.
                I purchased it for 113!

                Here comes the fun part:
                I asked to DHL how much will i pay for the tax + warehouse fees.
                170 ducking dollars (40 for tax, 130 for warehouse, paperwork bla bla bla)

                So I still didn’t recieved the item.
                But I payed for everything.

                There’s a lot more behind this story.
                I’m bored at writing, and actually pissed of every time remember it.

                Don’t be a stupid guy like me.
                Go for
                Go for

                Pay 3 dollars more, not to pay for more.

                Hope this helped.

              • Anonymous says:

                i bought a waterproof camara and didn’t received anything, i contacted banggood and they said to contact local police because it was probably stolen from my mail box, that a crapy answer from banggood, its a there a internet fraud page or something similar?

              • francesca says:

                received 2 faulty motion solar lights that don’t work, eventually got reply saying
                to send a video of proof to show they don’t work! I replied saying how can you video something that is supposed to work in the dark which doesn’t, you wouldn’t
                see anything! She just sent the same email again! Not impressed!

              • willow says:

                Banggood customer service is basically non existent. If you get a problem with this company then you are stuffed as they will not replace or refund and neither will they reply to your emails.
                My advice as a first time but very unlucky buyer is to stay far away from these people, do not buy anything from them unless you are well prepared to throw away your money.
                Banggood sucks bigtime, and there is no customer service for people who have a problem with their purchases.

              • Josh Saigal says:

                I ordered an “original Xiao Mi Powerbank from this website, as well as a protective silicone sleeve to go with it. I ordered both items as part of the same shopping cart and checked them both out (paid for them both) together. Both items were processed as two separate orders.
                I received the silicone case within 5 working days of the purchase. However the actual powerbank itself has not yet arrived. I contacted customer service several times to ask what the heck is going on, via live chat… They NEVER give you a straight answer, they just patronisingly apologise for the prolonged waiting period and send me a link to their completely hopeless tracking website. Then they say that I need to wait another 5 business days. They keep telling me that the parcel may take up to 25 business days to arrive. It has now been 37 days since the date of purchase, and they keep telling me to wait a few more days. Enough is enough. these people are scam artists and I sincerely hope nobody else falls into their trap. I have a silicone case with no power bank to put in it. crooks!

              • Mike says:

                Enticed by low prices I endured the 3 week wait, not worth it. After purchasing some sample electronic components and found them to be working as advertised, I placed orders for additional units as stock. When attempting to use them months later I found whole batches of nonworking components.

                I communicated with BG about the problem twice and got the same form response stating that the order was to old to do anything about. I also attempted to leave a review for others on their site to warn them about the problems and was blocked from doing so.

                The take away here is that the lower price is not worth the wait and risk, and the company in general is disreputable, and unfit for the US market.

              • Rene says:

                I ordered a product from their website almost 2 weeks ago and I still have not received my order. Now, this shipping timeframe would have been acceptable if they were shipping from their warehouse in China. But not only are they shipping from their California warehouse….I live in California as well! It has been well over the 3-6 day shipping time and I only live a few hours away. I checked the tracking on USPS and discovered my order never shipped, it has been in “Pre-shipment” for 2 weeks. Disappointed but happy that this was a low value order so I’m only out about $6. Beware, and please be careful about ordering expensive products.

              • sandro gomes says:

                stay far from bangood , you lost money time on this place

              • Craig says:

                I recently purchased a 3D PEN from Banggood – it was ordered in November 2015 and yes we are still trying to resolve the issue. The pen doens’t work, but Banggood won’t listen to me and keep saying they will send out a replacement end – they have already done this and I told them it didn’t work and it was the PEN that was faulty – so they suggested they send out another end. WTF are these guys just dicks…

                Their website says they will refund for any issues and you don’t need to send back the faulty goods, but in my case they want me to send them back the faulty good and my total cost. Of course I will lost halve my refund due to the cost of sending faulty item back.

                I have had enough of Banggood and there shit service, I’m surprised they survive in business. I will never ever buy anything from them ever again in my lifetime and I will be telling everyone I know not to go near them with a barge pole.

                I am still talking to them regarding getting my refund but to be honest the amount of time and effort they are making me go thru it just about makes sense to give up on these thieves…

              • Anonymous says:

                dont listen to the cover page of this site, dont give them the time or they WILL screw you within the 3rd order. take note of your buying time and the shipping date..and options for 6-9 day shipping…..these unacceptable shysty ways DO NOT HAPPEN WITH MY OTHER ONLINE COMPANIES. and this one should NOT be allowed to do so either! its up to u how much ACCEPTABILITY you want in your world..PERSONALLY i dont except less then almost perfect..ill come build a home for you and ill use banggoods bottom line..YEP THATS WHAT I THOUGHT..
                17 orders 500$ in 3 months..
                “unconsistent delivery times.., after paying faster shipping and then no refund on shipping after its days late…wrong parts..or just plain had to hold their hand to make sure i was going to get what i want. IM OVER BANGGOOD. …for a few dollars more i will have no more of today banggood does not exsist. NOT WORTH MY TIME!!! and im sick of,, “oh sorry sir.” sorries are not the answer anymore. C.S. plays stupid with you, to where you want to strangle them threw the interweb..and if you need to send a thing has to go to hong kong because USA warehouse is not a return location, huge shippping charges there…I dont even know why i strayed from my other online stores..even ebay..i think most of the good reviews are from there own people making stuff up anyway..i know all my freinds have the same experience..stay away..”

              • bullit44 says:

                Will not accept credit cards? Several people have tried to order but cards get declined. Are they a PayPal only situation?

                • Anonymous says:

                  most banks have a over seas purchase hold..mainly hong kong at my i put money in pay pal then ordered paying out of my account…BUT DONT GO have to trust me..stay away..ive made 17 purchases 500$ in 3 months..only 5 were on time or right..dont even consider sending back…hong kong is far…usa warehouse is not a return location..

              • Anonymous says:

                After getting the receipt of my order of cable convertor on 04/28/16, I have never heard anything from them. No shipping confirmation, No tracking info, No reply after I sent you a request… My credit notified me a foreign transaction. I selected the US shipping method when I placed my order. What’s worse is I was not able to login my account on the site, its either wrong codes or invalid email address … its laughable and very suspicious.

              • Anonymous says:

                Horrible customer service. Absolutely terrible service.

              • Anonymous says:

                They have the worst Customer Service dept. that I have ever had to deal with. They constantly go against their Companies Policy regarding products and shipment. They have caused my companies reputation, along with loss of revenue. When you contact customer service it takes so lone for them to answer you and then the person has no idea what their companies policies are and make up excuses. I have given them plenty of time to correct their internal problems, but I do not have the confidence that this will ever happen. Right now I have threaten to pull together everyone here in the USA to start a class action lawsuit against them, so that we may shut them down here in the USA. I have already contacted the Attorney General’s office to start proceedings.

                • Anonymous says:

                  IM DOWN with shutting this place down…lol..they shouldnt be in bussiness just because of cheap prices

              • Anonymous says:

                Stay away from these con artists. I ordered what were advertised as large and medium LiPo battery charging bags. The picture showed both of them and the description referenced bags (plural). When the order arrived there was only one bag in the package. I contacted customer service who informed me that only the one bag was what I ordered. I went back and forth with them several times pointing out the discrepancies between what was shown and described on their web site and what they were telling me. They wouldn’t budge – it was a classic “are you going to believe me or your lying eyes” situation. Buyer beware!

              • Breims says:

                Purchased a camera in December ’15 as a Xmas present for someone. Camera was found to be faulty – it has never been used to take a single video. Banggood insisted I send it back for repair rather than replacement which I did.

                Despite me constantly emailing them I still have no camera and have no idea when or if I will ever receive it. I am starting proceedings with my credit card company to recover the money.

                AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.

              • Greg says:

                I bought and paid for four solar security lights. They sent me the wrong ones and one didn’t work. They replaced the one that didn’t work, but would not replace the other three that were wrong. Customer service just kept asking for a video of a light fitting not working. If you think about it, you cannot take a video of a light not working properly. Banggood have closed off the case as resolved. I strongly suggest you don’t buy anything from Banggood as they are a very dishonest company to do business with. I bought with PayPal, but as Banggood are a big customer of their’s, they would not help. They found in favour of Banggood for delivering the wrong goods to me. Two corrupt companies working together.

              • con mathews says:

                I agree with all the above comments an awful company look at their warranty for helicopters it’s so funny it’s sick

              • Anonymous says:

                I have bought many items from banggood and have not had problems. What most people don’t realize is that China is a big country and unless it states the shipping is by air,.Your package is going by slow truck to the port then to the slow boat from China. That can take weeks If you buy from a city close to the coast or Hong kong the item can arrive within 7 to 10 days. I was told by a paypal person that returning something to China even if you have a tracking no. is not a good idea.. USPS tracking will not work over there. I have bought the wrong items instead of trying to return them I sell them on ebay and made money on every item. Remember there is no such thing as free shipping, It just means the shipping is already in the price of the item. I sell items on ebay $10 + $5 shipping = $15 and the same listing for $16 free shipping, I sell 5 with free shipping to every 1 with a shipping charge. We expect items will arrive fast. Banggood is good all shipping from that part of the world will be 7 days to 45 days. Always pay with paypal

                • Anonymous says:

                  7-45 days….theres IS NOTHING or ANY WHERE that takes 45 you live in 2016…this is not order by mail 1920s..wake up. but if you like “dealing” with problems..personally companies like this can burn. i guess honest people think differently.

              • Steve says:

                Just got a shipment of LED light bulbs. 1 out of 12 will not light up, but they want a video of it anyway. Guess I am going to NOT ORDER anything from them in the future – but mainly because of their return policy. The LED lights were supposed to be warm white – they are a SICKLY yellow/green, and they ARE NOT ALL THE SAME COLOR! Best suited for a utility location where you don’t care – like for a chicken coop!

              • Anonymous says:

                I purchased a Hubsan X4 V2 H107L 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter RTF and never received it. Contacted the company several times but they consider that matter closed once they ship it and it is up to you to contact the post office or anything else to resolve the matter. The “tracking number” they provide is not recognized by the USPS so it is also a dead end. If you do purchase something use paypal so that you have easy recourse.

              • Pavel Cernohorsky says:

                Avoid this company if you value your money!
                I have ordered a thing for more than 100$, but they have send me completely different thing which is totally useless and has no value for me. When I complained and asked for refund (I have send photos of the product showing what is wrong), they have rejected that refund without even writing the reason. They basically steal from people. Their customer support does not communicate with you. When you post a negative goods review, they do not publish it, so that they can steal from even more people! If you try buying something for 3$, OK, but anything more expensive is like flushing the money into the toilette.

              • Anonymous says:

                HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have mixed feelings about Banggood. This is because, when I ordered a DM007 Knightrider drone from them before Christmas, I got it in about 7 days. Then, on the 28th of Dec of 2015 I ordered some replacement parts from them, it’s now January 26th and I’ve yet to receive them. Furthermore, I haven’t received any communications from them as to why, that is until I emailed their customer service and was told that it had been held at some U.S. processing center….which is probably simply some irresponsible person making money from doing drop shipments. Regardless, I told them I was tired of waiting over a month for these parts, that I wanted an immediate refund and that, not only would I not buy from them again, but that I actually found the same parts cheaper somewhere else.

              • Jodi2000 says:

                Banggood Refusing to replace defective DashCam AND manipulating Customer Feedback too !! (really a VERY BAD Support Service AND Behaviour)

                I purchased an expensive Dash-Cam (costed me €107.15) that was delivered with 2 defects that made it not usable at all.
                I have send video clips demonstrating these 2 defects and expected a solution being replacement of the defective unit (or total refund of all my costs).
                They refuse both and propose a partial refund only …
                After 24 days of intensive mailing and no solution I want to share my experience with the world.
                … They still refuse to replace … and they propose a partial refund.
                I want a working camera for my €107.15 (more than $107.15) but they refuse.
                … The alternative is a total refund of all my costs … but they refuse this too.

                On top I discovered that my critical review on their website was filtered out !!! they only let 5-star reviews go on-line.
                This is dishonest to their clients !! … googled around and found that other people complained about this too !

                This is really VERY BAD … and I would advise not to buy there … If you are lucky and your unit works … you will be happy …
                … if it is broken you are in for a long difficult ride … I’m starting day 25 now !


              • Anonymous says:

                I bought 4 quadcopters from them in December…I just got hit for £17.88 on a £68 purchase? From dhl. Never before have I paid customs, and I’ve bought a lot from the USA, Hong Kong etc
                So the saving I was going to make went out the window and one of the quadcopters stopped after 5 mins of play?
                Just not worth the hassle
                Lesson learnt

              • Anonymous says:

                Agreed with the previous two posters. Customer service is a joke.

                Put the correct shipping address in, got an order confirmation stating that the address and what was ordered. Checked it and it was all correct.

                A day later, I got the shipping confirmation and the address is wrong. I contacted customer service and it takes them several hours between emails, up to 20 hours, in response. The person manning the email doesn’t read the entire email and repeats things when they have been spelled out in previous emails which makes the entire process tedious. Explanation of what happened above was described multiple times and they insist on checking and asking me for screenshots, which I also sent them multiple times.

                I haven’t even received the items yet and not sure about the quality but so far the experience has not been good.

              • Anonymous says:

                Banggood’s customer service is a joke. I was told that the propellers flying off of my mini drone was a “normal phenomenon”!!! The problem is that the product is a cheap piece of junk that they don’t want to refund the 17.99 on. BEWARE!

              • Anonymous says:

                I ordered a dress in two different sizes and paid expedited shipping so they would arrive in 2-3 days as advertised.
                The first dress came a couple of weeks ago (after a couple of emails asking for details on the order).
                The dress is beautiful and appears to be made very well but that doesn’t half address the problem of customer service.

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